Episode 202: Top Lessons from 10 Years in Business Together

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We’re in the season of endings in the Northern Hemisphere.

Autumn is a time of bringing things to a close. The leaves fall off the trees. The year winds down. We let go. We release.

Most of us haven’t really been taught how to deal with endings well.

I recently gave the Origin Mastermind members the assignment to be in relationship with their relationship to endings.

I wanted them to notice what comes up for them around endings and maybe you want to reflect on this yourself.

Do you go into disappointment, disapproval, or lack?

Do you focus on what you didn’t get or what you did get from the experience?

Do you lash out and pick a fight to avoid being with the grief?

Do you distract yourself to avoid feeling sad?

Or, do you allow yourself to feel grief and then celebrate and digest what was, so you can move forward into what’s next after having fully integrated the experience?

I would say I’ve responded to endings in all of those ways at different times.

But as we bring The Kate & Mike Show to a close (and Mike and I evolve our business relationship to set ourselves both free for what’s next), I’m committed to staying awake.

We had a Kate & Mike Show Wrap Party last week where we circled up with a small, precious group of listeners to get to know them and hear how the show has impacted them over the last 4 years.

I cried at least 5 times. It was such beautiful acknowledgement and digestion.

And I LOVED what one person said (which I then received in a DM from another listener later on):

Witnessing us bring our podcast and business relationship to an end is helping them reflect on the last 4 years of their own life and take stock of where they’ve been, what they’ve learned, and what’s next.

I don’t know if you feel this portal of completion in your own life, but if you do, know that I’m right here by your side, grieving and celebrating, too.

This week we have our second-to-last episode for you.

It’s about the top lessons we’ve learned being in business together for 10 years.

Listen in to witness the process of grieving an ending and digesting an experience so that we can do our best to fully receive its mark on us.

See you next week for the final episode.

Top Lessons from 10 Years in Business Together

In This Episode

  • Why ending this podcast, as well as all endings, the right way is so important to us [3:00]
  • How the things you want will take you longer than you think to get [6:32]
  • Kate’s top lesson in life – that she is still making progress with [11:26]
  • What Mike has come to realize about the “comparison game” [13:30]
  • Hire support earlier, and fire faster [18:40]
  • Some lessons about leadership that we’ve learned along the way [26:07]
  • Why you’ll need to get crystal clear on roles and responsibilities at work and at home [30:33]
  • What to do when the people close to you don’t understand your business goals [33:15]
  • Recent experiences we’ve had that show how critical boundaries and systematic communication are [37:30]
  • How to get on track for financial clarity [48:50]
  • The way that understanding marketing can change everything in your business [50:57]

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