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Let’s Do Less Together: An Invitation


Ever since my first book, Money: A Love Story, came out in 2013 I’ve been waiting for the “next big thing” to emerge.

There have been times when this waiting has felt calm and peaceful. And there have been times when this waiting has felt tortuous.

Now, I’ve certainly been busy making things in the meantime. Like programs, a wedding, a baby, and a podcast. I didn’t sit around literally waiting.

But, despite staying busy, there was a part of me that was waiting.

Well, three years of waiting (not necessarily patiently) later, I’m finally ready to invite you to join me for the next chapter.

What’s next made itself quite clear to me earlier this fall. After all that waiting, it was such a relief to finally feel a clear direction!

While I can’t tell you all of the details yet, I can tell you this: I’ve never felt more excited and on purpose to get something out into the world as I am about this.

You know those times when you feel like everything you’ve done in your life up until a certain moment has prepared you for that moment? This is one of those times.

I tell you this because I want you to remember three things:

1. You don’t have to feel like you’re totally following your Dharma and living your purpose in order to make things that are useful.

2. Eventually your next big idea will come, but you can’t force it.

3. The muse has her own timeline. Honor it and she will honor you.

I’m so grateful I didn’t just launch another big thing just to get something out there out of fear that I would become irrelevant or disappear. I just kept on keeping on, making things that seemed like they’d be fun to make and useful for other people to receive.

It has been deeply uncomfortable to be in this murky place of not knowing what’s next. But the muck is a fertile place, and if you hang out there long enough, something beautiful will be created. twitter-logo

More will be revealed as this year unfolds, but for now, I made a video for you.

It’s an invocation.

It’s an invitation.

It’s a call to a new way of being for all the women (like me) who have found themselves taking on too much and losing themselves and their sanity somewhere along the way.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “Why did I say yes to this?” or “I’ll have more time for myself when…..” then this message is for you.

Click below to watch.

Join The Do Less Experiment here.

Who in your life takes on too many things and loses herself in the process? Forward this to her. She needs it.

I couldn’t be more grateful for you for being part of my community and continuing to share your heart and mind with me when I meet you in person and all around the interwebs. I’m so excited for this next chapter. It feels so good to finally know where I’m going so that I can take you with me!


Have you ever found yourself in the murkiness of not quite knowing what was next for you? How did you deal with it? What came of it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  • Nicky

    Kate, I loved this! I moved house last year, and found myself in this lovely country pad but I was frazzled. Absolutely BURN OUT! And in that moment I realised that the option of life was in front of me and decided my business was making me ill. I thought about what I really loved doing – so I’m returning to that – selling my business for a profit and am not happy, relaxed and not letting one moment of ‘real life’ pass me by. My kids and husband are happier, I enjoy my home more and my friends and family can’t believe the difference. In fact, they are now asking me how to do this. Your video – it was one of those ‘universe signs’ telling me that on working day 2 of the new year that I did the right thing. A beautiful film – thank you!

    • Kate Northrup

      Yeah Nicky! I love that you listened to yourself and created space. Happy to be a wink from the universe for you ?

  • Julie G

    Kate! This is great! You’re awesome and you have been such an inspiration to me these past few years! I love and appreciate the work you do and your authenticity! While I don’t currently have a business I am working toward building a health and nutrition coaching practice. And the message you are highlighting here with the Do Less experiment is so fundamentally necessary for more women to embrace. I was a single mom for 19 years and met my now husband just after my daughter went off to college. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because as strange as it may sound, while parenting solo and working full time while also being a student to try to finish my undergraduate degree was a lot, and often incredibly stressful and lonely, I knew in my bones that there wasn’t enough of me to share with another and to have a healthy, meaningful relationship with both my daughter and a partner, no matter how much that person might have been able to lighten my load. And I was also very determined to do things my way, which may or may not have been the best way. But, somehow in the midst of all those years with a lot of struggle, I always held onto knowing that prioritizing self care was my key to success. Even if that looked like spending entire days in bed reading and napping when I found the space for that. If that’s what I needed that’s what I did. I coined the phrase “making space for grace,” which I think describes exactly what you are talking about. And I drilled this into my daughter’s head during her adolescence when she felt she needed to be everywhere and do everything and never miss a game or a concert or a party or whatever opportunity or pull presented. Today, after what felt like an entire lifetime of that daily grind of just trying to get ahead if not sumply keep my head above water let alone raise a healthy, well adjusted person equipped to go out on her own, my daughter finally values and appreciates me; respects me, and even tells me I’m her hero. I can think of no greater reward or return for my commitment to raising her as I did. My dad used to reassure me during some of my darkest moments, “trust me, one day you will be her best friend.” It was so hard to imagine, though I hoped he was right and that day couldn’t come soon enough. I am so grateful for my journey and all the lessons learned through hardship and loneliness and overwhelm… and if it weren’t for those moments of respite, of making “space for grace,” I don’t know who or where I would be today, let alone who my daughter would be. This is a vital lesson. And I am so grateful and excited to share in your experinent and discover where we go with thiis as women and as changenakers. Thank you for the invitation!

