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I think Marie Forleo is a business savant. (Seriously, she really has won the internet with her biz savvy!)

I remember sitting with her over take-out consisting of messy burgers and sweet potato fries. I was sharing a recent business idea I was working on. Within minutes of hearing the structure, she taught me a new way to look at it that would help me make a heck of a lot more money and help a heck of a lot more people. (Like bumping up from where I was in the five-figures to the seven-figure possibility realm!)

The shifts in my marketing mindset and skill set that I’ve learned from Marie Forleo have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue…

But here’s the thing: so often marketing advice makes us feel gross. Some of the advice I’ve heard from other experts out there is sleazy and scheme-y. Certain traditional marketing wisdom seems to be nothing but thinly veiled manipulation.

And (just like I know it’s true for you, too) that does not line up with my idea about what service and business are meant to be.

What I love about Marie is that she’s all about being service-oriented, transparent, and supporting the greater good of all.

Marie is at the top of her game and she doesn’t mess around. No fluff. Just strategy and wisdom that gets results. Plus her delivery is really fun, so going through the course is a true pleasure!

Marie is a living, breathing example of the fact that her wisdom works. And so am I. So are hundreds of thousands of other people.

She knows that the best way to create sustainable prosperity is to make a difference in people’s lives.

She lives by example and teaches that making great money and making a huge difference in the world are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the two motives are perfect partners.

She’s all heart…just like us.

I count mine amongst the millions of lives that have been positively changed through Marie’s work. Not only have I found her business wisdom to be heart-centered and effective, I also find her particular brand of woman power to be incredibly inspiring. As a woman running a business with a solid dose of fun and creative expression, I love having a woman like Marie in my camp. She reminds me that I get to make the rules to create a life and business I love.

And so, my dear, do you.

Enter B-School

This 8-week online business program (the “B” stands for Business) taught me pretty much everything I needed to know about using the internet to grow my business in a savvy, service-oriented way.

There’s not a person on the planet who wants to run a profitable, satisfying business who couldn’t benefit from B-School.

You may be asking – well, WHAT do we get in B-School?
What will I actually learn?

THIS is what you’ll get in B-School

8 weeks of learning in a like-minded community

I’ve met many of my dearest friends through the B-School community.
B-School attracts some of the most interesting, effective, creative,
big-hearted people in the world. And as a B-School student, you’re officially one of them! And you’re part of an exclusive club of them worldwide. B-School meetups pop up in cities around the world, and online connections abound. You’ll connect with them through our group’s private Facebook group, the B-School community right in the
B-School course site itself, and the larger B-School Facebook group.

6 modules to up your business game including:

Profit Plan

Clarify your business plan and goals through finding your Ideal Customer Avatar, create strategy based on your unique strengths, and create a brand position that makes the competition irrelevant!



Create a website that sells for you 24/7! In this module you’ll understand the best platform for you, optimizing your site, and understanding what you need to know about design, development, and website control.



Learn how to best connect with your audience, build your community, and promote your offerings! Plus blogging dos and don’ts, when to promote, and you’ll leave this module with 6 months of content ideas for your community!


List Building

This module is all about the right way to email market! You’ll walk away knowing how to strategically grow your email list, leveraging parallel audiences, build traffic to your website, and grow your list consistently.



In this module you’ll learn how to identify what your customers really want, sales booster secrets, and the 5 factors of what to charge and how to make sure you’re conversion rates are off the charts!



Here you’ll learn the 5 principles of modern marketing (and how not to be skeezy when selling), what makes good copy (that’ll sell for you while you sleep), and what the psychology of selling really is.


Even before B-School starts you’ll have access to the incredible “Start the Right Business” course to help decide (or improve upon) your business ideas and execution, plus the “Follow Through Formula” to ensure that you get everything out of your investment.

During B-School you’ll also have access to:

Live office hours with Marie

An Answer Vault of FAQs that will answer any and all Qs that you come up with about business and entrepreneurship

Smart Marketing for Product Based Entrepreneurs if you sell a physical product in addition to or instead of a digital product or service

Dedicated Mentor Coaches within B-School to guide, assist and support you in the areas of:

  • Tech and programming
  • Web design and development
  • E-commerce (for our product based business folks!)
  • Copywriting
  • Life coaching and more

B-School coaches are excellent at what they do, they’re all successful business owners themselves and have years of experience with the philosophy of B-School.

Each year the content is upgraded and you get lifetime access to the course when you enroll!

That means there’s no pressure to get it all in the first time around.
Such a blessing!

It truly is a course you’ll refer back to time and time again for as long as you’re building your online empire!

