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Episode 169: How to Give Yourself More Time to Relieve Stress: A Game-Changing Story

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It was a sleepy Monday in a sleepy town in Maine.

We had our panties in a wrinkle because we found ourselves feeling short on time and long on pressure.

And yet again, because old habits die hard, we realized we didn’t need to push so hard.

We could give ourselves more space.

Then we walked into a random restaurant and…BOOM. There she was.

One of the most iconic people in the world. In Maine. 20 minutes from our house.

It was a watershed moment on so many levels. A Divine confirmation that we’re on the right track as we diligently work to unravel our default setting of overdoing it.

We decided to do less and ran smack dab into one of the biggest personalities on the planet.

Talk about doing less to achieve more.

This week on The Kate & Mike Show we’re telling you the full story, including who this incredible person is and what meeting her meant for us…and for you.

If you find yourself under pressure with more to do than you have time for, and that the pressure is often self-imposed, this episode is for you.

In it you’ll learn:

There are moments that just change everything. The story we’re telling in this episode is of one of those moments.

May it be a gift to you as the experience has been for us.

How to Give Yourself More Time to Relieve Stress: A Game-Changing Story

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