“Have I done enough today?”

Many of us ask ourselves THIS ^ question almost every single day as we collapse into our beds each evening.

And it’s because we don’t know what we would really do with our time and money without some kind of external pressure.

The pressure to earn enough for the family.

The pressure to accomplish enough at work before wrapping up the day.

The pressure to show up as a full-hearted human for all our loved ones.

And where does that leave us?

We end up feeling like we don’t deserve more until we satisfy the unending pit of being, earning, and embodying enough.

Curious to know if you’re living this life?

Well, raise your hand if you’ve ever said things like…

  • I’ll figure out how to manage my money after I hit six figures.
  • I’ll start investing my money after I receive an inheritance.
  • I’ll start saving after I pay off my debt.
  • I’ll relax once I get it all done.

*Welp, that’s me Kate!*

Ooof. I’ve been there too, friend.

When I hear people say this, I want to hold up a gigantic sign that says: “That’s the opposite of what needs to happen right now!!”

Here’s what I wish you knew instead: The more you lean into positive, powerful financial stewardship now, the more money you’ll attract.

(Because if you can’t manage $100, the universe ain’t gonna send you $100,000. ;))

How do I know?

Even though I come from a lineage invested in women’s empowerment, and spent decades teaching cyclical alignment and showing them how to take steps to fall in love with their money…

… When my family’s world got turned upside down and inside out in 2021,
I faced a tough reckoning.
My husband got really sick.
He got into a car accident soon after.
We found ourselves paying for two households in Maine and Miami.
We had to shift schools for our kids unexpectedly.

Suddenly, we found ourselves stretched so thin that it felt like we were about to fall apart —

And just as suddenly, much of the parenting and money-making landed on my shoulders.

(Note: I acknowledge that I was already in a privileged position where our basic needs were being met.)

With the double whammy of the pandemic and personal challenges, I’ll be real with you:

I realized that financial pressure had started to become an unhealthy motivator for me along the way.

I just didn’t know who I’d be without the pressure.

That’s when I knew there was something deeper that I needed to uncover — and I did.

I still remember my therapist asking me to envision a moment where I did nothing and my husband came home saying he made millions of dollars.

My gut reaction? I felt dead inside.

Navigating this challenging time forced me to negotiate my relationship with money and support. (And if you’re out there navigating that too — from chronic illness to dealing with aging parents, I see you.)

So I put my investigative hat on and ran an experiment.

For 90 days, I decided I wouldn’t give myself permission to feel financial pressure… And relax instead.

Want to know what happened next?

Everything turned around almost instantly.

We met all our financial goals, took stress off the table, and making money actually became EASIER. And now?


My own nervous system healing since 2016 has resulted in a financial experience that’s been nothing short of miraculous and includes:

  • Working part-time while running a multi 7-figure business
  • Simplifying our financial management system and increasing profits by 4X
  • Maintaining financial stability while growing a family and navigating my husband’s chronic illness and inconsistent ability to work (update: he’s doing amazing and healthier than ever now!)
  • Taking a 7-week sabbatical in 2023, hitting our previous year’s revenue by the end of Q3, and having the highest revenue year to date
  • Tapping into a source of perpetual calm that’s independent of my earnings (and critical to attracting ongoing abundance)

Which brings me to YOU.

You Might Have Seen Me On:


Curl up on my digital couch and let’s have a heart-to-heart…

If you’re caught in a loop of constant busyness because you think that’s the *only* way to stay afloat, let’s get honest about what’s really going on.

I’m guessing everyone else looks at you and thinks: “they’ve got their sh*t together.”

You’re the strong friend. The one who holds space for others. The one everyone else goes to when life goes left. Right?

But if you want to be the one who keeps showing up for everyone else — not to mention yourself — you have to get real with what YOU need to feel safe and supported.

What do YOU really crave more of in your life?

Close your eyes for a moment and think about it.

Sleep? Time to devote to a passion project? Time with your family or loved one? White space in your calendar to fill with rest? Expansiveness to pursue a new project or hobby?

Whatever that looks like, I’d like to offer you a loving reality check.

That day you envision where you’ll finally have tallied enough hours so you can feel calm, present, and able to live fully?

It. Just. Doesn’t. Exist.

Yep. In fact, there are people out there busier than you, but who choose not to buy into the idea that there’s not enough time.

Feeling like you’re always too busy is a nervous system fight-or-flight response and before you know it, you’re going a million miles an hour.

Want to know what’s amazing?

You can change the dial on your nervous system thermostat and change everything.

When you know how to shift it from a level that needs constant activity to one that finds peace in more space…

…You’ll create a soft landing for safety so that you *really* choose what you’re devoting your precious time and money to.

Folks often tell me I can make the most complicated things simple, doable, and approachable (and a little bit mystical) — and that’s exactly what you’ll find here, from my free podcast to my weekly newsletter and my programs.

There’s no silver bullet to a life that feels rich, relaxing, and rewarding.

Since I know you’re ambitious, I know you understand that this work is expansive. We’re done with the Band-Aids, the sprinkle of mindset work, and dabbling here and there in somatics.

Over here, we go deep and we create meaningful, lasting change — so you can redefine your legacy and lineage.

And I can promise you this: it’s not rocket science.

You are capable of stewarding your money and time, attracting abundance, and finding new solutions — when you know how to regulate your nervous system and come back to center.

If you’re ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat and really, truly take control of your time, money and energy, consider me honored to be your guide to support you on this journey.


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