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7 Biggest Lessons from Launching Do Less in a “Do Less” Way: Part 2

7 Biggest Lessons from Launching Do Less in a "Do Less" Way: Part 2

It’s lovely to hear about folks working 4 hours a week while having their best revenue months EVER or sending one email and making $50K, but do these stories not leave us wondering:

Is this person full of sh*t? What’s the real story here?

I was asked in a podcast interview the other day whether or not I’d managed to launch Do Less in a “do less” way.

Like, was I really walking my walk with this launch?

The answer is mostly yes. And a little bit no. (Because we’re all a work-in-progress.)

Whether you’re launching a book or a program or a business or a dinner party, getting your creative work out there takes some oomph. But doing good work does not have to do you in.

That’s why we recorded an episode of The Kate & Mike Show for you this week that reveals the 7 lessons learned while launching Do Less in a “do less” way.

In this week’s episode you’ll hear:

Click here to listen to the episode.

Once you’ve listened, we’d love to hear from you:

What are you launching right now? How can you apply the 7 lessons I shared to your own situation?

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