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With over 1 million downloads to date, introducing the revitalized and re-envisioned podcast from Kate Northrup…


Expand your capacity to receive an overflow of abundance on every possible level with top thought leaders, luminaries, and adventurers from around the globe.

Imbued with fresh topics and renewed vitality, this is your new safe and encouraging space for personal growth, financial wisdom, energy management and nurturing relationships.
Join Kate in this journey of discovery and transformation.

Each week we’ll dive in with experts and insights to unlock a life of plenty.

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About The Host


Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur & Money Empowerment OG.

As the heart behind a successful multimedia digital platform that reaches hundreds of thousands globally, I’m committed to supporting ambitious folks to light up the world — without burning themselves out.

(I’m also a Pisces rising and never *not* lived close to the water — so I know a thing or two about getting into the flow and tapping into watery emotional alchemy!)

I love teaching others how to earn MORE money in less time (and with less stress) by tapping into soul-driven energy management practices.

Passing down hard-earned money wisdom is my number one goal when I become a grandmother — but until then, I want to share it with my community! 😉

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