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Episode 14: Manifesting What You Want in 2017 Using the Energy of the Winter Solstice

In honor of it being the darkest time of the year, the winter solstice, we wanted to talk about some of the darkest times we’ve had in our own lives. Today we discuss our own times of uncertainty, difficulty and the feeling of being lost, and what living in the unknown has brought out for us.



In this Episode

  • When we can’t see in front of us, often we just try to get through the uncertainty [3:35]
  • Why is December 21st such a great time to ask what is working, and what isn’t, in your life? [5:15]
  • Mike’s “turning pro” moment [7:00]
  • Mike planted the seeds of trust in himself that he could succeed [12:15]
  • We’re culturally programmed to follow everyone else [13:08]
  • Surrounding himself with the right people gave Mike the confidence in knowing he was moving in the right direction [16:30]
  • What is the concept of “driftwood”? [19:13]
  • Why the last three years have been a source of the unknown for Kate from a professional standpoint [20:10]
  • The path of the entrepreneur and creative is not a linear one, but a circle [27:42]
  • The importance of patience [30:00]
  • With technology and social media, we’re all being forced to grow up faster [33:58]
  • There will be dark days every year, but in the meantime, enjoy the light! [36:41]

Selected Links from the Episode

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People Mentioned

Christiane Northrup, MD.

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