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Episode 74: The 20-Hour Workweek: Sarah Kathleen Peck from Startup Pregnant

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On today’s episode we’re joined by one of the smartest women we know, the amazing Sarah Kathleen Peck! Sarah runs a media company called Startup Pregnant, which documents untold stories of what it looks like to be a woman in leadership, life, and work.

Sarah’s journey parallels that of Kate’s, as she became a mom around the same time and started having thoughts about doing less and what feminine leadership is really all about.

In this episode you’re going to hear how her husband Alex decided to take her last name, the way she organizes her life by creating easy-to-implement systems, how her planning for 2018 eliminated 50% of her workload this year, and so much more good stuff. Enjoy!

In This Episode

Sarah’s amazing swimming story! [8:10]

Alex taking her last name [12:10]

The ways she’s challenging norms by “doing less” [16:58]

Her strategy for dramatically reducing her workload [22:30]

The revelation she made about her schedule [32:26]

Pregnancy considerations for entrepreneurs [34:10]

How Sarah determines her priorities [37:22]

The importance of consistency + simplicity! [42:55]

OKRs and what they can do for your business [45:43]

Why planning and measuring by quarter works so well [47:40]

The revenue model of Sarah’s podcast [52:28]

The biggest challenge she sees in leadership development [54:10]

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People Mentioned

Danielle LaPorte

Courtney Carver

Tim Gunn

Danielle Steel

Darren Hardy 

Jadah Sellner

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