    • Kate Northrup

      Wow Julie – you are a wise woman! I love the making space for grace phrase and that you modeled that and taught it to your daughter. So beautiful. I’m really glad you’re in for the Experiment – I think you’ll find it familiar if you’ve been making space for grace all of these years already!

    • Caroline

      Hi Julie, I would just like to say thank you because you took the time to write this comment and it really resonated with me. I am now going to use the phrase ‘making space for grace’ in my daily mantra thanks to you. Best wishes xxx – Caroline

  • ” A woman doing less, so that she can place her sacred focus on what truly matters, is a woman in her power.”
    Thank You. This is my new mantra for 2017!
    Sisterhood is what it’s all about ~

  • Glenda Branch

    Hi Kate,
    This sounds like just the perfect experience at the perfect time! I can hardly sleep because my thoughts about what to do next are all-consuming and exhausting. And I find myself making little progress because I’m spinning around from one corner of my brain to the next with no clarity.
    Thank you for continuing to shine your light and your wisdom for women across the globe. I greatly look forward to participating in the Do Less Experiment!
    Best regards, Glenda

  • Mickey

    Exactly how I feel!!! You are reading my mind and I’m in the season of empty nesting after may , grandma of 3, business owner and I have been in the murky water waiting for my muse! Doing writing, art , reflexology, embody love facilitater and so on! I look forward to your support!!!!! This is it!!!!

  • Mary

    Wow! You were very clear and articulate with your messages.
    I feel like I’ve been waiting to come out of the murkiness since my children were born…three out of the house and one at home. I LOVED being a mother the 4 boys and found a work/life balance that worked for me by having partime office hours but working from home as well…. late nights, weekends, whatever it took to get the job done.
    Looking back I wonder how I did it. Autopilot I guess. I am still trying to figure out how to work less and make more so I will be joining your experiment!! Happy 2017!!

  • Maureen

    Kate… This was your absolute best video ever! It was exactly what I needed to hear today !

  • susan

    Yo, Kate! Another good one. You percolate well! In other words.., your in between time is very productive! Thanks for sharing it. I am not an up and coming entrepreneur at 72.., but as a long time meditator, the ‘too much in our daily life these days’, and the idea of ‘being more purposeful by doing less’ makes great sense to me. I’m a retired chiropractor, and I consider myself an emerging artist.., though I know i say it as if it is a bit of a joke. I know I need to put boundaries to my productive time. And I know I have gloried in being a ‘Jill of all trades’, and a spur of the moment creative person. And I am starting to believe I am at a time when I need to tweek that pattern. I know I want to be more productive in my artwork, and to merge my effort w/ a community based shared response. Between you and Sheryl Sandberg [ there are many many women in that ‘in between’ for me] , I feel blessed to be gifted contact w/ women who are deep into change and growth of the best kind. Thanks so much!

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for sharing where you’re at Susan! I see making art as an entrepreneurial journey because you’re a charting a course without a set map and you’re tapping into your creativity – so in my book you are an up and coming entrepreneur! All the same stuff applies. I hope you’ll join the experiment to start getting some of those boundaries dialed in!

