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  • Want to turn your skills, message, and experience into a real business that makes real money and helps real people?
  • Want to grow your audience in a way that feels aligned and is also profitable?
  • Ready to stop chasing shiny objects and instead focus on a few proven strategies that will get you tangible results (like money in your bank account, happy customers, and bigger opportunities like publishing and speaking)?
  • Want to learn precisely how to leverage the unbelievable tool of the internet to finally make your business dreams a reality?

Making money and changing the world by leveraging the internet is NOT a pipe dream.

It’s totally doable for you whether your business is but an
acorn of an idea or a full-grown, majestic oak.

There are proven practices that work across industries and personalities. And there’s lots of room for creativity and infusing your fabulous self in unique and remarkable ways.

But you need a blueprint to follow from someone who not only has experience and the empire to prove it, but who’s helped tens of thousands of people, just like you, from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, countries, and levels of experience.

I’d like to introduce you to that person and her program that strolled into my life by happenstance ten years ago and changed the trajectory of my life and business forever.

Introducing… Marie Forleo
and B-School!

Marie is a business savant. (Seriously, she really has won the internet with her biz savvy!)

I consider myself in very good company with Marie as a friend and mentor. She’s one of Oprah’s hand-picked Super Soul 100, has been interviewed by Tony Robbins, and has gone on holiday with Sir Richard Branson.

I remember sitting with her over take-out consisting of messy burgers and sweet potato fries. I was sharing a recent business idea I was working on. Within minutes of hearing the structure, she taught me a new way to look at it that would help take the very same idea from a possibility of four figures to six or seven. And she did it in the time it took to dip her fry in ketchup.

The shifts in my marketing mindset and skill set that I’ve learned from Marie Forleo have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue…

But here’s the thing: so often marketing advice makes us feel gross. Some of the advice I’ve heard from other experts out there is sleazy and scheme-y. Certain traditional marketing wisdom seems to be nothing but thinly veiled manipulation.

And (just like I know it’s true for you, too) that does not line up with my idea about what service and business are meant to be.

What I love about Marie is that she’s service-oriented, transparent, and supporting the greater good of all.

Marie is at the top of her game and she doesn’t mess around. No fluff. Just strategy and wisdom that gets results. Plus her delivery is really fun, so going through the course is a true pleasure!

Marie is a living, breathing example of the fact that her wisdom works. And so am I. So are hundreds of thousands of other people.

She knows that the best way to create sustainable prosperity is to make a difference in people’s lives.

She lives by example and teaches that making great money and making a huge difference in the world are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the two motives are perfect partners.

She’s all heart…just like us.

I count mine amongst the millions of lives that have been positively changed through Marie’s work. Not only have I found her business wisdom to be heart-centered and effective, I also find her particular brand of woman power to be incredibly inspiring. As a woman running a business with a solid dose of fun and creative expression, I love having a woman like Marie in my camp. She reminds me that I get to make the rules to create a life and business I love.

And so, my dear, do you.

Enter B-School

This 8-week online business program (the “B” stands for Business) taught me pretty much everything I needed to know about using the internet to grow my business in a savvy, service-oriented way.

There’s not a person on the planet who wants to run a profitable, satisfying business who couldn’t benefit from B-School.

You may be asking – Well, WHAT do we get in B-School?
What will I actually learn?

THIS is what you’ll get in B-School

8 weeks of learning in a like-minded community

I’ve met many of my dearest friends and wisest confidantes through the B-School community. As a B-School student you’re part of an exclusive, worldwide club. B-School meetups pop up in cities around the world, and online connections abound. You’ll connect through our B-Schooler’s private Facebook group (just for people who join through Mike and me), the B-School community right in the members’ area, and the larger B-School Facebook group.

6 modules to up your business game including:

Profit Plan

Clarify your business plan and goals through finding your Ideal Customer Avatar, create strategy based on your unique strengths, and create a brand position that makes the competition irrelevant!



Create a website that sells for you 24/7! In this module you’ll understand the best platform for you, how to optimize your site, and what you need to know about design, development, and website control.



Learn how to best connect with your audience, build your community, and promote your offerings! Plus blogging dos and don’ts, when to promote, and you’ll leave this module with 6 months of content ideas for your community!


