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Episode 50: How to Use Your Hormones As A Superpower with Alisa Vitti: Part 2

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We’re so excited to have Alisa Vitti (also known as “The Period Whisperer” and “The Queen of Hormones”) back on the podcast for part two of our series with her!

This episode is all about the power of using our hormonal health to tap into heightened productivity and creative flow. Our innate cyclical nature is truly a superpower! Have no fear men-folk, there’s helpful information in this one for you too!

In This Episode

  • Cycle Syncing 101 [1:22]
  • Your inner critic will get worse if you do this [5:19]
  • You’re always on your cycle! [7:50]
  • The importance of diet and exercise [9:20]
  • Having a hormonal problem at such a young age was a “gift” [12:37]
  • What happens when we stop unconsciously denying we are females [17:02]
  • A great example of science meeting divinity [21:14]
  • The four phases of the cycle, summarized [29:42
  • A way to determine that your self-care is on point [35:19]
  • How to use Cycle Syncing in motherhood [37:36]
  • Do one thing each day to honor the phase you’re in! [44:22]

Selected Links from the Episode

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People Mentioned

Beyoncé Tyler Gage Dr. Oz

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