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Want to win a scholarship to B-School? {Details inside}


It’s a very exciting day because Marie has just announced that she’s running a scholarship contest to give away spots in her B-School class of 2016!

This program is well worth the investment. In fact, with what I learned from B-School I’ve made back more than 750 times my investment. If you do the math on that we’re talking 7-figure land.

Yet, B-School is an investment.

Having a chance to take B-School as a gift from Marie would be, well…a gift! Read on to learn how to put your name in the hat to be a scholarship winner.

Her third and final training video is out. As one of her partners I got early access and I have to say, I was deeply inspired.

In this video, Marie answers the questions you likely have about running an online business like:

  • What if everyone in my life thinks I’m crazy?
  • Hasn’t everything already been done?
  • What if I’m really busy and I don’t have time?
  • What if I don’t know anything about technology?

Plus, she interviews four truly inspiring B-School graduates about their wild success after having gone through and implemented the program.

Their results are super amazing. I listened in while my little peanut Penelope played on the floor next to me, and I found myself thinking, “If they can do it, so can I!”

I felt all energized and ready to dive back into B-School to take our business into the next orbit because these folks showed me how having young kids, no team, no money, limited time, and no previous experience are simply not valid excuses.

They all had some version of these potential obstacles theoretically holding them back, and yet, they did it anyway. Why? Because they made it a priority.

And you know what?

Making something a priority shatters excuses. {Tweet it!}

Making something a priority Tweet.


In the third and final video of Marie’s free video workshop:

  • You’ll hear the answers to niggling thoughts you’re likely having about running an online business
  • You’ll hear the success stories of people like you and me who are thriving in their online businesses because of B-School
  • You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how & where Marie works
  • And you’ll learn how to enter to win one of the seats in B-School that Marie is giving away!



Here’s my favorite quote from the video:

Learners are earners. ~@MarieForleo {Tweet it!}

Learners are earners_Tweet


If you’re anything like me, contests make me nervous.

If entering a competition makes you feel like you’re going to pee your pants, this is your moment!

Why? Because everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone!

Plus, you could very well win a spot in B-School.

And, whether you do or not, the process of entering the scholarship competition and articulating who you are, what you do, and why it matters is important. It says to the universe, “Hey! I believe in me! I’m putting myself out there!”

People who put themselves out there, no matter how scared they are to do it, attract wonderful things.

Opportunities can’t find you if you’re hiding. Put yourself out there. {Tweet it!}

Opportunities can’t find you _Tweet


You’re going to love the third video of the series. (It’s actually my favorite!)

I’d love to know what your biggest takeaways were, so please leave me a comment on the blog!

And, if there’s someone in your life who you know deserves some blessings in the form of a chance to win a scholarship to B-School, please send this message along to them. You could change their life.

P.S. I’m announcing my B-School Bonus this coming Sunday. The focus is on giving you the support, community, expertise, and love that you need to finish B-School and implement what you’ve learned. You won’t be overwhelmed with more content that you’ll never go through. The bonus is designed to work synergistically with B-School so you get the most out of your investment. Keep an eye out for an email on Sunday!

P.P.S. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Mike and I are teaming up with Marie Forleo for a Live Q&A on Feb 18th at 4pm EST. Three business and lifestyle experts at your service, ready and willing to talk marketing, passion, making a life, not just a living, and more. Plus, it’s a great chance to find out if B-School is right for you. Click here to register.


P.P.P.S. Join the conversation! Mike and I are having the best time over on our #MoneyLove Business group on Facebook. We’re talking strategy, mindset, revenue, and heart and what that all has to do with building your dream business to fund your dream life. We’re posting regular videos to answer your most burning questions. The conversation will continue until March 2nd so get in on it while you can! Click here to join the #MoneyLove Business group.



  • Chrisina Byers

    I am very confused on how to win a scholarship to B school. Do i have to tweet things, because i do not have a twitter account.

  • Monica Rodriguez


    If I win a scholarship will I be able to receives the bonuses with you and Mike.

    • Kate Northrup

      Hi Monica – good question. Unfortunately we’re not able to give our bonuses to those who win Marie’s scholarship, only to those who enroll through us. Thanks!

  • Pattie Rose

    I’m on the fence about enrolling in B School and also looking at the Practitioner’s Liberation Project for health care providers. I’ve heard so many sales pitches on which program I should get and I purchased a program last year that was helpful but not detailed enough for me. Can you comment on how your program would specifically help me as a nurse practitioner start an on-line consulting practice for patients with a specific medical condition?


    • Kate Northrup

      Great question Pattie! B-School teaches you to first get clear on who your ideal client is (which it sounds like you’re super clear on given what you said about serving patients with a specific medical condition) and then how you’ll serve them and how they’ll receive the product/service and how you’ll get paid. You seem to really have that down. Then you’ll learn how to create a consistent communication strategy to nurture existing potential customers (and existing customers) as well as attract new potential customers and build a strong list (which is your business gold.) Then you’ll learn how to build a website that does much of the communication for you so you can save yourself a TON of time not having to have the same conversation over and over again with a bunch of different people. Then you’ll learn how to craft your offerings to specifically serve your ideal client so that what you’re offering is irresistible. Then finally you’ll learn timeless marketing techniques like copywriting and how to work with human psychology to, in a service-oriented way, inspire people to take action. There are also some great bonus trainings that Marie offers and that we’re offering this year to support you even further. I hope that helps! If you have other questions you can join our B-School Review Facebook Group and we’d love to support you in making the best decision for you: Please note that the links on this post are all old links to last year’s program so if you’re wanting to enroll through us this year, please be sure you visit one of our most current posts. All of the links will be here on this site and on my FB page and in that B-School Review group and will also be emailed. Thanks Pattie!

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