Enrollment for B-School 2018 is now closed. Get on our VIP waitlist by clicking the button below…

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B-School Helped Us (meaning my husband Mike + me)

  • Build an online platform big enough to attract a couple of serious book deals with the world’s leading personal development publishing house, Hay House.
  • Think about marketing in a way that ensures I never feel like I’m just throwing spaghetti at a wall – we now have a proven system that we can return to again and again.
  • Build multiple streams of passive and residual income bringing in 7-figures in revenue annually so that we can live our dream of being present with our kids and each other, only saying yes to projects that fuel our souls.
  • Know how to put our work out into the world in a way that not only ensures that people know about it and that we’ll make really good money from it, but also in a way that ensures we’re serving as many people as possible. (We’ve had over 3,000 people go through our Money Love Course and have grown our list to more than 65K with much higher than industry standard engagement rates.)
  • Cut through the abundance of business advice floating around the interwebs and seminar world and know what to implement and what to ignore.
  • Focus on what really matters and truly moves the needle of our business, rather than running around feeling like a frazzled, well-intentioned entrepreneur with no real plan, rhyme, or reason to anything we’re doing.
  • Create an online system to grow and produce revenue from every single one of our income streams: our membership site, our network marketing business, my books, our speaking, live events, Mike’s consulting, and our online courses and products.

If there’s only ONE BUSINESS COURSE you ever take, let it be B-SCHOOL

 B-School with Kate & Mike

I was going to pass on B-School last year. I had a job evaporate right before Christmas, and I was doing taxes part-time Jan–April. I knew the tax schedule would be intense for most of B-School.

Then, I watched a few of Kate’s interviews with people who had been through the course previously. Their energy and enthusiasm combined with their stories of growth and change were encouraging. The Kate & Mike Bonuses gave me the idea that I wouldn’t be lost in the bustle of the larger program.

Another highlight is the positive and encouraging energy both of you share during the group calls. Even when I have to listen after the live event, I find myself wanting to talk to you guys on the screen. You come across as real people who are on this path. A little further down the road than I am but definitely you convey: we did what you’re doing, you can do it!

An example of this is early on, maybe the second call, I was struggling with not having time to thoroughly complete each module. Kate said, listen to the videos – skip the extra stuff and come back to it later. So helpful for keeping me engaged!!

I’m going to miss seeing you guys and your positive energy. Thank you!

-Laura Donnelly, Dancing with Ease

I was originally drawn to sign up through you because I listen to your podcast and find it entertaining and informational. I also have a little girl and I can relate to a lot of what you discuss around parenting.

I tend to get really lost in my head and go round in circles. That is where being in your group helped me a lot. I had constant reminders from both of you to just do it and do it quickly and get something out there. To stop trying to make sure my ICA was perfect and that my site looked amazing but to just keep going.

Learning more about how you run your business made you seem like real people and not just the highly talented business owners that you are. It made me feel that if you can do it then I can do it. So thank you for being so transparent and real with us. I know I have a long way to go to get to where you are but you’ve made it all seem more attainable. Especially with kiddos!

-Carly Moore, Sideways Approach

B-school was amaaaazing! Loved every terrifying, exciting, quiet, shouting-from-the-rooftops, fast, slow, no-behind, nugget. The moments of clarity holding hands with the idk wtf I’m doing-ness- It is still coming together incrementally each day. I seriously know that the ripples and echoes of all that resonated have changed every aspect of how I do business-for the better. Thank you for all you have done to deliver this incredible, powerful, life-changing dynamo (Marie) right to our inbox. Team Forleo kicks some no holds barred, ultimate fighter booty. You’re all freaking rockstars!!

-Cynthia Finnemore Simonds

Taking B-School with Kate & Mike as guides was a phenomenal experience! Our weekly group coaching sessions made the growth and challenges of B-School approachable. Kate and Mike are a brilliant balance of inspiring and practical. Each week, no matter the challenge, they guided use through overwhelm to actionable steps. I felt privileged to experience such a powerful business partnership.

I have a few financial partners (including my husband), so I deeply appreciated witnessing their respectful dynamic. Kate and Mike are kind, approachable, generous, smart, and insightful. They model the love, values, and big-hearted respect I want in my life.

-Kate Tremills, Author & Strategic Guide,

Here are some things our B-Schoolers said about the group coaching they received from us:

Enrollment for B-School 2018 is now closed. Get on our VIP waitlist by clicking the button below…

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2018 B-School Bonuses

When you enroll in B-School through any of the links on this page or any of the links in my emails or social media posts, you’ll also receive the following bonuses from Kate & Mike:




3 Months of Our Membership, Origin™ Collective






Feng Shui for Financial Freedom


How to Launch



You’ll also get the following bonus trainings from Marie included with your B-School tuition:


Start The Right Business


The Follow-Through Formula


Getting Started With Wordpress, Squarespace & Shopify


Set Up Your Metrics & Analytics


Smart Marketing For Product-based Businesses


All About Opt-Ins


How To Grow Your List At Hyper Speed


PR Strategies To Make You A Business Celebrity


Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity


How to Grow From Six to Seven Figures


SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site For Search


How to Get Fantastic Testimonials


Social Media That Sells

Enrollment for B-School 2018 is now closed. Get on our VIP waitlist by clicking the button below…

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An 8 Week group coaching experience with
a no-holds-barred behind-the-scenes look

This hybrid bonus shows you how we run our 7-figure business (in which Mike and I each work an average of 20 hours per week). It takes the “Do Less” philosophy and breaks it down into 8 sessions with Mike, our team, and me to give you the support you need to implement what you learned in B-School and also the vision of how to apply it efficiently, strategically, and soulfully.

