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What Our Company Transition Feels Like on the Inside (An Insider Perspective on Our Company Transition)

I started as a customer first.

When I joined the Origin Membership in 2017 I was the mother of a 4-year-old boy, solo-parenting, and running my own business in what felt like an isolation chamber. I didn’t know anyone else attempting to do what I was doing and, in fact, was often encouraged to give up my “hustle” and go back to working 50-60 hour weeks in an office somewhere so I could put my degree to good use.

The idea made me want to vomit.

Not because I’d be working for someone else, but because surrendering the time with my boy in addition to my rest and (let’s be honest) my sanity to an environment where who I was as a human being needed to be separated from who I was expected to show up as in the organizations I had worked for in the past.

It was a hard no for me, but in order to maintain the life I was working so hard for, I had to make shifts in my mindset and receive guidance that aligned with my own values around how to live my life and grow my business…if such a thing even existed.

I wasn’t a stranger to Kate Northrup as an author (whose first book, Money: A Love Story transformed my relationship with money), and when I joined and entered the digital space of the Origin Membership, I could not ignore that the energy inside was so much bigger than its founder yet completely representative of the energy she put out in the world.

When I joined the team in 2018, I could feel the power and pulse of the company and its incredible clients more intensely and had a sense that we were collectively changing the world.

I could see how the work was enhancing not only the businesses being represented by the clients inside of the membership, or the routines of the people using our Do Less Planner, but we were holding space for people to improve their relationships with themselves.

So when what first started as an inquiry expanded into the decision to transform from the “I-ness” of a personal brand to the “WE” that The Origin Company holds, it felt like the necessary birth of a vision that was conceived from every collected YES from the community of clients, customers, and subscribers longing for a new way to do their lives and businesses that didn’t exist in this way anywhere else.

I don’t know about you, but there always seems to be a felt sense of calm in moments that aren’t forced. A safety in allowing. From my perspective, this transition from Kate Northrup as a company to The Origin Company as a movement is the opening of hands that have been clasped in prayer with a readiness to not only serve but to receive in greater magnitude. It’s like a permission granted to every woman in business who wants to choose differently, change directions, or shift from an “I” to a “we” or the reverse. It’s a nod to saying YES to your body and a big NO to external expectations.

In this new chapter, we are weaving a new story as a collective. Writing a new history of the culture of work and women’s bodies. And it feels so good to feel the breath of that prayer.

What transitions have you made in your life or business lately that felt like the very best next step? In what ways would you like to feel supported in your transitions, present, and future, by us as a company?

Let us know in the comment section below.


TAKISHA AUGUST, Origin Community Manager/Head Empress
TaKisha is the holder of all spaces for The Origin Company. On calls, in the community, and sometimes 1-on-1 in the inbox helping members of our community feel seen, heard, and more confident about how to use the tools inside of the Origin membership.




  • Gina

    Your story is so inspiring and timely for me!! I have been holding myself back from transitioning from Corporate America to starting my own business for awhile because of fear and uncertainty. I feel completely out of alignment with my career right now but I don’t have a plan to get to where I want to be. Lately, the Universe has given me every sign possible telling me it’s time to transition but it’s still scary and I can feel myself hitting the brakes or trying to find less risky paths. Following Kate has brought me peace and confidence in trusting myself and my body. I’m excited to now follow the transition to the Origin Company as I continue on my journey!

    • Team Origin

      We are so glad that TaKisha’s story inspired you Gina! Thank you for being here :-)

    • Takisha August

      Gina, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I am so happy that these words and this season in our company is resonating with you. Know that transition is a process to be honored just as we honor beginnings and endings. As you listen to the Universe, also listen to your body, decide what you need to feel safe in the birthing of your next chapter and take the time to create an environment suitable for bringing a new version of you into the world. We are cheering you on big time over here!

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