List Building

This module is all about the right way to email market! You’ll walk away knowing how to strategically grow your email list, leverage parallel audiences, build traffic to your website, and grow your list consistently.



In this module, you’ll learn how to identify what your customers really want, sales booster secrets, the 5 factors of what to charge, and how to make sure your conversion rates are off the charts!



Here you’ll learn the 5 principles of modern marketing (and how not to be skeezy when selling), what makes good copy (that’ll sell for you while you sleep), and what the psychology of selling really is.


Even before B-School starts, you’ll have access to the incredible “Start the Right Business” course to help decide (or improve upon) your business ideas and execution, plus the “Follow Through Formula” to ensure that you get everything out of your investment.

During B-School you’ll also have access to:

Live office hours with Marie

An Answer Vault of FAQs that will answer any and all Qs that you come up with about business and entrepreneurship

Smart Marketing for Product Based Entrepreneurs if you sell a physical product in addition to or instead of a digital product or service

Dedicated Mentor Coaches within B-School to guide, assist, and support you in the areas of:

  • Tech and programming
  • Web design and development
  • E-commerce (for our product based business folks!)
  • Copywriting
  • Life coaching and more

B-School coaches are excellent at what they do, they’re all successful business owners themselves and have years of experience with the philosophy of B-School.

Each year the content is upgraded and you get lifetime access to the course when you enroll!

That means there’s no pressure to get it all in the first time around.
Such a blessing!

It truly is a course you’ll refer back to time and time again for as long as you’re growing your business in the internet age (so basically for the rest of your life)!


enroll now!

I went from making $45k in my business to $100k in less than a year after taking B-School and applying the tools that Marie shares.

It is hands down the best marketing business training I’ve ever taken. I recommend B-School to EVERYONE who wants to hone in on creating the life they were meant to live and connect with a community of people making a huge difference in the world. If you apply what Marie teaches, the course pays for itself one hundred-fold.

Alexis Fedor,

“B-School certainly empowered me and tidied up my mind by giving me a clear vision, a comprehensible structure, actionable steps, and lots of courage.”


B-School Helped Us (meaning my husband Mike + me)

  • Build an online platform big enough to attract a couple of serious book deals with the world’s leading personal development publishing house, Hay House.
  • Think about marketing in a way that ensures we never feel like we’re just throwing spaghetti at a wall – we now have a proven system that we can return to again and again.
  • Build multiple streams of passive and residual income bringing in 7 figures in revenue annually so that we can live our dream of being present with our kids and each other, only saying yes to projects that fuel our souls.
  • Know how to put our work out into the world in a way that not only ensures that people know about it and that we’ll make really good money from it, but also in a way that ensures we’re serving as many people as possible. (We’ve had over 5,000 people go through our Money Love Course and have grown our community to more than 250K worldwide.)
  • Cut through the abundance of business advice floating around the interwebs and seminar world and know what to implement and what to ignore.
  • Focus on what really matters and truly moves the needle of our business, rather than running around feeling like a frazzled, well-intentioned entrepreneur with no real plan, rhyme, or reason to anything we’re doing.
  • Create an online system to grow and produce revenue from every single one of our income streams: our membership site, our network marketing business, my books, our speaking, live events, Mike’s consulting, and our online courses and products.

“After B-School, I was featured on VH1, booked two national speaking engagements, and was named a Top 40 under 40 attorney in North Carolina.”


B-School is THE foundational education every single business owner (aspiring or established) needs to leverage the internet to grow their income and impact.

 B-School with Kate & Mike

The Kate & Mike Bonuses gave me the idea that I wouldn’t be lost in the bustle of the larger program.

Another highlight is the positive and encouraging energy both of you share during the group calls. Even when I have to listen after the live event, I find myself wanting to talk to you guys on the screen. You come across as real people who are on this path. A little further down the road than I am, but definitely you convey: we did what you’re doing, you can do it!

An example of this is early on, maybe the second call, I was struggling with not having time to thoroughly complete each module. Kate said, “Listen to the videos – skip the extra stuff and come back to it later.” So helpful for keeping me engaged!!

I’m going to miss seeing you guys and your positive energy. Thank you!

Laura Donnelly, Dancing with Ease

I gained confidence and a really great support system.

To this day, I keep hearing Kate and Mike’s voice to keep putting myself out there consistently and it has been working. I gained confidence and a really great support system.

