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You Can’t Strategize Your Soul: Glimpse TV with Rochelle Schieck

Rochelle Schieck, the creator of Qoya, is a real, live, human fairy.

Her life is a work of art and it got that way on purpose. Rochelle didn’t grow up in a spiritual community with infinite resources. Instead, she learned to tap into the deep well of resources within herself.

Rochelle and I have been friends for years, and I devour every one of her magical stories. Every time we get together or I catch her in my Instagram feed I’m deeply inspired by how she doesn’t just talk about following her inner knowing, she lives it 100%. Even when it doesn’t make sense, Rochelle listens. And there’s gold wherever that knowing leads her.

And now these stories and the wisdom Rochelle has gleaned along the way are available to everyone who can’t sit and listen to Rochelle in person over a cup of tea (though I do recommend doing that should you ever get the chance).

Rochelle’s written a beautiful book called Qoya: Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life That Is Wise, Wild, and Free. It includes mind-blowing stories of her own journey of learning how to not abandon herself and her body, plus insights and practices for us all to come home to the wisdom of our own bodies.

I read the book voraciously during late-night nursing sessions with my little peanut. My jaw dropped and my eyes misted many times. And I knew I had to share this gem of a book with my community.

Rochelle visited us in Maine a few weeks ago to spread some fairy dust, rock my baby for hours, and film an episode of Glimpse TV with me. This is my first post-baby episode, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • The definition of embodiment
  • How to find your sacred work
  • How to step outside the cultural momentum of the pressure to be at a certain place in your life by a certain age
  • And more!

Click below to tune in:

Grab a copy of Rochelle’s book, Qoya! 

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Over to You:

What does living an embodied life mean to you? How do you cultivate the connection with your inner knowing on a regular basis? Rochelle and I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


  • That was my FAVORITE episode of Glimpse TV yet!

    Not only did I enjoy every single word exchanged, but the visuals were stunning (including the photo-bombing truck)!

    Love you both & so so grateful for your work in the world ❤️

  • Harriett

    The book is not on Amazon yet. I will check back later.

  • Thank you Kate and Rochelle! This was a beautiful episode and I am super excited to receive my Qoya book {this is the first I’m hearing of this practice and know this was something I needed to hear today!} <3 I get a deep feeling … a pulling… a knowing… when something is meant for me. Every time I listen and follow things work out and come together in a way I could have never conceived of… and when I dismiss it because 'it doesn't make sense' I inevitably have a 'oh…thaaat's why I was supposed to follow' moment. Trusting is the hardest and most rewarding part. What a gift to find this today…So looking forward to reading!!

  • Alexandra

    Beautiful ladies, proud to have in my soul tribe. Love the necklace kate

  • Rochelle is the living embodiment of Living her SOUL’s purpose. She’s the real deal. I adore how all of this is coming together now. For all the world to enjoy. BRAVO!!!

    • Kate Northrup

      She is indeed! She’s a great example for us all!

    • I am so honored that we all could find one another this lifetime:-) Your words have always inspired me and are a huge support to all of mine and so many of our work in the world. May it ever be so! I will be sure to send you a copy next week as soon as they arrive :-) So much love. xo

  • Jacky

    This was amazing and I was meant to hear this message. I’ve never heard of Qoya before today, but, whoa, powerful work. For the past several years, and probably more like 10 years, I’ve been grappling with this question of ‘what is my sacred work?’ and the idea of taking a year off to ‘figure things out.’ Knowing that I need this space to hear and be here. When Rochelle said that she knew she needed this time to practice listening to her intuition rather than continuing in the cultural momentum of ‘should,’ I got teary. Currently, I’m a speech-language pathologist in the public school district and a certified yoga teacher, so over the past 7 years I’ve completed a master’s degree (because it seemed like a solid career) and over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and none of it feels like my sacred work. I keep searching and searching… knowing that someday it will all come together, but then overwhelmed by all the shoulds (i.e., staying in my job) because that’s what I’m obligated to do and have been trained to do. But, this way of being doesn’t allow me to listen and feel. I now feel a reaffirmed sense that I am not alone and that my intuition is not wrong… those feelings of anxiety that cause me to question are just the pressure of societal norms bumping up against what I know to be to true for me. And, I must follow my body. Ahhh. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Kate Northrup

      Jacky – I love that you’re so aware of what you need to do and that the timing of this message is right. Keep us posted on what unfolds as you listen to your body!

    • Dear Jacky!
      Wow! I am so inspired by you and your devotion to the things that are calling you and trusting yourself. It’s normal to have days or phases of doubt, but you are definitely not alone. And I believe in your intuition like I believe in my own. Blessings for a day filled with a little more trust than the day before. xo Rochelle

  • Anita

    This is wild! My goal for 2016 was to have a better and clear relationship with my intuition and I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen–and there you were!
    Well WOW! Thank you thank you Kate!

  • Meredith

    Thanks so much for introducing Rochelle! After this video, I went straight to YouTube to learn more about Qoya and danced to one of her videos – So. Much. Fun! And energizing! Definitely a new favorite.

  • Mhhhhhmmmmm. So many of those mhhms for this conversation! What a lively and love-filled episode. Thank you, Kate, and thank you Rochelle. Deep love for you both and the misty Maine air. Makes you feel like anything is possible <3

  • Sarah

    This was one of my favorite episodes! Such a great conversation and exactly what I needed this morning. XX

  • Anna Mas

    That was a very enlightening and inspiring piece.i will def get the book and learn morè about qoya as i am in a point in my live where i am looking to connect and listen to my body at a deeper level or most of the time.i have always made the best choices when i did so and Can reelegit avreally negative energy inside me when i don’t.looking forward to working on it and my mones issues in the next fer week.thanks for sharing

  • Loved this interview with Rochelle. How cool that I happened upon this tonight, when I was thinking so much about our dear Maddy today and that Maddy is the person who introduced me to Qoya here in Freeport. Blessings to you and Mike and Penelope. Hope your baby is falling asleep to my lullabies. Much love, Lisa

  • Danielle Hendrickson

    My soul SO needed to hear this. I have embarked on so many different journeys and am wondering how to tie them all tougher in my sacred work. I got the clear message from this interview. Make a list and circle that which makes me feel expansive and cross off what does not. I feel better already.

    Thank you!! Love you so!!

  • Isabel O.

    My daughter just emailed this to me Kate. had never heard of Qoya before but a lot of your conversation with Rochelle is resonating
    with me and by body. I, too, am searching diligently for my sacred work
    and this will help me tremendously. Rochelle’s vocabulary will be of
    excellent help at this stage, when identifying feelings & impressions coming up through my body. I love the return of the word “sacred”
    being used to describe where we are going in this search for Truth.

  • Lori Logan

    I love this interview, and I love you Rochelle. You were my first yoga teacher, my wake up call. Look where you are now…many moons ago. xoxo

  • Brilliant interview ladies…SOOOO inspiring!!!!

    “You can’t strategize your soul.”



  • Great episode, Kate. Rochelle really is magical :) Thank you for having her on.

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