B-School teaches the what, and the Ultimate Online Business Playbook teaches you the how, in terms of giving you the behind-the-scenes view of exactly how we use what we’ve learned in B-School (and other knowledge we’ve gathered along the way) to run our business on a weekly basis.

We’ve completely transformed our business over the last year, and we now run a 7-figure company with one of the most efficient, creative, innovative, and kind teams in the industry.

The Ultimate Online Business Playbook will be
delivered AFTER B-SCHOOL via weekly LIVE Zoom
calls starting the week of June 6th and running through the week of July 25th.

(The day of the week and time of the calls will be announced in plenty of time to reserve the time in your calendar.)

June 6th

Open Online Business Q&A Part 1

with Kate and Mike

June 13th

Open Online Business Q&A Part 2

with Kate and Mike

June 20th

Leadership, Content Creation, & What It Takes to Share Your Voice in Business and Beyond

with Kate Northrup

June 27th

Systems, Operations, Efficiency, and Practical Magic

with Mike Watts

July 5th

Marketing, Project Management, Company Culture, & Building Something Bigger Than Yourself

with Licia Morelli

July 11th

Brand Identity, Website Essentials, and Communicating with Visuals

with Joe Scoppino

July 18th

Creating Customers for Life & Community Nurturing

with Lisa Fiorvante

July 25th

Facebook Ads, Social Media Mastery, & Becoming an Organizational Ninja

with Hayley Lachambre

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group throughout the 8-week program to connect with other course participants, our team, and Kate & Mike

Here’s how the Playbook will be broken down:
each session will include 45-60 minutes of
content plus 30 minutes of Q&A/laser coaching.

Whether you’re a one-woman/man show, you have one or two part-time team members, or you lead an entire team, you’ll be able to implement the mindset and strategies we share with you to take your business to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness (more revenue, less stress, more ease, less scrambling).

The Ultimate Online Business Playbook gives you access to not only Mike and me but also the incredible people who we run our company with, so you can learn the nitty-gritty of how we think as a company, grow our revenue, and ultimately, how we do things. I learn new things from our team each and every day, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

B-School is an intense program, and while you don’t need to do it all within the 8 weeks it’s rolled out in because you have lifetime access, we don’t want to dump more on your plate during the time you’re going through the curriculum.

That’s why the Ultimate Online Business Playbook starts AFTER B-School is over. Because, well, space and sanity. Plus we’re giving you the entire month of May to digest the B-School curriculum and catch up on anything you didn’t complete during the 8 weeks.

Week 1 & 2 | June 6th - 13th

A 2-Part Open Online Business Q&A

with Kate and Mike

Ask us any questions that came up during B-School (or anything else you’ve got) so we can help you digest and implement what you learned and ensure you don’t get stuck. During these sessions Mike and I will also divulge our biggest successes and biggest mistakes over the last 8 years of running an online business. Learning from other people’s triumphs and mistakes really shortens the learning curve!

WEEK 3 | June 20th

Leadership, Content Creation, and What It Takes to Share Your Voice in Business and Beyond

with Kate Northrup

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to craft your message so that your audience gobbles up everything you put out there
  • 8 ways to tap into endless creative resources so you never experience “writer’s block” or being stumped by what to share
  • How to own and use your voice to stand for what you want to see in the world and make a great living while doing it
WEEK 4 | June 27th

Systems, Operations, Efficiency, and Practical Magic

with Mike Watts

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to create the most efficient structures in your business so that you can have more time, energy, and revenue without burning out
  • What “operations” really means in the online & small business world and how their implementation will immediately will change your life
  • How to leave room for magic within structure and what results are possible by doing so
WEEK 5 | July 5th

Marketing, Project Management, Company Culture, and Building Something Bigger Than Yourself

with Licia Morelli

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what you need to know to successfully launch projects without headaches, stress, or crying fits
  • How to create a company culture that inspires and allows for a loyal team who will go to the ends of the Earth with you
  • Practical applications of marketing calendars and planning that will save you time and energy throughout the year (manicures during a launch, anyone?)
  • How to create a company that grows beyond your wildest dreams (and a team you trust so you can work on your business NOT in your business)
WEEK 6 | July 11th

Brand Identity, Website Essentials, and Communicating with Visuals

with Joe Scoppino

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The core components of a strong brand identity and exactly what you need to be thinking about when establishing yours
  • The core components of a website so you know how they work and what to look out for when setting up your own or hiring someone to help
  • About conversion-centric design and how to use it to help increase conversions and create a better user experience for your customers
WEEK 7 | JUly 18th

