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Episode 127: 2 Simple Ways to Achieve More By Doing Less: Do Less Launch Day!!!

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We’re so excited for this episode because Kate’s new book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time Management for Busy Moms, launches today! In this episode of The Kate & Mike Show, we give you a sneak peek into the book and reveal some practical tips from it that will help you achieve more by doing less.

You can get your own copy of Do Less and receive incredible bonuses at! Kate wants to hear from you, and you can post about your #DoLess experiences on Instagram, DM her (@katenorthrup), or email!

In This Episode

  • A few of the main reasons Kate wrote the book [2:36]
  • What you’ll find inside of it [5:25]
  • What data (and our own experiences) say about working less [6:25]
  • How to apply the “80/20” rule [10:12]
  • Some examples of ways to simplify your life [15:30]
  • Recommendations for single moms on how they can do this [18:29]
  • How you can use the book in your own community [24:51]
  • What Kate’s intentions are now that Do Less is launched [26:01]
  • How these principles will change the world! [29:32]
  • What it was like for Kate to open the first hard cover copy [30:58]

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Darren Hardy Dr. Shefali Latham Thomas

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