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We help aspiring and established business owners work less while having less stress and creating more abundance. We’re about making a life, not just a living.

With our data-infused, soul-powered, nature-aligned business building framework, you will have planning practices and systems that honor not only your (and your team’s) schedule and bottom-line, but also your dreams, goals, desires, energy, the cosmos, the planet, and your body.

Our motto is

Body First. Business Second.

Through our Do Less Dispatch, bestselling books, Do Less Planner system and programs, we’ll teach you how to harness your (and your business’s) innate energy cycles and productivity superpowers, and as you do, allow your ideas to come to abundant fruition while your to-do list shrinks (and what’s left gets seamlessly checked off).

A Message From Kate

What matters most to you: What you do or who you are?

I didn’t realize

How much my identity was wrapped up in being capable and doing all. the. things. until a 13-month period of intensity the likes of which I’d never experienced that included:

  • A traumatic first birth
  • A sick baby who was miserably itchy and would wake herself up every hour at night scratching herself until she bled
  • Nursing issues
  • Postpartum Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Exhaustion the likes of which I’d never imagined

This reckoning crashed me headlong into a question I’d never even thought to ask: Who am I if I’m not busy? Have you ever found yourself asking that question?

After working less than half the amount I’d ever worked in my adult life during that first year of motherhood, the business made more revenue than the previous year when we’d worked twice as much.

“If our business could make as much money while I worked half as much by accident,” I thought, “imagine what we could create if we did less to achieve more on purpose?”

And what if I shared it with other people so they could work less while making more money in their businesses, too? Thus, the Do Less Methodology was born, and it’s what we teach here.

we do business differently.
For us, business is a healing balm to liberate, regenerate, and empower humans and nature (knowing that they’re one and the same). We believe that entrepreneurship is one of the MOST powerful forces for good…but only if it doesn’t destroy us as entrepreneurs in the process.

What’s our special sauce?

We use biology and the cosmos as proven blueprints to make our revenue and impact dreams come true (while leaving plenty of margins in our lives for making fairy houses with our kids, looking through old photo albums with our grandparents, and laughing so hard that kombucha comes out of our noses with our best friends).

The Business Pressure Relief Kit

6 Strategies to Find Peace as You Increase Your Revenue

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Find peaceful profitability instead?

We hear you that you’re tired, that you’re not making the money you thought you would be by now, that you feel lost when it comes to your to-do list and actually checking things off, that you’d love a day off once in a while. (Heck, even a pee break would be nice!)

Here’s what you need to know: There IS a better way.

Your first step is to download our free  BUSINESS PRESSURE RELIEF KIT.  It includes 6 Strategies to Find Peace as You Increase Your Revenue that won’t cost you a cent.

We’re so glad you’re here. Deep breaths, deep pockets, and deep impact are ready and available for you, and we’re so excited to help you receive them!


So Glad You’re Here

It’s time to have more while doing less.

The Business Pressure Relief Kit

6 Strategies to Find Peace as You Increase Your Revenue

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