Creating Customers for Life and Community Nurturing

with Lisa Fiorvante

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why the customers you already have are your most valuable asset and how to treat them like royalty
  • The importance of community, why your customers crave it, and the steps you can take to foster yours
  • Tips, tricks, and tools you can use to help nurture and engage your community without burnout or overwhelm (including what to do with an unhappy customer – it happens!)
WEEK 8 | July 25th

Facebook Ads, Social Media Mastery, & Becoming an Organizational Ninja

with Hayley Lachambre

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why internal systems are key to successfully streamlining your business and how to begin implementing yours
  • The steps to mastering your social media strategy in a way that’s effortless and effective
  • Project management of Facebook Ads and the how-to of putting all the components of an ad together

All of these sessions will be recorded and available to watch via replay, so if you can’t make it live, you’ll still get the goods.

A $997 value!

Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike

Enrollment for B-School 2018 is now closed. Get on our VIP waitlist by clicking the button below…

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Interested in the Ultimate Online Business Playbook but not interested in B-School or you’ve already taken B-School through someone else?

Enrollment for the Ultimate Online Business Playbook is now closed.


3 Months of Our Membership, Origin™ Collective

In Origin™ we’re reimagining entrepreneurship and motherhood together.

Origin™ is my newest business baby – a membership program where I give you the tools, strategies, support, and community you need to be the kind of mother (or nurturer if you don’t have kids) and entrepreneur you want to be. You’ll learn ways you can achieve the kind of income, impact, and fulfillment you desire, and we support you in implementing them.

*Given that Origin™ is a women’s only membership, Mike will be offering a comparable bonus to support any men who choose to join B-School with us.

Each month as a member you’ll get A:


with a world-class woman expert who has unique wisdom in an area of mothering, business, or being a woman that supports the sustainable success model. (45-60min)

How-To Lesson

on a practical way to thrive as a mother and entrepreneur that doesn’t include “just work harder.” (~30min)

Live Q&A

with me and/or our Maven so you can get your questions answered and get back to thriving. (60min)

You’ll also get:

  • Our exclusive, private community with thousands of Origin™ Empresses around the world
  • Our Resources Library
  • Access to an archive of a year’s worth of Maven Masterclasses, How To’s, and Q&A’s

“When it was time to sign up for Origin™, I had been praying for some help navigating my business as a mother. The tools and this community of women have helped me grow my audience, organize my workflow, and set a solid pace for how and when I work. I’m so thankful to Kate for creating an environment to grow a successful business and nurture ourselves at the same time.”

TaKisha August |

The tools in Origin™ have given me a structure that truly matches my nature as a woman. This allows me to craft my business life with so much more ease, in balance with my own rhythms. I’ve always operated this way intuitively but didn’t have the practical tools to apply this knowledge with efficiency in all areas of my life. With the support of such a generous group of women on the journey led by Kate Northrup, my confidence and energy are reaching new heights!”

Autumn Saunders

“After purchasing business programs and business coaching, the Origin™ membership is the best! I’ve learned it’s okay to slow down if I need to and that it’s actually quite important! Not only that, but you also have given me practical tools to help me be more consistent. I have so much more confidence in my business and it all feels so good to me!”

katie flores
($111 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike

Bonus 3

Money Love For Business Owners

I wrote a best-selling book called Money: A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want. In it, I share a philosophy of financial awareness as an act of self-care and self-love. And you know what? It all applies to being a business owner.

And why are you in business? To make money. Yes, it’s to help people, too, but if that were your only goal, you would be volunteering. What I’ve found is that everyone has hang-ups around money. As a business owner it’s crucial that you clear your money blocks to ensure that you’re not subconsciously holding back your business growth.

Here’s what I’ll share during #MoneyLove for Business Owners, a webinar-based mini course:

  • How to uncover and clear up your money blocks to reach peak profitability in your business
  • The numbers in your business that you need to be paying attention to in order to ensure you’re taking really fabulous care of the money you earn and creating a strong container to attract more money
  • The 5 most common money mistakes that business owners make and how to stop making them in your business
($129 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike

Bonus 4

Our Biggest Lessons From A $15K VIP Day

Mike and I hired a high-level coach for a one-day, deep dive VIP day for $15K last year. We had never invested so much in ourselves or our business before, and what we got out of it was game-changing!

In this pre-recorded training we’ll share the biggest lessons we learned from our VIP day and some key shifts we’ve made in our business as a result of this investment.

You don’t have to spend $15K for these lessons like we did. You’ll get them for free as a B-School bonus!

($249 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike


Feng Shui for Financial Freedom

Did you know that the way you have your home and/or office arranged could be blocking the flow of prosperity in your life? What if all you needed to do to increase your revenue, get more customers, and get in the flow of abundance was to rearrange your space?

Feng Shui for Financial Freedom is a self-study digital course that walks you through the fundamentals of how your space affects your financial energy and resources. You’ll get very specific tips for rearranging your space to support prosperity and, as a bonus, I’ll tell you how to arrange your space for optimal creativity, romance, health, and other key areas of your life!

