How to make money: 3 specific strategies for ramping it up

Okay, so do you know anyone who doesn’t want to make more money? I can’t say that I do.

There are a lot of strategies for creating financial well-being: cultivating our prosperity mindset, getting a handle on our expenses, and paying off our debt are some examples.

But, the big kahuna of them all is making more money.

There are a lot of practical ways to make more money like asking for a raise, starting a side hustle, and raising your rates.

What I’ve found, though, is that there’s one key to making more money that often goes overlooked. Most financial folks are not talking about this one…and it’s the most important!

Today’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday reveals this hidden gem that you can implement right away to make more money. Plus, I give you three specific strategies for implementing it so that you have no excuses!

Click below to watch the episode.

The key to making more money is adding more value. ~@katenorthrup (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

Was there ever a time when you increased your income by increasing your self worth? Do you have any other specific strategies for wiring in your own value? Share below in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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  • I needed this reminder today that making more money is intrinsically tied to valuing yourself more. Thanks, Kate!

  • Very valid point there Kate, more value…love your videos, short, sweet and to-the-point!! xx
    In Peace
    p.s.what sign are you?

  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Since I heard your call with Marianne W. and B. Stanny and the Daily Worth chick, I’ve been really focusing on *adding more value,* and remembering that money is a stand in for value, and…. Kate… I just… can’t thank you enough for this epiphanous concept. It’s *sings* Liiiife Changiiiing!

    Love it. Excellent and succinct video.

    (Shoot, girrrrrl… *I* totally value what you do. Just, FYI.)

    Merci. xx

  • Love this. So true.

    Every time I look at the value I’m adding instead of focusing on hourly rates, the end result is not only making better money on the project, but also getting more client respect. A win-win.

    Thanks for always sharing such great gems of wisdom.

  • Thank you sooooooo much for this great post. People always say increase your worth but I love that you actually broke it down into three simple action steps that I can seriously take today! Yeah! Happy dance Happy Dance Tink Tink Boom Pow!

  • Thank you Kate, your video really resonated and I agree that value is very important and I haven’t really been working on myself because I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I see this will be very key in my life right now and will implement these steps. Outside validation seems to boost me up, so keeping a record is going to help and also just notice with what I am good at and what people are being helped with. Thank you xx
    Happy Friday :)
    Have a wonderful weekend

  • Such a good way to start my work day! And tips to end it as well. Yesterday at a soccer game I basically gave a mom a free coaching session. I need to value myself more so I could have sold her on a paid package! Videos are great and almost done with the book!

  • This is so true! I always write down what I am grateful for but I never write down what I am proud of or what I did to help another person or bring value in to the world that day.

    Love these tips! Thanks!

  • Loved this, Kate, and it points right to a big pattern that’s up for me right now. Thank you for the clear and fun strategies for breakthrough!

  • Thanks kate! That was great. I really like tip #3. I am going to start creating a list of the ways I value myself and I add value to the world everyday. Such a simple task but one I over looked.

    I bought your book for a friend but I think I need to get a copy for myself now:)

  • So important to know our true value & honour our self worth.

    When I launched my coaching business I was struggling with figuring out how much I should charge. I felt that my 10 year experience as an entrepreneur, my (numerous!) certifications and my credentials clearly added value to my services but I still felt unsure as to how much I should charge.

    The answer became crystal clear to be when I applied the same intuitive coaching exercise I do with my clients: I asked my inner guidance how much I should charge.
    Wow: the answer was super clear but most of all, if felt in total alignment with my inner Goddess.

    Feels good.

    PS: I just got your book and I’m loving it!

  • Hell yes! :) Kate, I’m about three-fourths of the way through your new book, and I love how it expands even further on the fact that being valued outwardly in the form of money is so much more of an “inside job” than most people think.

    (Not, of course, that external factors don’t apply. I’d never minimize the financial difficulties that so many people are undergoing these days in particular.)

    As a freelancer myself, I’ve struggled with deciding what to charge my clients. One of my biggest self-sabotaging thought loops goes like this: “Of course I’m good at what I do. VERY good, in fact. But if I charge $X amount, I’m pricing myself out of range of the people who might need me but couldn’t afford it. That’s discriminatory against people with lower incomes!”

