Episode 116: Running a Business Alongside A Life You Love: Our Best Strategies for Having Both

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Does it sometimes seem impossible to run a business while having the life you want at the same time? Today we’re sharing our strategies and tools around how we’ve been able to make a life while making a living – and not go off the rails with being too busy! This has been a work-in-progress for both of us, but the steps we’re taking are paying off and you’ll hear how.

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Episode 116: Running a Business Alongside A Life You Love: Our Best Strategies for Having Both

In This Episode

  • A powerful question we’re asking ourselves [2:32]
  • Mike’s takeaways from Kate’s new book [4:57]
  • Why Kate doesn’t like talking about “balance” [6:47]
  • How we’ve restructured our lives and the effect it’s had [7:42]
  • Why our weekly planning calendar has been key [10:22]
  • A really big shift and realization Mike has made recently [18:42]
  • How Kate is bringing more joy into her life and business [24:40]
  • What our network of support looks like and has allowed us to do [29:35]
  • The need for men to prioritize connection with others [32:27]
  • Ways the working world has changed over the years [36:22]

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I Don’t Want to Talk About It by Terrence Real

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