How a Regular Guy from Maine Searching for Inspiration Created Millions in Revenue

john lee dumar
I first met John Lee Dumas when Mike and I crashed his going away party in Portland, ME. Here was this guy from a small town who was building a podcasting empire. He was high energy, super friendly, and really passionate about what he was doing. Sadly, he was moving to San Diego, but I knew our paths would cross again.

When John was working a regular job in commercial real estate, he was looking for something more. He turned to podcasts for inspiration, but every time he found one he loved he kept running out of episodes because most of them only came out with new content once or twice a month, weekly at most.

He wanted a 7-days-a-week podcast featuring the best and brightest entrepreneurs of today. So he decided to start one himself.

I crossed paths with John again when he interviewed me for his podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, and then again in person when I got to sit down and ask him about his own entrepreneurial journey.

I already knew I liked John, but hearing his story in person made me not only like him more, but also inspired me. This small-town guy from Maine now makes millions in revenue, and he has 100% transparent income reports every month, verified by a CPA, to prove it.

What I love most about John’s story is that it’s simple. He had a need (a daily inspirational podcast), and he took action to fulfill his own need.

Tune in to our Glimpse TV episode and learn from John:

  • How to keep your energy high as an entrepreneur
  • His simple tip for getting out 8 interviews a week
  • What question he asks all of his guests first and why
  • What held him back from launching his dream and how he overcame the fear
  • His top tips for couples who work together to keep the business and the relationship thriving

Entrepreneurs, if we’re not putting ourselves in an uncomfortable position then we’re not progressing. ~@johnleedumas (Tweet it!)

My Entrepreneur On Fire Episode Find out more about John and his empire.

Over to you:

There are things all of us wish were available in the marketplace that aren’t (like when John wished there was a 7-days-a-week inspirational podcast.) What’s one thing you see missing in the marketplace? What’s one action step you could take toward making it available for you and the other folks like you have a need that needs filling? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.


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