I never really knew what a miracle was.

I was interviewing my friend Gabrielle Bernstein for the Hay House New Year New You Summit and she kept talking about prayer and miracles, like she tends to do.

Now, I’m a spiritual gal. I always have been. But I kept getting stuck on the world miracle.

Up until that moment my idea of a miracle was Jesus walking on water or someone suddenly being able to run after years of being bound to a wheel chair. I could sense by the way Gabby was talking that this wasn’t necessarily the kind of grandiose miracle she was referring to.

So I asked her: “Gab, when you say miracle, what exactly do you mean?”

Her reply was fabulously simple: “A shift in perception.”

Oh! That’s a miracle?! Well geez. I have those all the time. And those are WAY more available to all of us than the over the top anomalies I had imagined.

Gabby’s definition of a miracle is downright freeing. Just a few weeks ago I was sitting at a conference listening to a speaker who I’d seen before who I hadn’t particularly resonated with. But something shifted as I sat and listened because I opened my heart and mind to him. Suddenly, I couldn’t take enough notes and a few hours flew by like it had been a few minutes. I left the lecture feeling more inspired and more clarity than I can remember feeling in a long time. It was a miracle.

This week Gabby’s new book, Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose is out.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.35.42 PM

I’ve been using the book like a divination tool. When I’m feeling a little stuck or I’m looking for a shift in perception, I open it up and I read whatever message is on the page. I trust that it is exactly the right message I need to create a miracle in that moment.

The book is chock full of simple practices to help you ramp up your abundance, too. Gabby shared one with me called “Pray Before You Pay”  in the video below. An abundance practice/tool of mine is also featured in the book. It’s practice #53 and it’s called “Value Yourself And The World Will Value You.”

Check out the 2 minute video of Gabby and me below for a quick wisdom nugget that will help you feel less stressed out about your money right away.

Share the miracle:

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Over to you:

What are some short, miracle creating practices that you do? I’d love to hear what tips you have for stress reduction and getting back into the flow. Leave a comment below!


  • Pumped!! Going to her NYC book event this Friday. Delightful! Looking forward to seeing you both at Reveal!! xo

  • I actually take a moment each day to look around and be thankful for what I have! Halfway through your book Kate, and the mind shifting is what has been the most impactful! I find myself saying your quotes to others!! Major influence on my life:)
    Stress reduction…..taking a walk. Put my shoes on and go! Since we live in the mountainous country, it is a walk to the river, or out in the field to pick dandelions with my toddler, but a walk none-the-less and a time to take in nature!
    Looking forward to Gabrielle’s book!

  • Anna Joy

    This is so useful! Both of you ladies are a constant breath of inspiration. A few months ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would figure out a way to put love into, or get a message of love out, of every single thing that I do every day. My life has bloomed and blossomed from this in so many radiant ways, yet finances and debt have continued to be a struggle, the one thing that I consistently seem to be falling back into fear over. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for this simple message and tool. I am so ready and excited to infuse love into my finances, lose the suffocating worry and open up to abundance! Have a beautiful day!!

  • Yes! That is simple and really smart!
    I am just now beginning to understand real prayer, and will certainly be practicing this tip.
    thanks to you both!

  • I absolutely agree with the pray before you pay :) Praying before any major spending is something that I have been doing. 3 miracle working practices that help me to reduce my stress are:
    1. Every morning when I wake up, I spend at least 15 mins praying and doing devotion. I always thank the Lord for waking me up to see yet another day.
    2. I get 7-8 hours sleep.
    3. I have done away with my alarm clock. I still set it – just in case I oversleep :)

  • Yes to getting enough sleep and to gratitude for everything, every day. Thank you to all of you energetic young women for the messages you are putting out to us all to be open and loving in all aspects of our lives.

  • This is a beautiful reminder. Thank you both for sharing this. My favorite daily practice for stress reduction, inspiration and body alignment is to do vocal toning of the chakras. The vibrations feel like a massage for the inside-mind, body and soul. Love you, Kate!

  • I start every day with a prayer of thanksgiving. I type it on my computer and then I read it out loud. I really think that reading it out loud is important.

  • Love it! I tend to turn to prayer when it comes to issues of health and safety (mine or a loved one) – never occured to me to pray about money. I guess it’s that whole part about the rich man & the eye of the needle that been so ingrained, that we forget the spiritual aspects of money.

    Which, incidentally, your whole reframe around the spiritual aspect of money (from your book & other interviews I’ve heard), has been a miracle in itself – removing the selfish or evil quality of wanting/needing/having a decent amount of money.

    • PS: That rich man, eye of the needle story has been mis-interpreted for decades. Here’s the truth:

      Cities used to be walled. Inside the gigantic city gates are smaller doors that people and animals can pass through. The smaller door is called “the eye of the needle.”

      When the traders crossing the desert trade routes would arrive at a city to sell or trade their wares, the traders had to stop at the eye of the needle, and unload their goods from the camels. The city official would then survey the goods, and levy a city tax.

      Then the merchant would pass through the eye of the needle to the inside of the giant gates with his camels, and load the merchandise back onto the camel to take to the city market or a buyer.

      It’s the equivalent of the Sufi saying, “To be in the marketplace, but not of the marketplace.”

      It’s talking about recognizing possessions and wealth for what they are — just things. They are not you. Have them, but don’t be attached, recognize they are outside of you. That’s all. No need to be poor!

      This interpretation is, as I understand it, part of the great re-translation of the bible texts and books, based on the new linguistic knowledge revealed by the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      Another mis-translation — “Satan.” The real translation of “satan” means “Crazy Thought.” As in, not aligned with Divine Thought. That’s all. No horns or tails, no evil. Just a misunderstood idea. Cool, right?

      • Kate

        This is absolutely amazing Karen! Thank you SO much for sharing this here. Absolutely brilliant stuff and so helpful!

  • Stephanie

    This is such great information. I never really thought about this approach. I will definitely starting practicing this in my everyday life. Looking forward to reading Gabrielle’s book.

  • Jennifer

    Modern day miracles are all around us. If our eyes are open, and our hearts are grateful and we stay receptive, they are there for us – we see them all the time. Kate,I love how you call “bills” your ‘invoices for blessings already recieved’, in your book. It shifts your frame of mind to the fact that you’ve already enjoyed these blessings….you just chose to pay for them later, or monthly, (or however), instead of right when you recieved the blessing. Thank you Kate and to you, Gabby – for reminding us to be grateful for what we have, instead of frusterated because we have to pay bills. It’s a great day! :)

  • Thank you for this! I am ordering the book and will keep it by my bedside too. Another good book for that is by my friend, Tosha Silver, entitled Outrageous Openness.

    I took on Kate’s practice of looking online at my bank account balances every morning, and thinking of three things I’m grateful for.

    It really does make a BIG difference! I am finally becoming more “related” to my money. I’m one of those people who could always earn, and I always seemed to be “saved by the bell” when in dire financial straits. But that’s really not good enough, is it? Not for me, not for anyone. I still have WAY too much fear and anxiety around money. This year, I am standing tall for a miracle in that arena.

    I will be working my way through Kate’s book and this new one, as well as B-School with Marie Forleo. And the more I do, the better I feel about it all! It’s been a shitty five+ years (two brain tumors, major pulmonary emboli shower, and a plethora of less dramatic medical stuff). This is the year of rebirth! God Bless Every One Of Us!!! xoxo

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