It was also really important for me to hear how they worked as a couple because I share a business with my husband, too, and that can definitely get complicated! If you’re looking for an intimate space that will help you along your journey in B-School, Kate and Mike support the space and give you transparency in their business to help you in yours. Thank you, Kate and Mike, for your wonderful presence, support, and knowledge!

Liza Lim, Holistic Health Coach,

I tend to get really lost in my head and go round in circles. That is where being in your group helped me a lot.

I was originally drawn to sign up through you because I listen to your podcast and find it entertaining and informational. I also have a little girl, and I can relate to a lot of what you discuss around parenting.

I tend to get really lost in my head and go round in circles. That is where being in your group helped me a lot.

I had constant reminders from both of you to just do it and do it quickly and get something out there. To stop trying to make sure my ICA was perfect and that my site looked amazing but to just keep going.

Learning more about how you run your business made you seem like real people and not just the highly talented business owners that you are. It made me feel that if you can do it, then I can do it. So thank you for being so transparent and real with us. I know I have a long way to go to get to where you are, but you’ve made it all seem more attainable. Especially with kiddos!

Carly Moore, Sideways Approach

B-School was amaaaazing!

Loved every terrifying, exciting, quiet, shouting-from-the-rooftops, fast, slow, no-behind, nugget. The moments of clarity holding hands with the idk wtf I’m doing-ness–it is still coming together incrementally each day. I seriously know that the ripples and echoes of all that resonated have changed every aspect of how I do business–for the better. Thank you for all you have done to deliver this incredible, powerful, life-changing dynamo (Marie) right to our inbox. Team Forleo kicks some no-holds-barred, ultimate-fighter booty. You’re all freaking rockstars!!

Cynthia Finnemore Simonds

I started B-school before even having an idea for a business. I’m so glad I did!

Something was calling me to the program, and I followed with my instinct. B-School gave me the tools to think through business structure, profit, marketing, and SO MUCH MORE as I started to design my business. I recommend this program to anyone who has a business or is dedicated to starting a business. It’s the best investment you can make!

Nicole Cooley,

Taking the leap and doing B-School with Kate and Mike was the best way I could have possibly started my business journey.

Within one month of our time together, I created my first online course and signed up my first clients! I’m extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and support they’ve given me on this journey.

Karynn Elliott, Freedom Lifestyle Coach,

My website and business coaches are from Kate and Mike’s groups. Everything I do leads back to one B-Schooler or another.

If you’re thinking about joining B-school with Kate and Mike, do it– like, now!

I know there are several affiliates to pick from, but this (in my humble opinion) is the most supported group you will find. Yes, B-School in itself is incredible and a great value, but what Kate and Mike offer is unconditional love, support, and value. This is crucial in B-School. Marie offers a Facebook group, but honestly it’s massive and can be overwhelming. Kate and Mike’s Facebook group is much more intimate. This is priceless.

You’ll connect with and use each other’s services. My website and business coaches are from Kate and Mike’s groups. Everything I do leads back to one B-Schooler or another. Trust Kate and Mike to take good care of you because they’ve got your back.

Sue Burhoe, Holistic Life Coach and Soul Therapy Practitioner,

Joining B-School with Kate & Mike was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The information provided by Marie and her community is over the top. In true Marie fashion she completely over-delivers, and having Kate & Mike (who also over-deliver) there on the other end to help sift through the material with their Implement and Finish Formula is invaluable.

The lessons, strategies, and technical insight provided has helped me up-level my business in ways I never imagined.

Beyond that, the community that Kate & Mike create is top notch. I have met women who have changed my life and women who will be friends for life.

I don’t attend high school reunions or college reunions, but B-School Reunions, The Make a Life Not Just a Living Event, have become a MUST DO every year. Reconnecting with my tribe of like-minded, game-changing entrepreneurs is pure bliss for me.

It’s the business expense that just keeps on giving.

Heidi Symonds, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach.


Tomorrow, I’m officially hitting the ‘publish’ button on my new website that I’ve been working on since April. It definitely feels like a huge ‘start before you’re ready’ but I made a commitment to get over my fear and do it!

Feeling ridiculously anxious and excited (and all sorts of other emotions) right now.

I wouldn’t be doing this right now if it weren’t for B-School.

You all have been my motivation and inspiration.

