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Episode 73: Behind the Scenes of Our Online Business: Revenue Streams, Traffic Sources, Our Team and More

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Today we’re offering a behind-the-scenes tour of our business!

In this episode you can see what we really do and how we run everything in our day-to-day. Not only will we be sharing how everything comes together here, but we’ll also be giving our thoughts on where the future of online business is heading and the shifts that we’re seeing in this exciting space! Join us!

In This Episode

  • Where the revenue comes from in our business [9:00]
  • How we decide what to promote as affiliates [12:32]
  • Our traffic sources [15:42]
  • The most important thing to consider when driving traffic [31:40]
  • Who is on our team [37:51]
  • Why customer care can’t be overlooked [41:47]
  • Where we feel online business is headed [57:02]
  • The question to ask every single time you make an offer [65:07]

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People Mentioned

Megan Watterson Marie Forleo Gary Vaynerchuk Danielle LaPorte Dr. Kelly Brogan Dr. Christiane Northrup Rick Mulready Amy Porterfield Oprah Winfrey Sally Jesse Raphael Brené Brown Laverne Cox James Wedmore Bradley Will

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