Episode 94: Social Media: Using it for Good Instead of Letting it Get You Down

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We realize that social media might be a big downer sometimes, and if you’re looking for ways to keep it easy and stop it from taking over your life, don’t worry! You’re not alone. We’re talking all about this in today’s podcast!

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Episode 94: Social Media: Using it for Good Instead of Letting it Get You Down

In This Episode

  • Why you should publish your content at the same time each week [11:12]
  • Mike on his recent break from social media [17:37]
  • How being constantly being plugged in to the news harms us [23:17]
  • Kate’s new social media rule [30:54]
  • What to do if you find yourself playing the “comparison game” [32:40]
  • Why Kate uses social media and how she does it [43:16]

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People Mentioned

Megan Watterson Brittany Packnett Emily Abbott Rick Mulready Dale Earnhardt Jr. Oprah Winfrey Kim Kardashian Gary Vaynerchuk Michael Franti

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