Erin Melito
enroll now!

I have been able to rapidly grow my practice and am attracting new subscribers on a daily basis!

Holy smokes! B-School was a game-changer as I embarked on a major website overhaul. With Marie’s guidance, I was able to create a website that is so authentic to who I am, and because of this I have been able to rapidly grow my practice and am attracting new subscribers on a daily basis! Marie is a true inspiration to all women who are looking to grow and expand, both personally and professionally. Honestly, you just can’t put a dollar figure on the value of the information she delivers.

Sara Whitehead Sullivan,

When I finished B-School I created the first of my successful spotlight programs!

B-School + Marie Forleo invited me into this space where I found clarity on the look of my website, who my ideal clients are, how to market to them, and ways to grow my list with methods and tactics that make total and complete sense to me. Cha-ching! When I finished B-School I created the first of my successful spotlight programs, Blissful Health (And a Hot Body). It came together in a way that was magical and easy. I know it wouldn’t have happened without B-School showing me how. And during B-School, Kate and Mike were there to give great insight and share their experience and knowledge.

Johanna Voss,

Signing up for B-School is a huge and exciting decision in and of itself, but I 100% believe that who you choose to sign up through is just as big and important of a decision.

When you join B-School through Kate and Mike, you immediately become a part of a tight-knit community of heart-centered yet business-savvy business owners. As cheesy at sounds, you’re going to make lifelong friends from this special subset of the B-School community.

I signed up for B-School in 2014 and I’m STILL so grateful I signed up through Kate and Mike! They’ve been so generous in sharing new bonuses with us every single year, and the people I’ve met through this group have been incredibly supportive as I’ve built my business from the ground up. The truth is: once you’re in the Watts-Northrup clan, you’re family!”

Alionka Polanco,

B-School was a great foundation from which to launch my business.

More than that–the community has been absolutely incredible. My business doesn’t hinge on the community, but it certainly took a GIANT leap forward because of it. I would really encourage you to stay open to new ideas, make connections in the FB groups, and just get really excited! I help female entrepreneurs launch their products, and it all started here with B-School and, of course, the help of Mike and Kate!

Phoebe Mroczeck, Host of Unbecoming & Personal Coach for Business Women,

2020 Do Less, Achieve More B-School Bonus Package

When you enroll in B-School through any of the links on this page or any of the links in my emails or social media posts, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:


The Keys to Our 7-Figure King/Queendom


The Do Less Immersion


Do Less, Grow More Social Media Success Guide


How to Access Your Mission and Supercharge Your Business


How to Access Your Calling to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good Masterclass with Rha Goddess


Origin® Live Recordings


How to Launch


Private Facebook Group, Exclusive to Our Intimate Community of B-Schoolers


Kate & Mike's B-School Podcast

You’ll also get the following bonus trainings from Marie included with your B-School tuition:


Start the Right Business


The Follow-Through Formula


Getting Started with Wordpress, Squarespace & Shopify


Set Up Your Metrics & Analytics


Smart Marketing for Product-based Businesses


All About Opt-Ins


How to Grow Your List at Hyper Speed


PR Strategies to Make You a Business Celebrity


Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity


How to Grow from Six to Seven Figures


SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site for Search


How to Get Fantastic Testimonials


Timeless Social Media Strategies That Work

The Keys to Our 7-Figure King/Queendom

Swipe Email Copy and Launch Plans from 3 of Our Most Profitable Launches

  • Use these emails to inspire you to write high-converting sequences of your own.
  • Never sit at a blank computer screen wondering what to talk about again – get a list of topics for sales emails to return to launch after launch.
  • Read exactly how we warm up our audience to get them to attend webinars and other live events.
  • Get the exact launch plans (dates, number of emails, email topics, number of Facebook lives, etc.) for 3 of our most profitable launches.

A $506 value!

(Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike)


The Do Less Immersion

A Guided Course to Get More Out of Life & Work by Subtracting Instead of Adding

For 7 pre-recorded sessions, I’m going to take your hand and lead you through the data, strategies, and mindset shifts you need to transform yourself from busy to purposeful, from exhausted to renewed, and from frazzled to focused.

