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Episode 170: How Much Content Do I Give Away For Free?

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One night last week after I’d gotten the girls to bed and washed the 350 dishes piled beside the sink (why did I decide to make a dinner requiring like 6 different bowls when Mike was out of town and it was just me and the girls – and they ate virtually nothing, I might add?), I put my sweats on and cozied up by myself in the basement to do something I’ve never done before:

Record a solo episode of The Kate & Mike Show!

Despite having spoken on stages in front of thousands and showing up lots on camera live and recorded, I was surprised to find that I was pretty nervous.

I get the following question all the time:

How much content do I give away for free?

In the information marketing world when we’re giving away free content that will eventually lead to people paying us for more content, I can see how it could be confusing.

In my first ever solo episode of The Kate & Mike Show, I let you in on:

  • The 3 reasons we made the bold (and risky) choice to give the Core Lessons of our newest program, Make Time for Business, away for free
  • How we do the dance between strategy and intuition
  • Why holding your content back out of fear that giving it for free will mean people won’t buy is preventing you from making the kind of money you want
  • 3 ways to unlock a flood of new content ideas, so you never wonder what you should talk about next

Please be gentle with me. It was so weird to record without Mike! Hats off to people who do solo shows every single week!

Once you listen, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on Instagram with your insights and any follow-up questions.

As always, thanks for listening. :)

How Much Content Do I Give Away For Free?

In This Episode

  • Why I really wanted the core lessons in Make Time For Business to be free [3:20]
  • The role that my mission purpose and passion played in this decision [9:43]
  • What can happen when you hold back your content [13:40]
  • Things to consider when looking to create content for your own program [15:42]
  • Why it’s ok to have your free stuff appear in your paid programs [20:35]
  • Tips and strategies for creating new content [24:15]
  • The magic that happens when people pay for something [28:56]

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