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How to Make Saving Money Feel Good (so that you actually do it!)

It’s probably not news to you that money woes are one of the leading causes of stress. And guess what? Stress is related to higher rates of depression, infectious disease, and heart disease.

So taking good, loving care of your money is super important not only for your emotional well being, but also for your physical well being.

One of the things that I’ve had to spend some time getting better at is saving money. My natural, untamed state is to spend whatever money comes into my life. Are you a saver or a spender?

If you’re a spender like me, today’s Financial Freedom Friday video is designed especially for you. And, if you’re a saver, the tips I’m going to teach you today will help you get even better at growing your nest egg.

The reason I always avoided saving money is because it felt more fun to spend it than to keep it. Having money pile up in my bank account just never felt as good as going out to dinner, taking a vacation, or buying new shoes.

That is, until I learned the simple technique to make saving money feel good that I’m going to teach you today. And you know what? When something feels good, you actually do it!

This money saving technique will change your relationship with keeping money for yourself and your future.

Watch this week’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday below:

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Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it won’t replace you as the driver. ~Ayn Rand (Tweet it!) Wait: saving money can actually feel good? @katenorthrup lays it down #FFF (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

How has saving money felt to you in the past? Are you a natural saver or spender? What saving money tips do you have to share?

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  • Great video and advice Kate!

  • Elaine Huggins

    The only way that I have consistently saved money is to have it taken out of my salary before I ever see it and have it put into something that is difficult to get to, like an IRA! Otherwise, it’s spend, spend, spend!!!

  • collette

    I love you Kate. You make a subject I REALLY do not love (ha!) seem surprisingly attractive! Thank you for doing what you do! I pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to read it.

  • Great idea that I can share with my clients, thank you!

  • Thank you Kate. I love these videos and I loved doing your course as well.I still use those tools and though its a struggle its definitely better than before!

  • Hi Kate…another awesome way to look at money. I’ve been doing this all my life and I usually have a goal that I’ve shot for. Mostly it’s the ‘rainy day’ goal. I went through a year of spending when my spouse passed away, but it was a way to comfort myself, I know that now, so I pulled way back. That actually felt so good. I now only window shop and it’s a high now to have saved all the money. Money is so emotional, and as you said, a leading stressor. I’m sharing all your videos each week and people love them. Can’t wait for more. I’ll wait for your book to come to stores, as I never shop online…another saving thing that I do….. Cheers, Elizabeth

  • Hey Kate, really terrific work!!! I so enjoyed it!

  • Hey Kate!

    Great episode! Looking forward to learning more from you! I’m excited about the “money for me” account… never heard it explained quite like that before! Also, I’d tried the link and it didn’t come up. Could you please shoot it to me below?


  • I loved this video! A wonderful concept for feeling good about saving money. Plus you look great and are very engaging. And the effects like the puff of smoke and the sounds were so fun. I admit my favorite part was the bloopers, as you know I love to laugh with you! But seriously, this is excellent. xoxo Your Sister Annie

  • Mandi Bramwell

    Love the video presentation (especially the bloopers) – lightens the whole subject and makes me want to come back for more…..
    Thank you Kate!

  • Amy

    I am a Natural Born Saver – there’s no better high. I’d rather save my extras and buy a stock over a pair of shoes. My niece will always fit into the stock fund long after I’m gone but probably not the shoes! Plus – it’s so much fun to set a goal, save for it and then watch it grow! Not pay interest on it.
    There’s no better feeling than being Free.
    Debt Free.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, this is so very motivating

  • jenelle

    I just set up a Money for Us account. I’m a really good saver, but now that I’m the sole breadwinner (while my husband takes full time care of our daughter). Its more important than ever, but I was feeling deprived and this action today makes me feel like YES! Where is the next place I can grab some money for me. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Jenelle

  • Ana Isabel

    Hallo my name is Anna and I’d like to. say is that my relationship with money is quite poor. I’ve always felt poor
    Owing to my bare salary.
    How can I change this thoughts about money?? I work at a hospital

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