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Episode 198: The Solution to the Pandemic You Won’t Find in the Mainstream with Zach Bush, MD

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At the very beginning of the pandemic, I somehow came across a podcast episode that introduced me to a person who’s become my favorite thinker/teacher at this time (and up there in my top favorite thinkers/teachers of all time).

I have never before gone to the podcast app and typed in somebody’s name and then proceeded to listen to every podcast they’ve ever been on.

My family can’t even get me to watch a 3-minute video they text, so listening to hours of content is highly unusual for me…but this person is that good.

I have wanted to email you about this person so many times, but I was patiently waiting (actually, I was persistently nudging his team) so that we could interview him ourselves and craft a conversation to serve you.

When Mike and I sat down to plan our final episodes of The Kate & Mike Show, this person was the only guest we felt our show would be incomplete without having had on.

And I can tell you, he was worth the wait.

Today, I bring you a conversation with a man who’s helped me feel profoundly calm and safe during a time in our history when there are a lot of forces pushing in the direction of fear.

And he’s affirmed the deep trust I already had in the innate intelligence of nature and how it can be our guide to true healing and collective evolution in our businesses, bodies, communities, and lives.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing what I think is possibly the most important conversation we’ve ever had on The Kate & Mike Show with you today.

In this conversation with Zach Bush, MD, which was 2 hours of intellectual ecstasy for me, you’ll learn:

  • Why the mainstream narrative that we’re hearing about the pandemic is missing the mark and what 30+ years of data shows us is actually going on
  • What viruses actually are and how they’re critical for our health, survival, and even for our thriving
  • Why the conversation about either being pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine is completely missing the mark and the new paradigm about immunity that will lead to true health and resilience
  • About the fact that we’re experiencing an extinction event and what we can do about it
  • A “hit you between the eyes” perspective on the upcoming election that might push your buttons but also shake you out of a complacent slumber and get you into purposeful action
  • The crucial information about flu season that you’re never going to hear on the news
  • How to take hold of the hope embedded in all of this and use it to heal your body and the world using alignment with 3 key elements of life

Listen in and allow yourself to stay open to ideas and evidence that’s different from what you may have believed up until this point.

The Solution to the Pandemic You Won't Find in the Mainstream with Zach Bush, MD

In This Episode

  • How Zach realized he had been going down the wrong path 10 years ago – and what he decided to do instead [15:95]
  • The monumental paradigm shift in science that is happening right now [28:37]
  • Whether or not COVID-19 is a “disease”, plus an analogy to help us understand what is really going on [38:13]
  • The impact of our toxic planet on the aging process [46:37]
  • What are the biggest risk factors to your health right now, and whether or not Zach believes that the pandemic was planned [49:05]
  • Why a failure to reproduce is such a danger to the human race [58:47]
  • Something that could happen in the next 20 years which “terrifies” Zach [79:05]
  • Where we can find true beauty in this world [82:15]
  • His thoughts on vaccines and immunity, and why being “anti-vax” isn’t the answer [86:16]
  • Who, if anyone, in government is actually looking out for us and his thoughts on the political landscape in the United States [91:34]
  • What we can do to be part of the solution, along with Zach’s best advice for the parents of today [1:08:22]

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  • What an incredibly powerful discussion! Thank you so much for this content…

  • Zach Bush,MD is an angel sent down from heaven to help lead the way to the New Earth that is being born. May this podcast find it’s way to every heart on this planet that can receive the gift of this information and holy energy.

  • Phillippa Lee

    Wow, I have listened to the first hour – he is mind blowing. Thank you so much for this conversation. xxx

  • Tom Rollison

    I was already a huge admirer of Zack Bush and this has increased the admiration even more. What an absolutely brilliant man. Is it possible to get a transcript of this conversation. He pushes out information like a fire hose and this is such important information that I want to really understand as fully as possible because I want to be able to remember and quote these facts. So much misinformation out there to be countered . Thank you.

  • Aubrey Taylor

    I was connecting with you guys so deeply at the beginning on how you discovered Zach Bush and searching his name to listen to all his podcast content and sharing him like crazy. Me too!! This conversation was brilliant. Is there a link to the follow up conversation where you said he came back to go into more depth about black/native communities being much more affected by the virus?

  • I ❤️ Dr. Bush. I certainly believe we live within the virome and that viruses are highly specific global genetic delivery systems. Because of this, I feel there is no human on the planet that can escape an update. If my assumptions are true, I become confused when he says older people should retire or take a leave for months and let the youth get this so as to prevent as many deaths or sickness. I feel there is nowhere you can run or hide where the virus can’t find you, as it is giving you the genetic information to sustain your life. Therefore if your machinery is bad, you run the risk of complications and death whether you are working or not. I don’t see how doing anything but improving one’s health/immune system can prevent someone from receiving their update and possibly dying. Did I misinterpret what he was saying? I can see if you live in an area with high PM 2.5 levels, you may want to move to a healthier air community and that may prevent as many deaths or if our medical community will begin treating for histoxic hypoxia vs a “viral respiratory disease” more lives can be saved. But I am not clear how putting older people in safe places can protect them. Could you ask Dr Bush if he could clarify or have I misunderstood what he was saying? Thanks Kindly

  • Jane Jackson

    There’s a lot of black and white thinking here “If you’re anti-Trump, what are you pro for?”. “Everybody is worried about healthcare and no one is worried about the environment anymore”. This is all so misleading — you can care about more than one thing at a time, and if you’re anti-something it doesn’t mean you aren’t pro other things.” Also, if you’re looking to Trump to create equalibrium with nature and the planet, your are way, way off base.

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for your important follow up message. I agree that you can care about more than one thing at once (as I most certainly do) and I personally am not looking to Trump to create equalibrium with nature and the planet. I think that’s something that we as consumers will need to prioritize and our changing consumer behavior will then require corporations to shift and the government will likely be lagging behind. I cannot speak for Dr. Bush, but those are my thoughts. Thanks for listening.

  • Lisa

    This was brilliant! Thank you! Love Dr Bush and this was no exception. I have listened 3 times and still will go back and listen again.
    Thanks for all you do and for this great podcast, will miss it!

  • foster

    Dr Bush knows an amazing amount about viromes etc., but he doesnt know much about politics! I and most of the people I know are creating something real,myself as a handyman.And we vote democratic for lack of a better option (dont want to vote for a corrupt madman).

    • Kate Northrup

      Thanks for your perspective on this. It’s so important to weigh in with differing viewpoints and that is absolutely welcomed here.

  • Kelly

    I am feeling such deep gratitude for this interview. I just sent it to more than 50 people from work, school, music, dance and other communities that I used to be surrounded by on a daily basis. Feeling hopeful that they will listen and share it wider. I have never written a comment about a podcast (and rarely write comments online at all, for that matter). It feels important to let you both know that you are still spreading ripples with your work. I will hopefully be among many who will now find a way to support Dr. Bush’s efforts! Thank you again so very much!!

  • grin

    I heard the two hour podcast but where is the discussion with Zach back to talk about his comments on minorities health vulnerabilities?

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