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3 Strategies for Pursuing Your Dreams Without Mom Guilt

When I gave birth to our daughter, Penelope, I found the whole experience shocking. So shocking that I wasn’t ready to tell my birth story in any public capacity for a surprisingly long time.

Here’s why: it’s a really hard story to tell, and it just didn’t seem relevant.

Until now.

I want to tell the story of how Penelope came into the world because I think it can help you. This is a story that I’ll be sharing with you in my FREE online class coming up called 3 Strategies for Pursuing Your Dreams Without Mom Guilt.

It can help you because birth is a metaphor for everything we make in the world, and it has profound lessons for all of us. It’s an example that we can use in both life and business.

We have forgotten some of the most fundamental truths about how the creation process works, and in order to run businesses and lives that work, we need to remember these fundamental truths.

Becoming a mother unravelled me in ways I apparently needed in order to approach life in a whole new way.

This new approach has resulted in:

  • Profound creative satisfaction
  • Working less yet achieving more
  • Feeling like there’s more than enough time to do the things I want to do
  • Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s possible to be a great mother and pursue my dreams at the same time

There weren’t any classes on thriving as a nurturer and entrepreneur at any of the schools I attended. So I’ve created one based on my lived experience and working with a group of nearly 1,000 entrepreneurial moms over the last several months (and in it I’m finally telling my birth story, along with 3 practical strategies that you can use to thrive as a mom and entrepreneur, no matter where you are on the trajectory of either).

You’re invited to join me for a free online class next week called:

3 Strategies for Pursuing Your Dreams Without Mom Guilt

During this class I’ll share:

  • 3 reasons why women who nurture are ideally wired for business success (and how to use them to your advantage)
  • How to operate within the new model of sustainable success that helps you achieve your dreams without stress or exhaustion
  • The 4 phases of sustainable success
  • How you can experience more energy without having to make dramatic lifestyle changes, get more sleep, or caffeinate yourself
  • A specific action plan for bigger results with less effort in your business (and life!)

Click here to register for the free class.

When I taught this class for the first time this past spring, the reception was overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s what one participant, Kelly Ryan, had to say:

“Hi Kate, I had tears in my eyes relating to your every word! I’m the mother of an 18-month-old boy and have recently started a yoga studio, and your words are hitting home and resonating deeply! I can’t wait to dive in!”

See you in class!



P.S. If you’re feeling exhausted and like you’re going to have to sacrifice either your own dreams or your mothering in order to make it all work, this class is for you. You can have what you want, but not within the model we’ve all been taught. Join me in class to learn the new model for more ease and more flow.


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