Episode 98: How to Streamline Your Business with Systems and Structure

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Mike has done a fantastic job in creating systems and structure to streamline our business, so for today’s episode we thought we’d talk about how he’s done it! Our hopes are that you can implement what we’ve learned from our years in business to make your business as streamlined as possible, allowing you to do less and make more in the process.

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Episode 98: How to Streamline Your Business with Systems and Structure

In This Episode

  • The top 3 issues Mike sees his clients having [2:47]
  • What having a clear picture of your finances involves [5:52]
  • The importance of narrowing your focus [12:17]
  • How Mike structures his consulting [16:22]
  • Why strong communication is so important, and how we do it [25:52]
  • Mike’s biggest growth lesson [30:17]
  • An example of streamlining our business [34:37]
  • Why we often avoid creating structure [38:47]
  • How The Ultimate Online Business Playbook can help you [50:17]

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