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Episode 64: Karen Brody: Daring to Rest

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Do you wish you had more energy throughout the day? Do you feel tired and drained after a night’s sleep and wonder why? If you could get a daily energy boost that’s more potent than a cup of coffee would you?

Karen Brody is a certified Yoga Nidra instructor and founder of Daring To Rest, a yoga nidra-based self-empowerment program for women, and she’s going to share everything she knows today on the podcast. If you’re feeling exhausted and not sure what the remedy will be, this episode is for you!

In This Episode

  • Where Karen’s passion for her work comes from [5:38]
  • How her play is changing birth, worldwide [9:18]
  • How did we get so far off track? [11:28]
  • Karen’s thoughts on the “ideal birth” [16:53]
  • What to not do during the last trimester [20:13]
  • How things are shifting in the world [27:10]
  • Why she really wrote her play [28:13]
  • What to do if you’re not feeling rested [43:12]
  • Why Kate resists meditation [47:33]
  • Tips for helping children with sleep [57:53]

Selected Links from the Episode

Karen’s Website & Daring to Rest Training!

Download her free Rest Cave Guide here!

Her new book, Daring to Rest & Article in Mind Body Green

Karen’s Instagram Birth the Play

For Her Own Good by Barbara Ehrenreich & Deidre English

The Business of Being Born (Film)

Connect with Kate and Mike on Instagram!

People Mentioned

Dr. Christiane Northrup Charlotte Perkins Gilman Virginia Woolf

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