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The Angels Told Me to Do It

KyleThis past March I had an angel reading with my friend Kyle Gray (whom I’d met earlier at a gig in Germany and instantly fallen in love with).

In his absolutely adorable Scottish accent, Kyle told me some things I already knew and some things that were complete eye-openers.

Kyle and I had only spent about an hour together prior to the reading, so he knew very little about me. What’s so fun about readings like this: when the person is good, like Kyle, they mention specific, accurate things about you that there’s no way they could know—other than getting that information from other dimensions.

So there we were on Skype. Me in Boulder, Kyle in Glasgow. We’re coming to the end of the session. I’m feeling all warm and tingly and connected. Kyle is being adorable and insightful.

Just before we wrap up, Kyle pauses and looks out of the corner of his eye for a moment. Then he tells me that the angels want me to do something with Feng Shui—perhaps offer a kit or a product around Feng Shui for prosperity?

My jaw drops. There’s no way Kyle could know that I had actually studied Feng Shui and had a thriving consulting business working with people in their homes and offices when I lived in New York City.

Those freaking angels. I tell yah.

So to test the waters, I created a bonus for The Money Love Course called Feng Shui for Prosperity. And wouldn’t you know it? The session was one of the most popular, most implemented, and most commented on of the entire course.

I knew the angels and I were on to something for two reasons:

  1. People loved the content and were getting amazing results.
  2. I absolutely loved putting the session together. It was super fun, easy, and energizing.

That’s the sweet spot: serving in a way that feels good.

Between the angels, participants’ enthusiasm, and my joy surrounding the topic, we decided to turn that bonus into a full course to help you create more prosperity starting where you live.

I’m so thrilled to give you:

Feng Shui for Financial Freedom: Make Your Space a Money Magnet

You can access the course immediately by clicking here. It’s all online with a video and a guidebook that you can follow along with at your own pace.

The angels and I would like to support you in making room for riches. This course is our offering to you to do just that.


Here’s to your abundance!


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