Episode 103: Our Best Writing Secrets…Revealed!

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Today we’re talking all about copy – one of Kate’s favorite topics! She’ll be sharing the challenges that come with writing effectively, as well as revealing her top tips and strategies that will have you reaching for your pen (or keyboard) today!

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Episode 103: Our Best Writing Secrets...Revealed!

In This Episode

  • Kate’s background in writing and the very first stories she wrote [3:27]
  • How she writes the copy for our business and the biggest challenges people face doing this [4:52]
  • What “copy” really is [8:59]
  • Why your copy trumps your design – every time [12:20]
  • How to use the proprioceptive writing method [16:07]
  • What holds people back from writing good copy [19:27]
  • Strategies to overcome “writer’s block” [22:52]
  • Mike’s personal experience with writing [29:50]
  • Why more words isn’t necessarily better [31:42]
  • The power of prayer [34:50]
  • How to use the “friend filter” when writing [37:51]

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Writing the Mind Alive: The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice by Linda Trichter Metcalf & Tobin Simon

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Dean Jackson’s 60-Minute Naked Truth Salesletter Formula Episode 40: How To Write Non-Sucky Copy with Laura Belgray

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People Mentioned

McKensie Mack Marie Forleo Anne Lamott Cheryl Strayed Audre Lorde Glennon Doyle Toni Morrison Trevor Noah

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