Practical Manifesting: Glimpse TV with James Wedmore


James Wedmore is known on the interwebs as the guy you turn to when you want to learn how to increase your traffic and profits through using online video.

As I’ve gotten to know James over the years, I’ve learned that while he’s a rock star when it comes to video marketing, where he really shines is in blending the practical aspects of building a successful business with manifesting and the law of attraction.

He spoke at The Freedom Immersion event that Mike and I hosted in Maine last year on bringing the masculine and feminine to your business and using left and right-brain techniques to catapult your results…and satisfaction.

James is a brilliant teacher (plus he gets really excited when he’s teaching, so it’s a winning combo). He’s taught me how to make graphics using Keynote, how to surf, how to increase my YouTube traffic using the Google keyword tool, and more.

I wanted to bring him on Glimpse TV so he could share with you some of what he shared with us at The Freedom Immersion about how he built a 7-figure business through combining old-fashioned elbow grease with the law of attraction.

Our conversation covers a lot of territory. Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • The story of how James got proof that manifesting works
  • How he learned to speed up his manifesting using a key strategy that’s usually overlooked when we practice the law of attraction
  • How you can do business with more than just 100% effort
  • How to set goals that are meaningful and effective
  • Some of James’s unconventional business strategies
  • James’s keys to recharging his energon cube and what the heck that is
  • His step-by-step strategy for reverse engineering his launches to make them as helpful to his audience and as profitable to his business as possible
  • How to let go of business frustration
  • The key question to ask yourself when you’re stuck and you don’t know how to get to your goal

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If your desire is inevitable and you knew that, you wouldn’t freak out. ~@jameswedmore via @katenorthrup #GlimpseTV (Tweet it!)

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Learn more about James: James’s YouTube Marketing Creative Live Course (I was a guest in the audience and it was amazing! When you get the course you’ll also see me fumble through filming my first video live.)

Over to you:

What did you learn from James in this episode of Glimpse TV? How can you apply it to your business and/or your life? James and I would love to hear your takeaways!



  • This came through at just the perfect time! I just launched a program and am waiting for the SALES. More ways to look at things. THank you Kate and James!

  • Thank you Kate and James- this was great! I was just feeling like giving up on goals altogether, but James reminded me that the meditation and the business practice go hand in hand. I have been steadily improving my financial freedom since I took your Money Love course awhile ago Kate. I am now launching my hemp #InstaGlamTop and I need $10,000 to reach my launch vision. James reminded me that reverse engineering the goal is the simple step I was missing. So as he was talking, I ran the numbers on the $90 top and realized I needed “111.11111” which is a very magic number to me and feels easily attainable!! I have goosebumps and am back on track with using mojo and biz education hand in hand.

    • Kate Northrup

      That is so cool that the Angel number was the result of your reverse engineering. Love it and happy launch!

  • What a great video! Thanks :)

    I always love your giggles, Kate….finding the balance between masculine/feminine, Right/left is always something I’m striving for in my business so these are great reminders! Thank you! (ps.I can’t believe James ENJOYS doing sales pages and webinar opt-ins…that’s where I’m losing the magic! UGHH!)

  • I have started a blog and a Facebook page, where I am trying to help people recover from depression, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder, self harm, etc.

    I want to manifest readers because I believe my own experience with the above and the skills I am using in recovery will benefit others. I also want to manifest purchasers of my affiliate products.

    I also want to manifest a computer and digital camera because all I have is my smartphone.

    You mentioned having fun. I am actually having lots of fun exploring my creativity.

    Writing my blog and Facebook page are scary because I am really being honest and letting it all hang out.

    My Facebook page is:

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