This course has been off the market for over two years, so the only way to get it right now is by purchasing B-School through Kate & Mike.

($197 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike


How to Launch

Launching is the process of putting your work into the world so the people who need it know about it. There are so many ways to launch and so many tools to use that it can be incredibly overwhelming.

This training walks you through how to get your stuff out there – whether it’s a book, a course, a coaching program, or a physical product – in a way that makes sense for where you are in business and what your goals are.

You’ll get a streamlined launch plan to follow if you’re wanting to simply get started without complications, and you’ll also receive a step-by-step plan to follow to create your own customized launch plan. I’ll also peel back the curtain and show you the exact launch plan that we followed to get Origin™ out into the world, including the exact number of emails we sent, the Facebook live schedule, the webinar plan we used, and how we incorporated a free video training series.

I’d never launched a program ever before, but after watching the How-To Lesson, I launched an 8-day free program and had 227 signups (50% of my entire list!!) within a week. The handout provided such a clear framework that I was able to write out a complete launch strategy and layout for the content in an hour that was both realistic and perfectly planned. I was able to stick to it. I created 3 sales emails to send to people on my list that had conversion rates of 17% each. I had NO content before I opened my registry but thanks to the lesson, I was confident I could pull it off. And I did! Today is the last day of the program, and I’ve received so many messages of gratitude. I created something my audience really liked. Thanks so much for this very helpful resource!

Willemijn Maas |

I am BEYOND grateful for the How-To Lesson on Launching Your Product, Program, or Idea!! I just did my first ever launch and had the handout beside me the whole time. Whenever I’d start to get overwhelmed or flustered, I’d remember Kate’s words “start small and keep it SIMPLE.” Then I’d back it up and reframe. The Handout kept me on track with my launch schedule (and with inspiration on how to reach the most people possible), and the video fostered the idea of a password-protected section of my website for the videos I was launching – which was a huge aha moment for me. I did everything for this launch by myself (all tech/website/social media/etc.) while running a household, a yoga studio, and caring for two small kiddos, BUT I didn’t feel so alone with Kate’s help and How-To Lesson. So, THANK YOU!!!

Jenny Rolls |
($147 value) Included with your B-School tuition when you enroll through Kate & Mike

Bonus 7

Private Facebook Community Exclusive to Our B-Schoolers

We all need a posse cheering us on and supporting us to reach our dreams. And we’ve got your posse built right in with our private, exclusive B-Schoolers Facebook community.

Need to poll the group on the topic for your next webinar? We’re here for you.

Need feedback on your upcoming launch strategy? Post and we’ll answer.

Looking for a great WordPress developer? We’d be happy to check our (probably electronic) Rolodexes.

The extra love and support you’ll receive from your fellow classmates in our community is priceless. Friendships will be forged. Business collaborations may emerge. Who knows? You might even fall in love. (Two people did just that in one of our online communities!)

Total Value = Priceless

Bonus 8

Start the Right Business

Are you struggling to figure out which business to start? Maybe you have too many ideas and can’t choose, or maybe you’re unsure if your idea will actually work. If you’re drowning in entrepreneurial confusion, this program provides a step-by-step roadmap to find clarity, make wise and thoughtful decisions and move confidently ahead. It’s designed to help you finally start the right business for you –a profitable and purposeful business that matters.

(Value $199) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 9

the follow-through formula

Having great ideas is easy, but follow-through is where real change happens. Stop the madness of dozens of half-finished projects. With the help of The Follow-Through Formula you’ll step into a new paradigm of productivity and train yourself to get deeply focused on getting the right things done. If you’ve ever wondered how our small team produces so much, this is it. Get instant access to this quickstart course as soon as you register.

(Value $199) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 10

Getting Started With Wordpress, Squarespace & Shopify

Take back control of your website once and for all. These comprehensive nuts-and-bolts trainings will walk you through exactly how to set up your own professional, easy-to-update website. We’ve hand-selected the 3 most popular platforms so you can choose the right software for you and your business.

(Value $546) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 11

Set Up Your Metrics & Analytics

How can you know what’s working if you’re not tracking it? Even more, are you making important business decisions based on a ‘hunch’ or data? This training covers everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) on how to set up basic Google Analytics, our web metrics tool of choice. Plus, learn which metrics matter in your business and how to use them.

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 12

Smart Marketing For Product-based Businesses

While most timeless marketing principles apply to all businesses, selling physical goods online has unique challenges and opportunities. Throughout B-School, we’ve included specific Fun Sheets (growth assignments) and resources for product-based business owners. You’ll also have a professional e-commerce mentor coach dedicated to supporting and guiding your journey.

