Episode 55: Latham Thomas: Own Your Glow

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Today’s show is a super special episode – a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the Origin™ Collective!

We’ve never opened up any of our content to the public before, but today you’ll be getting a look at something we offer monthly to members: the Maven Masterclass.

This Maven Masterclass is with my friend, Latham Thomas, founder of MamaGlow.com. Latham is the author of the brand-new book, Own Your Glow, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, is on tour with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach for Together Live, and is a self-care and health advocate to Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union, and more.

This conversation was really amazing and went into a lot of different (and unexpected) places, and you’ll be blown away by what Latham has to say!

I especially want you to listen for:

  • the totally unexpected way Latham has connected with world-class influencers to further her mission
  • how she’s created a support network to grow her business as a solo mama
  • the revolutionary approach to women’s health, reproduction, and self care that she teaches
  • her thoughts on fertility after 35 and the humdinger one-liner she has about the age of your eggs – you’re gonna love it!

Listen in and leave us a comment about which nugget of wisdom from Latham you loved the most!

In This Episode

  • Holding others’ hands as women in leadership [1:33 times to change]
  • How Latham became a mom and the birth process she experienced [3:05]
  • It’s called “labor” for a reason – do this! [9:49]
  • Ways she brings everything into one place with her business [15:05]
  • Her recommendations for expanding your network and connecting with influencers – and what most people forget to do [19:30]
  • All women are equal when giving birth [24:45]
  • How Latham is able to get into flow, and the need for flexibility [31:30]
  • Why she calls what she does “birth preferences” (not “birth planning”) [36:05]
  • Designing a life to be the best mother possible [41:45]
  • Don’t do this with your to-do list [45:35]
  • Her thoughts on fertility after the age of 35 [50:30]
  • Why righteous anger can be a beautiful fuel for change [56:52]
  • Being an advocate vs. an activist [57:03]
  • Are you in step with nature? [71:20]
  • Process over outcome [73:05]
  • Perfection is this…[74:36]

Selected Links from the Episode

Latham’s Latest Book, Own Your Glow

& Mama Glow

Her Instagram Together Live

People Mentioned

Latham’s son – DJ Fulano Glennon Doyle Melton Abby Wambach Lauren Hutton DJ Khaled Alicia Keys

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  • Thank you for this — it is delightful, as I am soon becoming a Mom, to here about birth interrupters and re-educators, because this is the way we need to move as a culture. Thank you!

  • Amber Bishop-Kainu

    Lovely! “Slow activists!” I laughed & cried. Thank you so much.

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