Episode 104: The Focus Formula: How to Make Time for What Matters Most to Get the Results You Want

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Want to make time for what matters most? Today we’re talking about a class Kate is offering called The Focus Formula. In this episode we’re going to share the rituals, practices and mindset strategies we use to help us get clear about what to focus on in our lives!

To learn more, you can sign up for Kate’s free workshop taking place on October 23rd by visiting www.katenorthrup.com/focus.

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Episode 104: The Focus Formula: How to Make Time for What Matters Most to Get the Results You Want

In This Episode

  • What’s made Kate more conscious about her time [1:07]
  • What you’ll learn in her upcoming workshop [10:02]
  • Kate’s focus and how she decides what opportunities to take [11:02]
  • Mike’s filtering questions [14:22]
  • Why we choose to live in Maine [16:53]
  • Our rituals for being productive [24:10]
  • How to reframe the need to be reachable 24/7 [30:37]
  • Why we’re always learning [35:52]
  • The importance of making a schedule – and sticking to it [36:37]

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  • Angie

    I just wanted to thank you two for always keeping it real! Kate, I, too, struggle with the dinner thing every. single. night.
    I think it’s been a point of contention between my husband and I for over the 20 years we have been together. I don’t think I obsess over it, but I would LOVE to have some kind of plan each week of what we’re going to eat every night. He doesn’t see the point in it (never has). Thing is, if there’s not a plan, there’s not dinner. We don’t really eat out, so whatever we have in the house is what we have to eat. The fall-back option is pasta. While I love pasta, my body loves carbs too much and holds onto them for all it’s worth, so other options would be SO much better.

    I agree, a plan would be wonderful (as would my ability to just not be worried about it), but we’re not there yet. Good luck to you and Mike for getting that ironed out!

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