Session 1:

How to Actually Get All of the Important Things Done While Doing Less

Session 2:

Creating Equal, Conscious Partnerships

Session 3:

Managing Your Money in a Do Less Way

Session 4:

Do Less Decision Making

Session 5:

Setting Boundaries and Saying No (Even If You Want to Be Liked)

Session 6:

Do Less to Attract What You Want More Quickly and Powerfully

Session 7:

How to Become a Time Bender

Each session includes an accompanying handout.
Available via Kate & Mike’s B-School Bonuses podcast.

($297 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike

Bonus 3

Do Less, Grow More Social Media Success Guide

You want social media to grow your audience and revenue, not suck your time. This training will give you the strategies, tools, and plan to ensure you grow your following and engagement without losing precious productive hours of your day.

($397 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike

Bonus 4

How to Access Your Mission and Supercharge Your Business

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t really know what you’re doing with your business or career? Do you feel rudderless and like you have a million choices, but you don’t know which direction to go? This How-To Lesson is going to help you dial in on your purpose/mission so that you can access a level of ease, power, profitability, and impact that you never knew was possible. I was resistant to purpose work for YEARS, but I’ve recently changed my ways with the help of my coach, Rha Goddess. This lesson will walk you through 8 simple steps to identify your purpose/mission, so you can supercharge your business and get better results by doing less.

Companion handout included.
Available via Kate & Mike’s B-School Bonuses podcast.

Willemijn Maas Headshot

“I’d never launched a program ever before, but after watching the How-To Lesson, I launched an 8-day free program and had 227 sign-ups (50% of my entire list!!) within a week.”

The handout provided such a clear framework that I was able to write out a complete launch strategy and layout for the content in an hour that was both realistic and perfectly planned. I was able to stick to it. I created 3 sales emails to send to people on my list that had conversion rates of 17% each. I had NO content before I opened my registry, but thanks to the lesson, I was confident I could pull it off. And I did! Today is the last day of the program, and I’ve received so many messages of gratitude. I created something my audience really liked. Thanks so much for this very helpful resource!

Willemijn Maas (

“I did everything for this launch by myself (all tech/website/social media/etc.) while running a household, a yoga studio, and caring for two small kiddos, BUT I didn’t feel so alone with Kate’s help and How-To Lesson.”

I am BEYOND grateful for the How-To Lesson on Launching Your Product, Program, or Idea!! I just did my first- ever launch and had the handout beside me the whole time. Whenever I’d start to get overwhelmed or flustered, I’d remember Kate’s words, “start small and keep it SIMPLE.” Then I’d back it up and reframe. The Handout kept me on track with my launch schedule (and with inspiration on how to reach the most people possible), and the video fostered the idea of a password-protected section of my website for the videos I was launching – which was a huge aha moment for me. I did everything for this launch by myself (all tech/website/social media/etc.) while running a household, a yoga studio, and caring for two small kiddos, BUT I didn’t feel so alone with Kate’s help and How-To Lesson. So, THANK YOU!!!

Jenny Rolls (
($226 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike


How to Access Your Calling to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good Masterclass with Rha Goddess

Do you want to increase your feeling of being on purpose, your ability to make money, and your impact with your work? Well, you are in luck because this Masterclass featuring my coach Rha Goddess will dial you in on how to improve all 3 of those things! Rha has been perfecting her framework for entrepreneurs to create movements, get paid well, and do good in the world for years, and I can tell you from lived experience that it works.

In this conversation, she shares the powerful “Evangelical Model” that helped me stop spinning my wheels with questions of what I should create next. She also shares her L3 framework, which will help you get focused in your daily life, your daily work, and your daily impact in powerful ways. And she shares about her new book, The Calling, and all of the incredible tools inside it that will help you to grow your income and impact. Rha is the real deal, and I’m overjoyed to share her incredible wisdom with you.

Companion takeaway guide included.
Available via Kate & Mike’s B-School Bonuses podcast.

($226 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike


Origin® Live Recordings

Origin Logo

Origin® Live Recordings

Available via Kate & Mike’s B-School Bonuses podcast.

The secret to success is NOT fitting more into your day. The secret is fitting more of YOURSELF into your day.

The Origin® Live Recordings are here to teach you a revolutionary approach to managing your time and energy as an entrepreneur who wants to thrive in life AND business.

