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Episode 149: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Digital Course Creators Make (And What To Do About Them)

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If you want to leverage your time so that you don’t have to trade hours for dollars anymore, a digital course is an excellent idea.

However, firing up your laptop and recording your voice over slides or shooting some videos and then getting them up on a password protected site by no means guarantees you’re going to have a successful digital course that reaches the people who need it and gives you the income you deserve.

I want you to have wild success with your digital course (or maybe even courses) but I don’t want you to slow yourself down unnecessarily by making the mistakes we see over and over again.

So, Mike and I recorded a brand new episode of The Kate & Mike Show for you to give you a few ounces of prevention.

Whether the idea of creating a digital course is brand new to you or you’ve already created and launched one, this episode is for you.

If I’d had this information 6 years ago when we first launched The Money Love Course, or even 2 years ago, I would have saved our company so much time and we would have helped more people (plus had more profits.)

Don’t head on your digital course creation journey without a map. This is one area where winging it will cost you a lot of time and money unnecessarily.

Listen to the episode because it will get you started on the right path.

In This Episode

  • The results we’ve achieved over the years by creating and selling digital courses [12:35]
  • Why we both love offering digital courses so much [13:33]
  • The reasons that not being clear and specific enough about the results you offer is a HUGE mistake [16:25]
  • What will happen if you try to teach too much info to your students [23:30]
  • Why sending an email and link isn’t enough to launch – and what you need to do instead [28:57]
  • The differences in selling a digital course now versus in 2010 [34:35]
  • How to get to know your ideal customer and the best ways to communicate with him or her [41:45]
  • Where Kate gets her best ideas for what to create [43:50]
  • Why you don’t have to wait for things to be perfect – just start [44:59]

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