Episode 190: Workaholism: The Only Culturally Celebrated Addiction That’s Killing Us and How We Can Stop It

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There’s a pattern so many of us have been indoctrinated into that’s depleting our bodies, our relationships, our planet, our innovation, and even our productivity.

What makes it so insidious is that we’re celebrated for it, and many of us spend our whole lives in a reward loop that affirms a behavior that’s not doing us any favors.

The addiction?


Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction, and more are recognized as problematic behaviors for which treatment and healing can and should be sought.

Overwork, however?

We just throw each other a parade for that.

Today on the podcast Mike and I are talking about our collective obsession with work and how it’s killing us on multiple levels.

If you suspect that your addiction to work is holding you back in more ways than one, you’re gonna want to listen in.

This episode is likely going to get under your skin in a way that’s simultaneously uncomfortable and necessary.

And just in case you think we’re being righteous on our “we’ve already figured this thing out” high horses, we’re not.

We share our recent foibles with slipping back into overwork and how we tend to those old patterns on a daily basis so that they don’t get the better of our souls.

Can’t wait to hear how this one lands with you.

Workaholism: The Only Culturally Celebrated Addiction That's Killing Us and How We Can Stop It

In This Episode

  • What Kate’s journey around planning has looked like [12:20]
  • You are not alone – how Kate gets and gives support to others [21:18]
  • Why she loves scheduling so much [25:23]
  • How our culture celebrates workaholism, and how we can fix this [26:15]
  • The way that Mike’s relationship with work has evolved [31:23]
  • Whether or not you can make good money, enjoy your work and make an impact all at the same time [42:25]
  • The state we need to be in to create our best work [44:54]
  • How the current systems set up in society promote workaholism [49:36]
  • What distracts us from being in our flow state [53:08]
  • Saving the human race will require this [64:30]

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People Mentioned

Dr. Shefali Selena Soo Lynya Floyd Gary Vaynerchuk

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  • Tamilyn

    Hi! I came here looking for the source of the quote that Kate shared in this episode, the one with the lines that start “When I follow the pace of my body…” Who is that from? I couldn’t understand the name from the audio and don’t see it here.

    Also, the link above for Lynya Floyd doesn’t appear to be working correctly.

    Thank you for this episode. I have tears streaming down my face and so much to process.

  • Kate Northrup

    Thank you so much for listening in! It’s Jeevan Singh and you can find the post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CByfgndhaog/?igshid=atxs3ug8zj7l

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