Titilayo Tinubu Ali Headshot

“The exercises you walked us through at Origin Live further helped me amp up the things that have historically given me the best results and not worry about all of the other should-dos. I was stressing out about social media and realized that personal invitations are high-converting for me. So instead of doing a big public launch, I’ve reached out to people individually. In less than a week, I’ve confirmed almost a year’s worth of guest speakers for the community (9 out of 12), and I’m on track to launch the beta round with about 50 founding members. So exciting!”

Titilayo Tinubu Ali |
($202 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike


How to Launch

Available via Kate & Mike’s B-School Bonuses podcast.

This is one of our most popular lessons from my Origin® Membership and it includes a companion guidebook to walk you through launching, step by step.

Launching is the process of putting your work into the world so the people who need it know about it. There are so many ways to launch and so many tools to use that it can be incredibly overwhelming.

This training walks you through how to get your stuff out there – whether it’s a book, a course, a coaching program, or a physical product – in a way that makes sense for where you are in business and what your goals are.

You’ll also learn the simplest launch formula to get the results you want in the most streamlined way possible (no wasted time, energy, or money!).

You’ll get a streamlined launch plan to follow if you’re wanting to simply get started without complications, and you’ll also receive a step-by-step plan to follow to create your own customized launch plan. I’ll also peel back the curtain and show you the exact launch plan that we followed to get my membership of over 1,000 people, Origin®, out into the world, including the exact number of emails we sent, the Facebook live schedule, the webinar plan we used, and how we incorporated a free video training series.

($147 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike


Private Facebook Group, Exclusive to Our Intimate Community of B-Schoolers


We all need a posse cheering us on and supporting us to reach our dreams. And we’ve got your posse built right in with our private, exclusive B-Schoolers Facebook community.

Need to poll the group on the topic for your next webinar? We’re here for you.

Need feedback on your upcoming launch strategy? Post and we’ll answer.

Looking for a great WordPress developer? We’d be happy to check our (probably electronic) Rolodexes.

The extra love and support you’ll receive from your fellow classmates in our community is priceless. Friendships will be forged. Business collaborations may emerge. Who knows? You might even fall in love. (Two people did just that in one of our online communities!)

Plus, Mike and I will be hosting live hangouts each week during B-School in our group to help you apply what you’re learning to your specific situation, plus share behind-the-scenes insights on how we’ve applied the information from each week’s module in our own business. We’ll be answering your questions and doing live coaching.


Kate & Mike's B-School Podcast

Kate & Mike B-School Podcast

Listen to some bonuses via Kate & Mike’s B-School Bonuses podcast.

Our B-Schoolers have an important message for you:

Please Note: There will be no live event this year.

You’ll also get the following trainings from Marie included with your B-School tuition:

Bonus 10

Start the Right Business

Struggling to figure out which business to start? Maybe you have too many ideas to choose from or you’re not sure your idea will work. If you’re drowning in confusion, this program will help you find clarity and get going so you can finally start the right business for you.

(Value $199) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 11

The Follow-Through Formula

Stop the madness of a dozen half-finished projects. With the help of The Follow-Through Formula you’ll learn the exact strategies to get more done than you ever thought possible. Get instant access to this productivity course as soon as you register.

(Value $199) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 12

Getting Started with Wordpress, Squarespace & Shopify

Take back control of your website once and for all. These comprehensive nuts-and-bolts trainings will walk you through exactly how to set up your own professional, easy-to-update website. We’ve hand-selected the 3 most popular platforms so you can choose the right software for you and your business.

(Value $546) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 13

Set Up Your Metrics & Analytics

How can you know what’s working if you’re not tracking it? This training covers everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) on how to set up basic Google Analytics, our web metrics tool of choice. Plus, learn which metrics matter in your business and how to use them.

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 14

Smart Marketing for Product-Based Businesses

While our marketing strategies apply to all businesses, selling physical goods has some unique challenges. Throughout B-School, you’ll get specific Fun Sheets (growth assignments) for product-based business owners. You’ll also have professional e-commerce mentor coaches to guide you through your B-School experience.

(Value $399) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 15

All About Opt-Ins

Opt-in forms can be a tech mystery. How do you get the form to show up on your website? Once someone opts in, how do they actually receive that PDF download or video you promised? Learn the ins and outs of opt-ins and how they function in this easy-to-digest technical training.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 16

How to Grow Your List at Hyper Speed

Want to grow your list at hyper speed? In this training, learn how to use inexpensive Facebook ads to grow a highly targeted list of subscribers for your business — FAST. This masterclass will set you up to double and triple your list growth in a fraction of the time.