  • Kate, I’ve been following you for a while, and one of the first things I did was change the name on my bill folder to “Invoices for Blessings Already Received” – I love your vulnerability, your raw honesty, and your uplifting messages – they are so relevant to wives and mommies everywhere! I’ve got a baby business, and am intrigued by this experiment. Signing up now!!! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings for all of us! (((hugs))) and many thanks for all you do to inspire <3

  • Kate, thank you for all of this! We all need to hear these messages <3.
    I also want to say that you look amazing! You look more relaxed and satisfied. Let's all work towards looking and feeling like this!

  • Jan

    Such a wonderful, clear message for women! How inspiring! Where was this message 25 years ago? I’m at a crossroads in my life, a transition, and I’m waiting for a signal of which path to follow….I may very well explore your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  • KATE…I am in tears and thanking our Universe for giving you the articulation, courage, and servitude…to create this video and share with all of us! YES, word for word, we are all the same, and your ability/gift to deliver this format for all of us to relate, connect, understand, heal, and ultimately tune into the intended balance meant for our lives. I loved watching you and feeling how you are in divine flow! I love that you came here to help us, and your hunger to do just that, is now fully in motion! I love you! I am grateful for you!

  • Marie

    Kate, so happy & excited for this do less experienment “experience”
    I am in a space career wise & personal life where i want to do& be more by doing less. I am not a mother no kids but nonetheless am seeking desparatly to be more efficient, productive, & work smarter not harder by learning to feed myself/soul first. It helps that I have discovered & am now fully accepting loving & embracing my innate introvert…even though my career 20+ years has forced me to be an extrovert!
    I was telling my art therapist my mantra/one word for 2017 is “stillness” my whole being is demanding I replenish myself this year instead of deplete.
    My spirit animal Surprised me its been showing up everywhere ?….another visual message to slow the heck down, get quiet, take my time!
    Love love, love this opportunity! Thank you.thank you. Thank you.

    P.s. just this morning@1a.m. being sick with a cold & working pushing through it anyway I was hesitant to call in sick & mediated/asked for guidance & my intuition said “tell the truth” so i called in sick, slept in & found myself reading your email in my inbox

  • Caroline

    Hello Kate,
    This was a lovely video with a very powerful message, thank you! It reminded me of ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg. I remember a passage where she wrote about pumping during a conference call… the myth of ‘having it all’ is still alive and well.
    Simply watching your video brought me some peace – not being told to do more, go more places, or commit to this or that is quite refreshing. With minimalism being so popular at the moment, I feel that a lot of people would be interested in this experiment!
    Thank you again and best wishes xxx – Caroline

  • In 2011 I was pregnant with my first child. I had been working as a professor of pharmacy for 9 years and I was the breadwinner. My son almost died in my womb. He was born 5 weeks pre-mature at less than 3 lbs. It was the biggest wake up call of my life. It took a year for me to get the lesson but I ended up leaving the “good” career I didn’t love and went on a soul journey and found my creativity. I never imagined I would be a writer. I always say that I birthed my son but he gave me life as I finally found my passion.

    Because I was so steeped in over-achieving I couldn’t take the time to really heal not only from a devastating birth, grief of leaving a profession I was in for 17 years and losing both parents within a year of one another.

    I decided to start a coaching business! I had reached some amazing dreams like living on the Spanish Riviera for 2 months with my family but I wasn’t happy. The pressure to earn and loneliness once again led me disappointment.

    In 2015 we decided to follow our true desires and that led us to moving cross country fro NY to Cali. I did almost nothing for most of 2015 and 2016. My motto became do more achieve less. In fact, there is a book with that title and the best advice I received was “slow down so the angles of good fortune can catch up to you”

    My husband found some work. After a year we decided to go to Peru to visit his parents. We brought them back with us for the summer. My husband then said he didn’t want to work so he could spend time with them. Being that I lost both of my parents young I really wanted to support him with this desire and so I told him to quit. He has not been working since.

