Episode 199: Ask Us Anything: Part 1

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I write this with a little tear in my eye but also a swell in my heart knowing that we’re in the final countdown of The Kate & Mike Show. Thank you if you reached out to tell us you’re going to miss the show. We’re going to miss it, too…and we’re also SO excited for the new possibilities that ending it will bring. (More on that in the weeks to come.)

We’ve talked about doing a show where we get to answer your questions for the last 4 years. I know you know how it goes: You think about doing something and then never get around to doing it until the very last minute.

(That’s actually my creative process with everything. I’ve learned to not label it procrastination but just the way I work. The energy I’ve saved beating myself up about it has been amazing to reinvest in things that actually pay dividends…like just doing my work instead of judging myself for the way I do it.)

We thought it would be really fun to find out what was on your mind and do an “Ask Us Anything” show, and I gotta tell you:

I was really surprised to find out what you wanted to know more about!

We went a lot of places in this episode, and I know you’re going to get some key takeaways.

We talked about:

  • The story of how Mike proposed (and what really surprised me about it even though I knew he was going to do it)
  • How to successfully pitch guests to be on your podcast and how to conduct a memorable interview
  • Our biggest parenting triumphs this year
  • Our biggest business mistake to date
  • And so much more!

Plus, we had more questions than we could answer in one session, so we’ll be putting out a second bonus Part 2 “Ask Us Anything” episode in the coming weeks. If you don’t hear your question answered, stay tuned!

Ask Us Anything: Part 1

In This Episode

  • The criticism we’ve faced, and how we’ve dealt with it [3:24]
  • A listener’s ideas for what Kate can do next [14:29]
  • Our best tips for pitching guests and having rich conversations [16:38]
  • What type of person makes for a good virtual teacher of online courses [25:37]
  • The greatest parenting wins this year – and what our school set up will look like for our family [28:20]
  • Why Kate hasn’t been talking as much about medical freedom lately [33:03]
  • The biggest lessons we’ve learned since our early days in business [38:14]
  • How we compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses [43:50]
  • The way that Mike proposed and how we both knew we were right for each other [45:34]
  • Our best tips for prioritizing finances as a couple [50:00]
  • How you can help wrap up The Kate & Mike Show with us [55:10]

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  • TC

    Thank you for doing this broader exploration, I was one of the people who felt the original missed the mark in a major way on addressing the racial disparity issues. Parts of it (the beginning part with him) were still hard to listen to and felt like a glossing over again but once he got going on the actual health stuff, there were some good, solid points.

    What was particularly interesting to me was the whole conversation around culture vs consumerism especially when considered alongside Resmaa Menakem’s concept of People of Culture – there’s so much to consider between those two takes that needs to be articulated more widely not just in terms of what it means for minority and immigrant communities in the US (and the UK and any other more ‘developed’ economies) but also what it means for the white communities (especially where nationalism is on the rise) and emerging economies (that have historically tried to emulate the UK/US as the standards for progress – although hopefully this is changing a bit now) so thank you for giving me more food for thought on this.

    Please also include the amazing Mirna Valero on the list as one of the people mentioned, that’s the long distance runner on the Rich Roll podcast that he was referring to but couldn’t remember the name of at the time. And I’d love to find out more about the farming documentary he mentioned near the end as well.

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for your amazing comment Tanya and for listening to the follow-up.

      I’m currently reading Resmaa Menakem’s book, My Grandmother’s Hands, and I’m definitely in agreement that there’s so much more to unpack around culture and what that means for different communities, especially with some people’s historical (and in many cases current) tendency to equate culture with “otherness” and to say that white people either don’t have a culture or that ours is the assumed cultural norm. There’s so much there.

      Thank you for the note on Mirna Valero. I had found that podcast episode from Rich Roll and thought we had it linked up but I’m seeing now that we don’t have a post about the second Zach Bush episode here on the website so we’ll get that fixed. Thank you so much for being here.

  • Rachel

    I appreciated this follow up and both episodes have given me lots to consider. I am posting to comment on the discussion about Vitamin D absorption, which I had never heard before. Upon sharing that info with a friend, I realized that it actually sounded a lot like historical racism in medicine and similar to common mis-beliefs held by health professionals about differences in black and brown bodies that have led to abuses in health care.

    So I did some additional digging. While I did find articles corroborating this belief about Vitamin D deficiency and pigmentation, I also found articles introducing a different perspective based on lower levels of Vitamin D binding protein.



    Perhaps the the science in this is not conclusive and Vitamin D supplementation may not even be helpful?

    Reminder to myself to always approach new information with a critical lense, especially when it comes to health.

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