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It’s Launch Day! Take A Tour of Team Origin’s Favorite Places In Our Brand New Virtual Home

Welcome to The Origin Company and our new virtual home!

A while back I made a decision to step back from building a personal brand and now it’s time for the team and I to give you a personal tour of what we’ve been working on and the new virtual home for the expanded container we’ve been working on:

The team each chose their favorite place in our new digs that they wanted to show you and as you take the tour, you’re also going to get to know each of them!

Grab your favorite cup of something, get cozy, and let us take you on a virtual tour.

Kate Northrup, CEO/Visionary: When I first got the design back from Studio DBJ I gasped when I saw the graphic flourish around the beautiful human’s head on our Start Here page. Check it out and see if you love it as much as I do!


Deb Laflamme, Programs & Development Manager: From the moment I saw the new site design I felt so relaxed. One of my favorite features is highlighting our new program the Do Less Method for Business, I know you will love it.


Amanda Pickering, Customer Care Specialist: As soon as I laid eyes on the site I felt an enormous feeling of spaciousness. My favorite part of the site is our new free resource, ‘Why Hustling Is Holding You Back’ which makes me breathe a sigh of relief whenever I see it.


Alejandra Ortega, Ontraport and AccessAlly Specialist: I love the new color scheme on the site, it makes me take a deep breath and exhale for a moment of calm. One of my favorite parts is the star motif sprinkled throughout. Keep an eye out for it! 


TaKisha August, Origin Membership Community Manager: As a longtime member of the membership as both an Empress and as part of the team, I absolutely love the programs page and a certain black-and-white image from a live event where I met so many members for the first time in real life. Check it out and see if you recognize a face or two.


Hilary Lyne, Executive Assistant to Kate: I am always so struck by testimonials we receive from those who have delved into and utilized the Do Less book, planners, and tracker. They have been such powerful tools for me personally, and I love that we continue to reimagine them as offerings to people who want to use cyclical planning and soul-driven time management principles to unlock enormous shifts in productivity and fulfillment.

Remember: We built this place for you. Make yourself at home. Stay a while. Come back often. Bring friends.

Also, what would a tour be without a gift? Don’t leave without grabbing:

Why Hustling is Holding You Back: 6 Evidence-Based Shifts for More Profit and Less Stress That Won’t Cost You A Cent (so You Can Finally Find the Exhale)


Now, we want to hear from you:

What’s your favorite place here in our new virtual home? What else could we do to make you feel more at home? What else would you like to know or see here? 

Tell us in the comments!


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