    But of course by saying that, I set myself up to remain one of those people with lower incomes myself. Which doesn’t serve *anyone.*

    To help tackle this mindset, I use your “praise file” technique often. It sounds so egotistical, but when I need a shot in the arm, I go to my own website and read the testimonials people have given me in the past. Even more importantly, I really allow the sentiments to SINK IN…for instance, remembering the physical flush of joy I felt when a client told me how deeply I’d understood her and how clearly I’d helped her express her wisdom (I’m an editor and she was writing an e-book). I felt her tangible relief and joy. I’d added REAL value to her life.

    So the result isn’t immediate—“Hey, universe! I value myself! So shower me with dollar bills now!” But every time I snip out a piece of my old wiring and give my new wiring a tweak to strengthen it, the better I feel about myself. And that’s even better than money. :)

  • I loved this! I’ve been using “If it’s not a ‘hell yes!’ then it’s a ‘no'” for so much more than money decisions. I’ve begun to value my own time more as a result.

    Thanks, Kate :)

  • Hi Kate,
    I love your reminders about value. I am in the process of unpacking 120 boxes of “stuff” that I have traveled around the world with over the past 30 years and I am asking myself with every single item that comes out of the boxes “does this bring value to my new life” if the answer is YES, I find a special place for it in my new home, if the answer is no then off it goes to the charity shop! Just making room for that financial freedom dance I’m going to be doing very soon!!! THANK YOU! <3

  • This is awesome – and it’s funny that someone asked you for your astrological info. As I was watching this, I immediately thought of Pluto (another name for the Greek God, Hades, god of the underworld) and the 2nd house – which deals with self-worth/self-esteem. In my natal chart, I have Pluto in my 2nd house (with Scorpio on the cusp) and this video is pretty perfect!

    It’s about valuing yourself, which is so fundamentally about self-esteem and how to talk to yourself. And it’s true – your relationship with yourself will determine your relationship with other people. And some of the more successful people I’ve met thus far also seem to have a much healthier, and more stable sense of Self.

  • April

    Awesome, thank you ! O ;)

  • Michelle Acosta

    I’m realizing that I give away alot of freebies to my clients that I know I should be charging for. After watching your video, I realize that it goes deeper than confidence. Understanding & valuing my self-worth will actually give me the confidence to charge and get what I’m worth in business & life! Eureka!!! I just bought your book and very excited to learn more. :)

  • this was fantastic !! thanks Kate. xoxo.

  • Thanks Kate, Love the praise file. I have called it Feedback on Liz in the past but time to call it something more inspiring – e.g Luscious Notes to Liz ! :-)

  • Hi Kate,

    This was a much-needed reminder. I’m a biz owner, with 15 years experience under my belt in my industry of marketing/PR. I very much know what I’m doing, AND after speaking with a prospective client, I’m hired 100% of the time. The funny thing is, for a moment, I’m always surprised.

    I’m surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, and many of them seem to attract money like dogs to their bully sticks (even when they’re not really trying). I feel like I’ve been money-blocked, and I don’t know why. I’m good at what I do, I have a long history of successes under my belt, but… Maybe it is the value thing. I definitely feel it’s an energetic/mental thing that I haven’t put my finger on yet.

    Thanks for your great advice. And congrats on the book!

  • Nancy

    I especially LOVE #2–it is so easy to forget that people think you’re fabulous and worth every penny. I found that when I did this–read letters of praise–it really did shift my perspective on the value of my services very quickly.
    I’m fortunate in that I work in a field where praising others is the norm!

  • Thanks Kate I love your energy and message. I powerfully moving into self worth and because money is the same energy as love your series is the perfect booster for me.

    I appreciate your generosity

  • Great tips! Thank you for sharing your wisdom Kate!

  • Thank you for this reminder, Kate — it’s very timely as right now I am working on two new offerings for my website. I will DEFINITELY be thinking about this as I go through the creative process! xo

  • mark

    Thank yu Kate good tips i would like to hear more from you

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