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 17

PR Strategies to Make You a Business Celebrity

Getting blogs, magazines and TV shows to highlight your business can create an avalanche of sales. Learn 5 things you must have before pitching a media outlet, get the ultimate “cheat sheet” to finding media dying to interview you and learn how to deliver interviews that will have the media drooling over your every word.

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 18

Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity

Are you drowning in business chaos with no clear system to execute your big vision? Ever wonder how I run my day-to-day business? In this training, get our internal playbook for productivity, project management and how to hire A players.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 19

How to Grow from Six to Seven Figures

Do you dream of running a million dollar plus business? Making an exponential leap in revenue requires new beliefs and habits. In this closed-door training, I share some of the key psychological and behavioral changes I had to make to lead my company to new heights.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 20

SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site for Search

Learn how to make sure your website can be found on Google with these simple and effective SEO strategies. Set up your sitemap, research relevant keywords and understand how to use meta and title tags. This step-by-step tutorial will set the foundation to make your website SEO smart from the start.

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 21

How to Get Fantastic Testimonials

Your customers want to see real success stories before they buy — but do you have amazing testimonials to reassure them? Learn our step-by-step system to get incredible testimonials no matter what you sell.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 22

Timeless Social Media Strategies That Work

Marketing your business on social media gets more and more overwhelming every year. Learn how to prioritize your efforts, engage with your ideal customers and build a sustainable social media plan that won’t get in the way of running your business.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

“In the six months since B-School I’ve launched my website and signed my 32nd client!”

KATY CHEN MAZZARA, Financial Coach, California, USA

“My business started with no revenue and one year later I was making nearly $15,000 a month. Now, I’m able to work from home and control my own schedule, which is particularly valuable since I have a 5-month-old and an 8-year-old.”

TIFFANY ROTHE, Founder, TRFC, California, USA & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Total Bonus Value = $5,285

Additional Cost to You To Receive These Bonuses When You Enroll in B-School = $0

Kate, Mike and Family

Mike and I have created a life, not just a living.

We don’t spend all day (and night) behind our computers. We actually live (and love) our lives. (Plus, we love running our business, too!)

We’ve been in your shoes debating about whether or not to invest in ourselves and our businesses.

Our lives wouldn’t be the same if we hadn’t decided to go through B-School to learn the art of online business. There’s no other program that teaches the skills you need to rock your online business with elegance like B-School does.

If you want to make a profit and a difference, and enjoy the process, B-School is for you. And so is our Do Less, Achieve More Bonus Package.

Reaching your business dreams is not about doing more.

It’s about doing less of the things that don’t matter so that the things that do can get your full attention and devotion.

Our bonus package is specially designed to help you double down on the 20% that gets you 80% of the results as you grow your online business.

It would be a privilege to support you and have you as part of our B-School family.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Who are B-School and our bonuses right for?

…then B-School and our bonuses are right for you!

How does it work?

B-School is offered entirely online over an 8-week period starting March 3th and ending April 24th with 6 core curriculum modules and 2 implementation weeks. Plus you have lifetime access, so if your schedule doesn’t sync up with this schedule, you can go through it whenever works for you!

How is B-School different from other programs out there?

Marie teaches timeless wisdom and strategies that work across platforms no matter what industry you’re in, what technology you’re using, and what product or service you’re offering. It’s designed for people who want to make a great living AND a big difference in the world. Built into this life-changing, practical content are the world-changing principles of integrity, authenticity, and consciousness. No other business program on earth so elegantly melds making great money, doing what you love, and making a difference like B-School.

What kind of support and community will I get access to?

Marie offers live office hours, as well as a bevy of specialized mentor coaches, plus a robust Answer Vault, live comments on each module, and an entire support team. Plus, you’ll have our smaller B-Schoolers group to lean on, mastermind with, get referrals for great service providers from, and ask questions of!

What if I don’t have time to do B-School right now?

