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Episode 91: Tracee Stanley: Yoga, Healing, and the Brave Path Inward

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Today we have a special interview with Tracee Stanley, a Yoga teacher who has been studying Yoga and Tantra since 1995. In her past career, Tracee was a high-level executive in the film industry and was able to bring balance and calm into her life with the practices she talks about here today.

Tracee shares her thoughts on the power of rest, what Yoga is really about, and also about her film career and what’s it’s like to be a movie producer. You’ll want to hear how she answers when we ask her what she feels is the purpose of life, and she gives her profound insights on how we can heal the division in the world right now, both on a macro and a micro level.

Episode 91: Tracee Stanley: Yoga, Healing, and the Brave Path Inward

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Marianne Williamson

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