The Freedom of the Feminine: Creating Wealth in All Aspects of Your Life

The Freedom of the Feminine - Creating Wealth In All Aspects of Your Life with Kate Northrup and Tami Kent

You have the tools within your physical and energetic body to attract all of the abundance you desire.

Accessing and utilizing these tools simply requires knowing what they are and how to use them. My friend, author and women’s healthcare visionary Tami Lynn Kent and I want to teach you how to use what you’ve already got to create what you want.

This collaborative, video-based course offers a 5-step framework for re-energizing, increasing the flow, and removing your money blocks

The root chakra rules money, sex, and power and is where our creative energy is housed. The ideas, tools, and practices in the course focus on the root chakra and specifically on money, but you can also use what you learn to enhance your sexual and creative energy, too.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to reach peak flow around money, sexuality and creative power
  • The hidden, surprising connection between your physical body and how you deal with money
  • How to move from a pattern of contraction and lack to one of expansion and abundance when it comes to your money and power
  • A 5-step framework to shift from lack to abundance both energetically and practically
  • How to use both your masculine and feminine energy to build wealth and increase the abundance that you create and receive, instead of feeling stalled or burned out
  • How to make money in ways that feel aligned with your joy
  • Practical ideas for creating passive/residual income
  • How to stop running outdated patterns in your life and start running new ones that serve you and your current life goals

Here’s What the Course Includes

  • 3 videos: the five steps of the framework, Q&A, and a meditation for attracting more abundance
  • 8 exercises to put what you learn into action
  • 1 video recording of a live Q&A with Kate & Tami
  • All content downloadable as video or audio
  • A companion workbook with key takeaways and exercises for your learning convenience

When you free yourself up financially, then you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet.

Financial worry and stress take up the bandwidth you need to tap into your creative power. Join Tami and me to activate your wealth-building potential with the freedom of the feminine.

Your One Time Investment is Only $47

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Tami Lynn Kent is a holistic women’s healthcare visionary, as well as a mother and writer. Tami guides women in activating the energy of their bodies and reclaiming the wildness in themselves. Traveling the terrain of the feminine landscape, Tami reveals the amazing potential of the female body: a potential to create, to heal, and to transform the energy that infuses a woman’s everyday life.


Kate Northrup is a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur. She created financial freedom for herself at the age of 28 through building a team of more than 3,000 wellness entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry. Kate is the best-selling author of Money: A Love Story, Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want (Hay House, 2013). Her philosophy is that if you free yourself financially you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet and she’s committed to empowering as many people as possible to have the ultimate luxury in life: choice.

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“Kate and Tami Lynn have set the stage to fully open and create wealth in every aspect of our lives through actionable, practical, easy-to-understand advice. The Freedom of the Feminine course is the new North Star to finding balance and abundance in the everyday.” -Licia Morelli


“These two powerhouses share some beautiful wisdom in this course.  The connection they both illustrate between our feminine power and our orientation to our finances peels back some of the mystery and is followed by truly practical, manageable tips.  We can all benefit by taking action on these and create a collective shift!”
– Bonnie McRae

“Kate and Tami are a beautiful team to deliver this life-shifting content. The exercises around reframing money anxiety and worry by super-charging the positive energy we already possess was a new and refreshing perspective on this important topic. From intention setting to the physical actions we can take to create the realities we desire, I feel like I have a new roadmap to more fully love up my money and the experience of my life. Thank you lovelies!” – Amber Lilyestrom

“This course is simply brilliant, shining with practical advice and spirit lifting inspiration. I LOVE IT! And of course, it’s kissed by angels, so that’s a win.” – Sandra Hanna



“This course opened up a new way of looking at my finances. I’m a mama of three & I love the message that the same  sacred space that created my three beautiful babies is also the place that can create my beautiful life, that they come from the same energy, and that all I need to do is harness that same energy to create the financial life that I dream of. Thank you for the honesty and openness that helped me see that paying attention to my finances is truly self love.” – Christina Neuner

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