    I just evaluated our income over the last 4 years and it has not changed, despite us both working a lot less! I myself was shocked because I would just focus on how much I was earning and shaming myself for it. We had to make some decisions about investments but at the end of the day, our lifestyle has not changed. We went on 4 international vacations this year and even 3 national vacations. One was a free 2 week luxury resort in Palm Springs that we got to take his parents on! It came to us after my intuition told me to let an acquaintance stay in my apartment for free. I didn’t want to but that’s how I live now, listening to my intuition and letting it guide.

    I have had to and still am working on letting go of the shame of living with ease and joy because as you mentioned in the video our mother’s worked so hard so that we could enjoy our lives. The hard part is allowing ourselves to do that.

  • Lara

    Omg the universe has given me n answer!! For years now I have been working full time and running a house with a child single handed.In autumn I got serious panic attacks and aniexty as I have been over doing it I’ve had some time off from my one job as I do two and it was so nice to do things for my self.Ive been thinking I need to get working full time but I don’t want to it’s been nice to do LESS.Im so looking forward to doing this challenge.I promised my self I would look after me this year and I will be with challenge.Its free as well which is so good for everyone.Thank you katie ? xx

  • wow. wow. Wow!

    I LOVED this.

    Beautifully written, articulated and delivered.

    It is evident that you have lived of what you speak. Your message was beautifully underscored by the building accompanying music!

    Although I am an “empty nester” and have been gifted with more time as a mother I am going to join your experiment. I am intrigued!

    Thank you for continuing to shine light on topics that are crying out to be revealed.

  • Kate! Every. Word. So. True!
    I followed you before, but LOVE being on the same path as you…my daughter is the same age as Penelope.
    Thank you for this video. I can’t wait to join you for this experiment, thanks for creating ;)

  • Phyllis

    This is MY season of change in so many ways. Finally taking the time to research and decide who I am now and where I want to go, or do I just want to BE? Inner urges to always do more, be more- for everyone but myself – it’s all I’ve ever known. Thank you, I know this will be helpful, pointing me in a direction of balance and stillness of mind.

  • Hey Kate,
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and heartfelt message. My dream is to be a holistic nutritionist entrepreneur … but I’m not a mom. I moved to Vancouver, Canada 7 years this March, alone, from my home London,England to find myself and heal myself. Seven years on, I’ve found myself in Québec, learning french full time and not at all practising my profession. It’s frustrating because financially I’m not where I want to be either (I signed up for the Money Love Course, yet feel overwhelmed by what comes up, that I’m like a deer in headlights and freeze). I feel guilty when I’m studying as feel I should be working on the course, writing a blog or on my dormant website. When it comes to the weekend, I’m busy with doing the household stuff that doesn’t get done in the week. I also signed up with an amazing nutritionist, Melissa Ramos, as my health is not where it needs to be for me to be at my peak to be of service. Yet, my school allowance is really not enough to cover all bases. I just watched your webinar with Terri Cole and I know it’s for me … but I don’t have the financial means right now to register. So I feel I am surrounding by these tools but unable to gain access to … or I cannot continue.
    Would I be the right person to be part of the Do Less Experiment?

    Efioanwan xx

  • Bev

    AMEN SISTA GODESSS KATE!!! I can feel the truth in this and a deep knowing for the past 5 years that my body can’t keep this pace up…I’m excited about this experiment❤️❤️❤️ Thank you

  • Cindy

    Hi Kete!!! Thank you for everything you share. I have been following you for like a year now, and I love to read your articles!! they are fresh and easy to understand, and over all, encourage me. I live in Venezuela and I am a single mother of 28 years, with great desire to undertake and master my finances but I am still working on the formula, in my country everything works in reverse!!! however I have the hope and the desire that this year be different . Blessings

    • Kate Northrup

      Cindy – thank you for being part of this community. And please know that I believe in you and even within a different system I know you can create what you want.

  • Kiersten Owings

    I assume this experiment is appropriate for non-parents as well.

  • Diane

    Being 61 and single, I think I’ve heard the message too often that I have to seize every opportunity to connect and socialize. Over the holiday season, every time I missed an event because the weather was bad I was secretly relieved. I was overextended and tired and just wanted to get some sleep. The Do Less Experiment is coming along at just the right time for me! Thank you for this opportunity!

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