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Episode 40: How To Write Non-Sucky Copy with Laura Belgray

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In this episode we’re talking with Laura Belgray of Talking Shrimp, who’s not only a professional copywriter, but she’s absolutely hysterical!

Laura is an expert on teaching people how to create copy that makes customers open their wallets by using their words in the most effective way.

Today she shares the biggest mistakes that she sees in terms of copywriting, how you can make your own copy specific to whom you want to talk to, and how to get better at writing if it’s not really your thing (yes, anyone can get better at writing)!

In This Episode

Selected Links from the Episode

Laura’s Website & Instagram

The Copy Cure (with Marie Forleo)

Tackle Your Tagline Cheat Sheet

You Can Dance Again

Later (for Instagram)

People Mentioned

Mark Twain

Marie Forleo

Jessica Alba


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gary Vaynerchuk

Simon Sinek

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