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Episode 69: Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin: #ResistanceLive

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On today’s episode we’re joined by Elizabeth McLaughlin, who is the founder of The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership. You may have also seen Elizabeth on Facebook with her #ResistanceLive broadcast, where she provides a unique perspective on U.S. and global politics through her extensive background in both Wall Street and human rights law (but in a simple way that we can all understand)!

Elizabeth shares about how she’s bringing new paradigms of feminine leadership into large companies that have traditionally been male dominated, how her now viral livecast got started, and what we can do as individual citizens to have our own voices heard.

Episode 69: Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin: #ResistanceLive

In This Episode

  • How she makes politics understandable and accessible for everyone [6:04]
  • What Elizabeth tries to do with every single livecast [11:14]
  • The evolution of her business [11:54]
  • The cultural dynamics facing all women in the workforce – and how she’s working to reverse them [14:20]
  • Set boundaries! [24:49]
  • A powerful realization made on her speaker tour [31:29]
  • Resistance 101 – and what you can start doing today! [38:59]
  • Why just resisting isn’t enough [43:04]
  • Resistance as a marathon, not a sprint [46:19]

Selected Links from the Episode

The Gaia Project Website

Elizabeth’s Facebook & Twitter The Women’s Leadership Podcast & #ResistanceLive RISE Activist/Leader Bootcamp

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

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People Mentioned

Hillary Clinton

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