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Episode 138: 7 Biggest Lessons from Launching Do Less in a “Do Less” Way: Part 2

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It’s lovely to hear about folks working 4 hours a week while having their best revenue months EVER or sending one email and making $50K, but do these stories not leave us wondering:

Is this person full of sh*t? What’s the real story here?

I was asked in a podcast interview the other day whether or not I’d managed to launch Do Less in a “do less” way.

Like, was I really walking my walk with this launch?

The answer is mostly yes. And a little bit no. (Because we’re all a work-in-progress.)

Whether you’re launching a book or a program or a business or a dinner party, getting your creative work out there takes some oomph. But doing good work does not have to do you in.

That’s why we recorded an episode of The Kate & Mike Show for you this week that reveals the 7 lessons learned while launching Do Less in a “do less” way.

In this week’s episode you’ll hear:

Once you’ve listened, we’d love to hear from you:

What are you launching right now? How can you apply the 7 lessons I shared to your own situation?

7 Biggest Lessons from Launching Do Less in a "Do Less" Way: Part 2

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  • Mrs.Dash says:

    Hi Kate and Mike.

    Just listened to your last podcast – my first. Loved your structured / not-structured tension. And Kate, your laugh is the best. Helpful (and ridiculously timely) info and insight. I really appreciated “the other guy” and his clarifying questions – really felt your love and empathy Other Guy. Thanks for all you’ve both sacrificed (and not!!) to get this important “Do Less” message into the world.

    I feel “Do Less” is going to be like the beautiful sister to Essentialism by Greg McKeown (a huge fave over here). Excited for my copy of your book to arrive!

    • Kate Northrup says:

      Welcome to the Pod Squad! So happy you’ve found our podcast and that it resonated enough to leave a comment. YES! Glad you like the structured/unstructured tension. Thank you for that feedback. And I’m honored that you think of Do Less in the same breath as Essentialism because I adore that book. Thanks for being here!

  • As always I loved this episode and I’m definitely part of the pod-squat (pot-squat, great joke;-)). I love you both and especially your synergy together is great in this format. So please don’t be more structured, for me you will lose not only the intimite feel but also some great insights I guess. Like today, Mike cleared up some stuff that for Kate was a blind spot ( planning, hell no that comes not easybot me. Well, planning yes, executing, noooo ). Secondly, working from home, it feels like I have some friends over and being more structured it would ruin that .

    Thanks for everything and please keep doing what you’re doing. Love it!!

    Much appreciation,

    Ps a pity I cannot share photos here cause today I was working out in the gym to your podcast while during lunch I was reading Do Less (and took pics of both). Great day

    • Kate Northrup says:

      Wendelijn – thank you so much for your feedback. I love that listening feels like having friends over. What a great way to experience it. And you’re right – being overly structured might cause us to lose some of the unexpected insights. Thank you for being part of the pod squad!

  • Elise says:

    Kate and Mike!! I love your podcast! I have always loved it and part of why I love it is exactly the non- structure! Listening to it just feels like chatting with two good friends. Please don’t change! <3 <3 <3

    • Kate Northrup says:

      Thank you for listening Elise! I’m so glad our current “structureless” structure works for you. Great to know!

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