Episode 67: How To Not Burnout

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Today’s episode is a listener request episode all about not burning out!

Listen in and learn about our own burnout lessons (and how to avoid them) as well as signs to look for, steps to take to get out of burnout, and a whole lot more.

Episode 67: How To Not Burnout

In This Episode

  • Our definition of “burnout” and each of our experiences with it [7:32]
  • Short-term vs. long-term burnout [22:27]
  • Steps to take if you’re experiencing burnout [23:17]
  • Why saying “No” is so powerful [24:00]
  • The significant role of sleep [25:37]
  • How we are preventing burnout in 2018 [45:42]
  • Warnings signs of burnout [47:42]
  • Ways that planning will make your life easier [53:13]

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People Mentioned

Carrie Montgomery Gabby Bernstein Sarah Jenks Dr. Shefali

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  • Hey Kate & Mike!

    I realized I never replied to the lovely shout-out, so here I am 😉

    Yes, there is a Japanese word for ‘overworked death’ and in English, the word ‘KAROSHI’ (過労死) is being used. There are hotlines and organizations people can reach out to if you or anyone you know is working too much and you worry if they will karoshi. Thank you for sharing how to not burnout because it is such an important topic a lot of people overlook.

    Grateful to be your ONE Japanese friend!


    • Kate Northrup

      Oh I’m so glad you listened in and are confirming the Karoshi word. Thank you for being my Japanese friend ;)

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