Marie and her team recommend setting aside 4-6 hours a week to go through the core B-School content during the 8-week course. However, the great news is that you have lifetime access to this incredible course, so even if you’re moving, going on vacation, getting married, having a baby, or even taking a trip to the moon during the 8 weeks the course is released, you can go through it whenever works for you! All of our coaching sessions will be recorded and available and so will all of Marie’s live office hours. I’ve NEVER gone through the entirety of B-School within the 8 weeks it was offered, yet my results have been phenomenal.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You can spread your investment in B-School over an entire year. Yay, #MoneyLove!

What if I sign up and then it’s not for me?

Marie and her team offer a 100% money back guarantee on the program within 15 days. Yay! Who doesn’t love risk-free?

How will I receive the bonus material?

Immediately upon enrolling in B-School you’ll get access to Start the Right Business and The Follow Through Formula. You’ll also get access to our exclusive B-School Facebook group within 48 hours of enrolling. You’ll receive our bonuses after the refund period ends on March 17th and you’ll receive the additional trainings like How to Grow Your List at Hyper Speed and Systems, Teams, and Massive Productivity after B-School ends on April 26th.

“I’ve grown my list, started my first virtual program, and had 13 paying clients sign up. B-School helped me prove that a disability can’t stop me.”

CELINE GABRIELLE – Lifestyle & Weight Loss Coach. Nova Scotia, Canada

“I went from living in a shelter to building websites. Today I get to be a role model for my son.”

WEBLY ALFRED – Web Designer & Social Media Strategist, Massachusetts, USA

“I built a community of 3,000 Muslim women entrepreneurs and changemakers around the world.”

– Iqra Mehrin Azhar | Slay Collective: The Digital Marketing Agency & Empowerment Firm for Muslim Women by Muslim Women Chicago, USA

What people are saying about

Kate Northrup blew me away during her Women & Wealth workshop. I’ve never seen someone as clear, articulate and downright MOTIVATING around showing women the path to financial freedom. Kate strikes the perfect balance of practical and aspirational, all while laying down the honest truth about what it will take for you to be truly free. I cannot recommend her work enough!

Marie Forleo, Rich Happy & Hot,

Kate Northrup is part cheerleader, part wisdom keeper, and full on maven. Within that radiance of hers is a whole lot of personal work and daring. Her commitment to find the best (and usually most fun) way to wholeness is her gift – to us.

Danielle LaPorte, Creator of The Desire Map

Kate totally transformed my beliefs around fear and money. Wise beyond her years, insightful and talented beyond measure, Kate is one of the captains of my inner circle. You know, the women you call or email when you need clarity and gentle ass-kicking. She offers rock-solid guidance with grace and unconditional love. Quite simply, Kate is a treasure and her teachings will bring more freedom and balance to your life.

Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Kate Northrup is a miracle worker. Her messages guide us to change our minds about fear and embrace freedom as our birthright. Kate challenges our limiting beliefs and helps us break through the blocks to our true power. I am blessed to call her my dear friend and guide.

Gabrielle Bernstein, Speaker, Author of Add More ~ing To Your Life, Spirit Junkie, and May Cause Miracles,

What people are saying about

Within 24 hours of meeting Mike, I saved $5000 on my monthly budget, had a new strategy for building my support team, and a clear vision of what needed to change in order to achieve my goals.  Then we really got to work.  After 6 months of working together, I streamlined my systems, saved over $10,000 in duplicate services, and learned a laser focused strategy for growing my business.  I launched my first podcast, launched two blog series, constructed a new product that is proving to be my flagship product and most importantly, saw myself as the owner and CEO of a successful business.  He demanded it of me and supported me through it.

Julianna Morris

I have had the opportunity to learn from Mike working with him directly and also through observing his interactions with others. Mike has a genuine desire to help improve the lives of those around him by providing a lot of passion and sincerity in his efforts. I also have had the pleasure of knowing him personally and I have found him to be a lover of life and everything it has to offer him. I believe from his experiences that he has truly learned to bring out the best in people. To work with and be around Mike is truly inspiring.”

Henri LaSane

Mike is a mix of practicality and masculine wisdom, handed to women in a way that they can “get” and feel empowered to move forward in a way that serves them and their desires.

Laura Garnett

Mike Watts has gotten to the position he is in through integrity and execution. He delivers on what he says he will do. A great coach and leader you should be following.

Bradley Will

Here are some of the results Mike and I have created from implementing what we’ve learned in B-School:

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