How To Tune Into Your Own Cycles To Create Sustainable Success

You know how having a child instantly changes your priorities and you can never see life the same again?

(If you haven’t experienced it personally, I know you can imagine it.)

My friend Laura Thompson-Brady is a Master Coach, Spiritual Guide, and Sound Healer who used to live at a harried pace and imagined living life following whatever jobs she and her husband would be able to find…until she had her first baby girl.

When her baby was born she asked herself 3 of the most powerful questions she’d ever asked, and the answers totally transformed her life and helped her discover what she calls the Desired Life Rhythm.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura the other day to learn more about how she’s created sustainable success as a mother and an entrepreneur.

Watch the interview below to find out:

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It’s never going to go the way we think it’s going to go. ~Laura Thompson-Brady 

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What is your Desired Life Rhythm? What practices that Laura shared are you inspired to incorporate into your own business and mothering? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dear Kate,

    For the past year or so, I have been tuning in to my true self. This was brought on by the tragic and sudden death of my father. This past year has been one of spiritual and mental set back as well as growth.

    Since the winter, I have been brainstorming ideas about starting a dance education business. I am unhappy in my current job situation and cannot seem to find a public school that supports my mission as a dance educator but also as a human being and the way I want to live my life. I created a skeletal design of my business including mission and vision statements as well as various programs that can be offered and the clientele I can offer them to. This idea, that I could create my own business doing what I love, the way I want to, lit a fire inside of me.

    So far I taught one workshop that was successful. I am currently in the middle of promoting a dance and art summer camp for the month of July. For the month of June, my goal was to promote the camp by posting on social media every day and directly contacting friends and family to see if there is any interest. The camp is a little over a month away and no-one has registered.

    Then, this past Sunday, I found out I am pregnant. I am only 6 weeks, but I’m already feeling this sense of not knowing who I am anymore. for 35 years I have done what I wanted, when I wanted in the best interest of myself. Now there will be another life to consider. I feel as though I knew my priorities and had a plan. And now, just as Laura stated, it doesn’t seem to be going the way I planned for it to go. I find myself struggling with how to continue to be true to my self and my original goals. Do I stick with a job where I feel unfulfilled, but has financial stability and sensible maternity leave options or do I continue with my original plan to substitute during the day, teach dance at various venues in the evening and continue to work on growing my business? I don’t expect you to have the answers. I know I have to trust my intuition. But if you have any suggestions or advice, I am all ears.

    Thank you,

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