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Episode 84: The Specific Mindset & Workflow Shift That Automatically Allows You To Have More By Doing Less

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Today we’re talking about a topic that was a huge paradigm and mindset shift for us and our community. We’re so excited to share this with you, and hopefully it’ll change your life and business as much as it’s changed ours!

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Selected Links from the Episode

Kate’s Blog Post, 3 Ways to Do Less and Make More in Your Business (with free download)


Project Life with Mike Watts

Waking Up in Winter by Cheryl Richardson

The Defiant Ones


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People Mentioned

Henry Ford

Tim Ferriss


Stu McLaren

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  • Laura says:

    As I was listening to the podcast, and now that I am an Origin empress, I was wondering (because I’m still getting used to the cycles and phases, etc) when you have different projects going on even when they could be in different phases, your energy is the same according to the moon phase and cycle you are in so how can you switch / adapt the energy to suit the project per the moment the project is in when your body is just not there.
    Blog could be in Visibility BUT Body is in Menstrual (Fertile Void).

    Thank you for your wisdom and your amazing podcast,

    • Kate Northrup says:

      Great Q! You’ll always have different projects at different phases. The key is to know which project is your primary and to know how your body is in terms of energy so that you’ll know where to focus on a given day (or when to chill.) The How To Training in Origin There’s a Cycle for Everything will help explain this further. Thanks!

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