Episode 58: When To Walk Out On A Psychic Reading: Halloween Special Call-In Show with Licia Morelli

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Today we welcome back our company President, Licia Morelli.

In a past career Licia was a professional psychic (now retired) and today she’ll be sharing how to find a good psychic, when to walk out on a psychic reading and how to enhance your own psychic skills! Licia will also be doing some mini-readings for listeners.

Enjoy the show and Happy Halloween!

In This Episode

  • The first step to picking a good psychic [4:34]
  • Three big red flags to look for (and when to walk out)! [6:38]
  • One specific thing any good psychic will do [13:24]
  • The importance of staying grounded [18:43]
  • It’s refreshing to hear the truth…[26:36]
  • Identifying your own intuition [29:06]
  • Kate and Mike’s mini-readings [34:26]

Selected Links from the Episode

Licia’s Book, The Lemonade Hurricane

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People Mentioned

Dougall Fraser

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