(Value $399) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 13

All About Opt-Ins

Opt-in forms (getting someone to enter their name and email address on your website) can be a tech mystery to some. How do you get the form to show up on your website? Once someone opts in to your list, how do they actually receive that PDF download or video you promised? Learn the ins and outs of opt-ins and how they function in this easy-to-digest technical training.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 14

How To Grow Your List at Hyper Speed

Tired of having a tiny list? Ready to grow your audience at hyper speed? In this exclusive training, you’ll learn smart strategies and proven techniques to use inexpensive Facebook Ads to grow a highly targeted and engaged lists of subscribers for your business. From the copy, to the targeting, to vital technical do’s and don’ts, this masterclass will set you up to double and triple your growth in a fraction of the time.

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 15

PR Strategies to Make You a Business Celebrity

Getting blogs, magazines and television shows to mention your business can create an enormous jump in sales and unstoppable momentum for your business. Learn five things you must have before pitching a media outlet, get the ultimate “cheat sheet” to finding media dying to interview you, and how to deliver interviews that will have the media drooling over your every word. Plus even more!

(Value $299) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 16

Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity

Are you drowning in business chaos with a million projects and no clear system to execute your vision? Ever wonder how many people I have on my team, and how I run the day-to-day business? In this training, you’ll get our internal playbook for productivity, project management and hiring A players.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 17

How to Grow From Six to Seven Figures

Do you dream of running a million-dollar-plus business? Making an exponential leap in revenue and profits requires thinking, behaving and leading in a new way. In this training, I share some of the psychological and behavioral changes I needed to make in order to lead my company to new heights.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition

Bonus 18

SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site For Search

Learn how to make sure your website can be found on Google with these simple and effective SEO strategies. Set up your sitemap, research relevant keywords, and understand how to use meta and title tags. This step-by-step tutorial will set the foundation to make your website SEO smart from the start.

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How to Get Fantastic Testimonials

Your customers want to see real success stories before they buy – but do you have amazing testimonials to reassure them? Learn our step-by-step system to get incredible testimonials no matter what you sell.

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social media that sells

Every year, knowing how to market your business on social media gets more and more overwhelming. Learn how to prioritize your efforts, engage with your ideal customers, and build a sustainable social media plan that won’t get in the way of running your business.

(Value $149) Included with your B-School tuition
Total Bonus Value = $5,114

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Mike and I have created a life, not just a living.

We don’t spend all day (and night) behind our computers. We actually live (and love) our lives. (Plus, we love running our business, too!)

We’ve been in your shoes debating about whether or not to invest in ourselves and our businesses.

Our lives wouldn’t be the same if we hadn’t decided to go through B-School to learn the art of online business. There’s no other program that teaches the skills you need to rock your online business with elegance like B-School does.

If you want to make a profit and a difference, and enjoy the process, B-School is for you. And so is our bonus.

There’s no other bonus that offers the nurturing, love, and support that we do.

Mike and I will be by your side going through B-School with you. We’ll be learning and growing with you.

We’ll be sharing strategies that have worked for us and also new strategies that we’re implementing now and in the future.

We’re right here in this with you. It would be a privilege to support you and have you as part of our B-School family.

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Still got questions? We’ve got answers!

Who are B-School and our bonus right for?

…then B-School and our bonus are right for you!

How does it work?

B-School is offered entirely online over an 8-week period starting March 5th and ending April 27th with 6 core curriculum modules and 2 implementation weeks. Plus you have lifetime access so if your schedule doesn’t sync up with this schedule, you can go through it whenever works for you!

How is B-School different from other programs out there?

Marie teaches timeless wisdom and strategies that work across platforms no matter what industry you’re in, what technology you’re using, and what product or service you’re offering. It’s designed for people who want to make a great living AND a big difference in the world. Built into this life-changing, practical content are the world-changing principles of integrity, authenticity, and consciousness. No other business program on earth so elegantly melds making great money, doing what you love, and making a difference like B-School.

What kind of support and community will I get access to?

Marie offers live office hours, as well as a bevy of specialized mentor coaches, plus a robust Answer Vault, live comments on each module, and an entire support team. Plus, we’re going to be supporting our smaller group with The Ultimate B-School Success Incubator which includes weekly live coaching, sharing, Q&A and behind the scenes insights into how we run our business. You’ll also have lifelong access to our intimate Facebook community and B-School family (the conversation, connection, and support keep going there all year long!)

What if I don’t have time to do B-School right now?

Marie and her team recommend setting aside 4-6 hours a week to go through the core B-School content during the 8-week course. However, the great news is that you have lifetime access to this incredible course so even if you’re moving, going on vacation, getting married, having a baby, or even taking a trip to the moon during the 8-weeks the course is released, you can go through it whenever works for you! All of our coaching sessions will be recorded and available and so will all of Marie’s live office hours. I’ve NEVER gone through the entirety of B-School within the 8-weeks it was offered yet my results have been phenomenal.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You can spread your investment in B-School over an entire year. Yay #MoneyLove!

What if I sign up and then it’s not for me?

Marie and her team offer a 100% money back guarantee on the program within 15 days. Yay! Who doesn’t love risk-free?

