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It’s time for a deeper #moneylove dive, don’t you think?

Money Love Course Kate NorthrupToday is announcement day!

The Money Love Course is officially open for enrollment.

If you’re like me (impulsive, not detail oriented, and driven by gut feelings) and you already know you want to know more, CLICK HERE to get more info and register.

And for those who like to read all the words – here are some that I wrote for you:

When I offered The Money Love Course for the first time this past spring, over 200 people signed up with barely any promotion efforts on my part.

I was blown away by the desire for learning how to make, grow, give, and receive more value.

I thought the course was going to be a one time thing just to tide people over until the launch of my book, Money: A Love Story, this past September.

But, the success stories from participants (like this one below) changed my tune:

I had read many of Robert Kiyosaki’s books (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), and always found it a bit unattainable.  Kate’s Money Love course–delivered in her warm, girlfriend-to-girlfriend manner–was practical, fun, and accessible.  I’ve come to not only “look under the hood” of my finances, but become friends with the the stuff under the hood, and my monthly income as an artist has more than doubled! ~ Marci McAdam

After spending time with the course participants in our private online community, hearing their stories of triumph and healing around money, and seeing how much they benefited from the course, I knew I needed to offer it again.

If you’ve already read Money: A Love Story, this course will take you by the hand and ensure that you actually do the exercises and get the support you need to create a love affair with your money. There are also exercises and insights that are exclusive to the course and aren’t in the book.

If you haven’t read Money: A Love Story yet, this course is the perfect introduction to the land of #moneylove and the potential you have to rock your financial life in a fun, loving way.

The Money Love Course is a 4-part experience in making, growing, giving, and receiving more value.

Every time I write that I get excited and I feel expanded on a cellular level. I’m just so psyched to teach this course again because participants got SO much out of it AND it was so much fun to create such strong community around #moneylove.

Ready to find out more?

CLICK HERE to get the details and to register.

The cart closes Friday, November 22nd at 3pm EST and the course begins Monday, November 25th. As soon as you register you’ll get instant access to The Cash Clarity Checklist so you can begin to get your financial duckies in a row as soon as today.

SO excited to see you in The Money Love Course! There are some VERY good things in store for you ;)


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