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Open Wide to Relationships, Love, and Soulful Sex with Melissa Ambrosini

Open Wide to Relationships, Love, and Soulful Sex with Melissa Ambrosini

After this week’s podcast episode, Mike looked at me and said:

What just happened to you? You got all clammed up when she started talking about sex.

I was so irritated that he was right.

When I ordered Melissa Ambrosini’s most recent book to prepare for our interview, I had no idea that it was about soulful sex (among other things).

I opened the box and was like:

Welp. There it is again.

Since becoming a mom, my sex life has not been my #1 priority, which is totally normal and I have a lot of compassion for myself around it.

The part of me that’s way smarter than my to-do lists and strategies and marketing ideas knows that paying attention to pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality are key to creating what I truly want in our business and in our life.

That’s why I almost fell on the floor with enthusiasm hearing Dr. Tererai Trent speaking about the importance of women owning their sexuality. (Click here if you missed our podcast with her.)

That’s apparently also why I keep attracting opportunities to learn about and talk about sex, despit the fact that I’m resistant and get uncomfortable talking about it. (I’m working on it and shall report back as insights arise!)

All this to say, this week’s episode of The Kate & Mike show with the beautiful and inspiring Melissa Ambrosini feels divinely orchestrated and right on time. What I’ve come to know is this: When something is up for me, it’s up for other people as well. So I have no doubt there are others in our community (like YOU) who need to be reminded that their access to power lies in their body, specifically through the portal of pleasure and their sexuality.

Melissa is a bestselling author, a #1 podcast host (her show has had over 6 million downloads in 2 years!), a motivational speaker and self-love teacher, and you are going to LOVE her and her story.

In our conversation with Melissa she shared:

  • Her 13 different revenue streams and how she manages them all without overwhelm
  • The jaw-dropping story of how she ended up in the hospital in profound pain and what she did to completely change her life
  • How she’s grown her impressive global brand without having come from a family of entrepreneurs or going to business school
  • Why intimacy and our sexuality are such integral factors not only in relationships, but also in order to live into our fullness as human beings

Click here to listen in to this week’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show.

After you listen, I want to hear from you:

What did Melissa share that resonated with you the most? How can you put that into action in your life and business right away?

Leave a comment and let us know!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


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