How will I receive the bonus material?

Immediately upon enrolling in B-School, you’ll get access to Start the Right Business and The Follow Through Formula. You’ll also get access to our exclusive B-School Facebook group within 48 hours of enrolling. You’ll receive our bonuses after the refund period ends on March 18th (Feng Shui for Financial Freedom, 3 Months of Origin, How to Launch, Money Love for Business Owners, and Our Biggest Lessons From our $15K VIP Day.) And you’ll receive the additional trainings like How to Grow Your List at Hyper Speed and Systems, Teams, and Massive Productivity after B-School ends on April 27th.

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What people are saying about

Kate Northrup blew me away during her Women & Wealth workshop. I’ve never seen someone as clear, articulate and downright MOTIVATING around showing women the path to financial freedom. Kate strikes the perfect balance of practical and aspirational, all while laying down the honest truth about what it will take for you to be truly free. I cannot recommend her work enough!

— Marie Forleo, Rich Happy & Hot,

Kate Northrup is part cheerleader, part wisdom keeper, and full on maven. Within that radiance of hers is a whole lot of personal work and daring. Her commitment to find the best (and usually most fun) way to wholeness is her gift – to us.

— Danielle LaPorte, Creator of The Desire Map

Kate totally transformed my beliefs around fear and money. Wise beyond her years, insightful and talented beyond measure, Kate is one of the captains of my inner circle. You know, the women you call or email when you need clarity and gentle ass-kicking. She offers rock-solid guidance with grace and unconditional love. Quite simply, Kate is a treasure and her teachings will bring more freedom and balance to your life.

— Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Kate Northrup is a miracle worker. Her messages guide us to change our minds about fear and embrace freedom as our birthright. Kate challenges our limiting beliefs and helps us break through the blocks to our true power. I am blessed to call her my dear friend and guide.

— Gabrielle Bernstein, Speaker, Author of Add More ~ing To Your Life, Spirit Junkie, and May Cause Miracles,

What people are saying about

Within 24 hours of meeting Mike, I saved $5000 on my monthly budget, had a new strategy for building my support team, and a clear vision of what needed to change in order to achieve my goals.  Then we really got to work.  After 6 months of working together, I streamlined my systems, saved over $10,000 in duplicate services, and learned a laser focused strategy for growing my business.  I launched my first podcast, launched two blog series, constructed a new product that is proving to be my flagship product and most importantly, saw myself as the owner and CEO of a successful business.  He demanded it of me and supported me through it.

— Julianna Morris

I have had the opportunity to learn from Mike working with him directly and also through observing his interactions with others. Mike has a genuine desire to help improve the lives of those around him by providing a lot of passion and sincerity in his efforts. I also have had the pleasure of knowing him personally and I have found him to be a lover of life and everything it has to offer him. I believe from his experiences that he has truly learned to bring out the best in people. To work with and be around Mike is truly inspiring.”

— Henri LaSane

Mike is a mix of practicality and masculine wisdom, handed to women in a way that they can “get” and feel empowered to move forward in a way that serves them and their desires.

— Laura Garnett

Mike Watts has gotten to the position he is in through integrity and execution. He delivers on what he says he will do. A great coach and leader you should be following.

— Bradley Will

Here are some of the results Mike and I have created from implementing what we’ve learned in B-School:

I started B-school before even having an idea for a business. Something was calling me to the program and I with my instinct. I’m so glad I did! B-School gave me the tools to think through business structure, profit, marketing and SO MUCH MORE as I started to design my business. I recommend this program to anyone who has a business or is dedicated to starting a business. It’s the best investment you can make!

– Nicole Cooley,

I went from making $45k in my business to $100k in less than a year after taking B-School and applying the tools that Marie shares. It is hands down the best marketing business training I’ve ever taken. I recommend B-School to EVERYONE who wants to hone in on creating the life they were meant to live and connect with a community of people making a huge difference in the world. If you apply what Marie teaches, the course pays for itself one hundred-fold.

-Alexis Fedor,

Taking the leap and doing B-School with Kate and Mike was the best way I could have possibly started my business journey. The weekly group coaching was my favorite as we got amazing feedback and small group support to actually implement what we learned in B-School! Within one month of our time together I created my first online course and signed up my first clients! I’m extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and support they’ve given me on this journey.

– Karynn Elliott, Freedom Lifestyle Coach,

If you’re thinking about joining B-school with Kate and Mike, do it, like now!

I know there are several affiliates to pick from and this (in my humble opinion) is the most supported group you will find. Yes B-School in itself is incredible and a great value, but what Kate and Mike offer is unconditional love, support and value. This is crucial in B-School. Marie offers a Facebook group, but honestly it’s massive and can be overwhelming. Kate and Mike’s Facebook group is much more intimate. This is priceless.

You’ll connect with and use each other’s services. My website and business coaches are from Kate and Mike’s groups. Everything I do leads back to one B-Schooler or another. Trust Kate and Mike to take good care of you, because they’ve got your back.

