Episode 130: A Wakeup Call About the Medical Industry, An Update on Mike’s Health, and More Somewhat Random yet Meaningful Thoughts

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Today’s episode is a smattering of random goodness, and we touch on a lot of important topics today. You’re going to get an update on an upcoming road trip that includes a speaking engagement for Kate, how Mike’s health is progressing, and why we need to really be informed about what we’re putting into our bodies and minds (and not just take what we’re told at face value). We also talk about the power of keeping an open mind, the season our business and lives are in right now, the one guest that Mike would love to bring on the podcast, and much more!

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A Wakeup Call About the Medical Industry, An Update on Mike’s Health, and More Somewhat Random yet Meaningful Thoughts

In This Episode

  • The upcoming road trip & Kate’s speaking engagement [3:55]
  • An update on Mike’s health and lessons he’s taken from this experience [9:22]
  • What we can do to be informed about our food [13:25]
  • The problem with the medical industry, media and our political system [17:45]
  • Why keeping an open mind is so powerful [18:35]
  • A great hack to make you more productive [21:20]
  • Kate’s recent trip to New York, including a trip to VaynerMedia HQ [25:50]
  • The season we’re in now [35:33]

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  • I lóve listening to you both. It’s like having my friends around without physically having them here. I love your intelligence, humor, and the exemplum you’re setting. The topics are always relevant to my life (vaccins, medicine, the authonomy of health, womenhood, manhood, fun etc). It leaves me with the uplifting feeling that i have had a great chat, even when I’m home with my little one. Or working from home. Hurray to you haha.

    In relation to this podcast: when i was in hospital for the birth of my 3 yeah old (my water broke 4 weeks early) , at one point they wanted to install an iv. When i asked what for, they replied it was standard procedure to give antibiotics due to infections hazard and streptococci. since i am an academic I don’t have too much respect/awe for research data, certainly medical data and medicine i rejected at first. So, from my bed i researched the digital medical library ( which I can enter only cause i work at a university! Not open Access :-( ). In an hour time i found out that the only thing that could be stated proven was that the risk that the antibio would harm my baby was fairly high and that it would prevent anything was certainly not!! So i said no to everything against the doctors advice, and once they saw i meant business, one gynecologist snug back in sharing she would have done the same thing but as a doctor is not allowed to advice this cause of hospital regulations! Wtf?!! How elitist it is that I could research this ! So thank you for sharing your wisdom with a greater audience. And you are just lovely people.

    And Mike, you are such an example for men , thank you for showing how dealing with your emotions and life underpins your ‘maleness’ instead of deminishing it. Thank you as well for being so educated and supportive of female empowered.

    My partner is reading Do Less with me Kate!! Love it and again… Thank you both!

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you Wendelijn for being a loyal listener and for sharing your incredible story. It is totally wrong that we don’t ALL have access to the information we need to keep ourselves and our families safe, however, what it takes to change that is more of us speaking out and telling our stories just like you’re doing! Thank you again for listening in and being part of our community!

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