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I made something for you—shiny new website revealed! has gotten a makeover!

I’m so excited to welcome you to my new digital digs.

Mi casa es su casa. Make yourself at home. Click around. Dive in deep. Enjoy.

I originally hired my divine graphics goddess, Natasha Lakos, for this site re-do way back in April. And then, after many starts and stops (including me not filling out the client questionnaire for weeks), I decided the timing wasn’t right.

I needed to muddle through some things. I needed to write my book. I needed to figure out what the heck I wanted to share with you.

I’m so glad I waited (there’s never much value in pushing through when it doesn’t feel right) because unveiling the next iteration of my online playground now feels so amazing and perfectly timed!

Here are a few places to check out on the site:

  • About + Contact: With the help of wordsmith wonder Laura Belgray of, I clarified how I can help you. Check it out:
  • Events: I’ve got some great live and online events coming up and I’d love for you to join me at one or a few! Here’s the list:
  • Just What You Needed to Hear: This is my favorite part of the new site. It’s where all of the salve for your soul lives. Needing a little inspiration? A boost? A sprinkling of faith? See what’s over there for you:
  • Money Love Quiz: Enter your name and email in the box at the top of this page and take the free quiz now to:
    • find out what your relationship with money says about you
    • discover what’s blocking you from the abundance you crave
    • and get customized action steps to have a better relationship with your money.

It takes a village, and the new and improved is no exception.

Big kudos and thank you’s to:

Natasha Lakos for the patience, love, sophistication, and beauty with which she infused this site (and the whole process of creating it). I bow at your feet, gorgeous lady.

Dyana Valentine for eliciting my “Trust. Fun. Feel good,” essence from me and cheering me on in proclaiming it.

Christa Meola for the fabulous photographs and for making me feel glamorous and beautiful. And for seriously over-delivering during post-production.

Elsa Isaac for being my virtual shopping companion and putting together the fabulous looks for the photos. I felt not only well-styled, but also loved, and that’s a rare combo.

Laura Belgray for making my words pop and helping me to help the fine people who hang out with me online. You are a very, very funny and kind genius.

Mary Weise for her programming wizardry. Thank you for responding to my emails late at night within minutes and for knowing how to fix technical stuff that I can’t even fathom attempting to resolve.

Kathleen Thomas for having a come-to-Jesus chat with me and pushing me to take myself more seriously. Your gentle prodding was invaluable in this whole process.

Ann Moller, my dear sister, for your ability to spot a typo at a hundred feet and reword a sentence so that it makes so much more freaking sense. I am in awe of your brain and your support and love for me.

The very helpful and loving focus group that gave me awesome design and copy feedback along the way—love you all, and you know who you are.

Mike Watts, my man and my partner in all things, thank you for being there for everything and for pouring your skills and feedback and heart into this work right along with me.

And finally, to you reading this. Thanks for opening my emails, reading my stuff, watching Glimpse TV, inspiring me to make more and better stuff, commenting, reposting, liking, sharing, and showing up! Without you there would be no point in doing any of this. I appreciate you and am grateful for you every day.

As a celebration of this launch, please send this post to a friend who you know could benefit from what’s going on at and grabbing the free Money Love Quiz. Tell her why you love and appreciate her (or him) at the top of the email. She (or he) will be grateful, and I already am.

Let me know what you think of the new site in the comments below!


    This is ravishing!!!
    Way to REVEAL!!!

  • Ellen

    Gooorrrrrrrggeous! Love everything about the new digital digs.

  • CJ

    Site looks good
    the link in the email for the free quiz does not work – the link is broken.
    The link on this site to it, does not do anything. Or I am completely spacing it, but I am fairly savey on the internet.
    merci beaucoup de Quebec

  • CONGRATULATIONS on your new and (might I say) GORGEOUS online home. It’s a perfect expression of all that you are all in one place for the world to benefit. May your offerings reach as many ships as can see your light in the distance.

  • It looks fabulous and so do you! I love the picture of you in the orange stripes! So YOU!

  • I LOVE it! I love the color palette, all the white space, the new typography … it’s gorgeous. Tell Natasha she did an amazing job!

  • The new design looks AMAZING! Congrats, Kate and team! Love how your work is evolving and shining so brightly, just like you! xoxo

  • Molly

    Kate Northrup, you are a love. This website is a gorgeous representation of your intention to guide us to healthier financial lives. Thank you for teaching me that taking care of myself isn’t just about jumping into a bubble bath and doing my nails; it’s about being mindful around how my financial behavior reflects the quality of my self-care. Thank you for taking a subject that’s potentially terrifying and turning it into an opportunity to be empowered. I’m eternally grateful.

  • Hey Kate!

    Love the new design! Cheers to you and all that made your redesign possible. :)

  • Kate! The website is fabulous. I love the new design… from your videos, it seems to be totally your personality, fun, flirty, and packed with motivation and inspiration. Learned of you through Marie Forleo and super excited to get my money right!

  • Amy

    Looks fabulous!! Congrats. I found your site last month and the version before this new release was difficult for me to navigate. This one is inspiring :-)

  • Kate, it is really beautiful and does seem SO you as well as simple and easy to use. Huge celebrations and love, LVA-

  • Susan Thornton

    Brilliant Kate – Absolutely Brilliant! Fun, Hip, Clear, Cool, Direct & Beautiful. Love the content – the photos are fun and awesome. Nicely Done!

    To your continued growth and freedom!!!

  • Fabulous!!! I am a huge fan of this new look and feel. Nice work all!

  • WOW!! Fantastic and beautiful just like you as you play “full out”!
    Congratulations on your new site.

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