– Sue Burhoe, Holistic Life Coach and Soul Therapy Practitioner,

Joining B-School with Kate & Mike was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The information provided by Marie and her community is over the top. In true Marie fashion she completely over delivers and having Kate & Mike (who also over deliver) there on the other end to help sift through the material with their Ultimate B-School Success Incubator is invaluable.

The lessons, strategies, and technical insight provided has helped me up level my business in ways I never imagined.

Beyond that, the community that Kate & Mike create is top notch. I have met women who have changed my life and women who will be friends for live.

– Heidi Symonds, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach.

Holy smokes! B-School was a game changer as I embarked on a major website overhaul. With Marie’s guidance, I was able to create a website that is so authentic to who I am, and because of this I have been able to rapidly grow my practice and I am attracting new subscribers on a daily basis! Marie is a true inspiration to all women who are looking to grow and expand, both personally and professionally. Honestly, you just can’t put a dollar figure on the value of the information she delivers.

-Sara Whitehead Sullivan,

B-School + Marie Forleo invited me into this space where I found clarity on the look of my website, who my ideal clients are, how to market to them, and ways to grow my list with methods and tactics that make total and complete sense to me. Cha-ching! When I finished B-School I created the first of my successful spotlight programs, Blissful Health (And a Hot Body). It came together in a way that was magical and easy. I know it wouldn’t have happened without B-School showing me how. And during B-School, Kate and Mike were there to give great insight and share their experience and knowledge.

-Johanna Voss,

Being on Kate and Mike’s “team” makes you realize that we all start from the same place. At the beginning of their group coaching, Kate walked through the beginning of her website and was able to explain to us that she didn’t have all the answers and a fancy plan or even a fancy site – but she started with one foot in front of the other, just like we are.

I would choose Mike and Kate’s bonuses again because of their dedication to all of us. They truly want each and every one of us to succeed, and they are willing to be vulnerable and show us all their path to help us succeed in ours.

-Christina Neuner,

I chose Kate Northrup and Mike Watts’ affiliate program for B-School because of their enthusiasm and their extra special bonuses. Am I ever glad I did! Their Finish and Implementation Program was so informational with real life examples of what worked well for them and examples of what didn’t quite pan out.

They shared website links, looked over some of our own websites while we watched their sharing of ideas… goodness, there was so much during these LIVE bonus videos that I took lots of notes!

Best of all, is the positive, FUN energy they shared with us all whether it was on the private FaceBook group or on the bonus videos or even in their emails to us.


— Elda Dorothy, Founder of

During my time with Kate and Mike, I found them both to be very inspiring, hearing how they navigated their life to where they are right now. They are authentic, genuine and caring people who want to make a difference in people’s lives. While I know I have so much more I want to do, I received the inspiration that I needed to hear to keep me going. I was always scared to put myself out there for the world to see me.

Till this day, I keep hearing Kate and Mike’s voice to keep putting myself out there consistently and it has been working. I gained confidence and a really great support system.

It was also really important for me to hear how they worked as a couple because I share a business with my husband. too, and that can definitely get complicated! If you’re looking for an intimate space that will help you along your journey in B-School, Kate and Mike support the space and give you transparency in their business to help you in yours. Thank you, Kate and Mike for your wonderful presence, support, and knowledge!

— Liza Lim, Holistic Health Coach,

In the spring of 2015 I received six different invitations to take B-School from people I respect and follow. I chose to join Kate and Mike on this journey because their bonuses provided more support to actually get my business going. The content and inspiration they provided took B-School from great to out of this world!

Since taking B-School with Kate and Mike, I launched my new brand and website, grew my list from 360 to 715, put my bi-weekly communication plan in place, launched a 6-week online course, extended my reach by writing for a publication that offers syndication opportunities, and even had a few speaking and media opportunities. All this in less than a year!

The people that I have met through their community are outstanding, and I have made several new friends. If you are looking for a B-School opportunity that will make a real, meaningful impact to your business, I highly recommend joining Kate & Mike.

— Diane Taylor,Coach ,

A year ago I left the job world without a clear destination. I had this bag of life experiences and interests and no path to make the shift to what came next. Through Kate’s guidance and Marie Forleo’s B-school, I gained clarity into me, what I offer the world, and tangible steps to get started! And yes, multipassionate entrepreneur is a thing. In a year, I started my own consulting business, got a licensed commercial kitchen, a website, and clear income streams. And, by the way, I just did my taxes and made more money than I ever have in my life. By being me.

— Jen Olsen,

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I love Marie Forleo’s work and I’ve benefited from it personally in a number of significant ways.

I’m a proud referral partner of her program, B-School. This free video series is the way Marie is letting the world know about this program.

Should you choose to purchase the program through my link, I may be compensated financially.

I don’t recommend things lightly, but as I said, Marie is the real deal. I consider myself lucky to have her on speed dial as one of my friends and mentors, and I want you to have access to her particular brand of business genius, as well.