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How to build a sustainable business that works for you and your schedule as a mom


Her business used to be all over the place, and she was just mimicking what other people were doing.

She struggled to find the tribe of people who would resonate with what she was putting out there.

Then, she started using ritual and her intuition in really practical ways within her writing, yoga, and essential oils business so that she could not only get paid when she wasn’t working, but so that she could also be the kind of mother she wanted to be.

Find out what Nancy Alder, aka “The Flying Yogini,” did to grow her social media following to tens of thousands and how she created more free time for herself in the video.


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The only way you can be sustainable is if you’re taking care of yourself as well. ~Nancy Alder twitter-logo


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How could you use ritual in your business, whether it’s through social media or other avenues, to create more flow and ease on a daily basis? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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Do you feel like you’re constantly pushing to get results in your business?

Are you wondering when you might find time for yourself again?

Are you worried you’re not doing enough for your family while trying to run a business? (Or do you find yourself never getting any time for your business because your family needs so much of you?)

Ladies, we’ve been making it harder than it needs to be.

Would you like more profits and productivity with less stress?

Would you like tangible results that don’t require you to sacrifice your family’s well-being or your own?

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  • sue

    I am moving toward a transition in my business and I want to open to a much larger vision of how I can be of service. I am looking forward to this workshop!

  • Kate, thank you so much for featuring Nancy Alder – greatly inspirational and love the idea of bringing ritual into my fledgling business. Had to smile when I saw the doTerra oils – I use it in my products too – himalayan sea salt infused with essential oils for use in food. I wanted to create a healthier seasoning so when you automatically season your food, you get a little helping hand from nature without having to think about it. Thanks so much.

  • Aarty

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Nancy- can you share with us some of your rituals.

  • This was great! Follow your intuition – I know that. However, she explains what she did in such a clear, insightful, and compelling way. Thank you so much for the reminder to stay on my own track!

  • Nancy and Kate!
    I appreciate your sincerity and honesty when it comes to being a mom entrepreneur. Having it all doesn’t mean disappearing into the many facets of life.
    We can’t forget we are women, partners, collaborators, and friends. Those pieces of the pie can’t dissolve or we fight other battles like depression, isolation, addiction, and obsession.
    My daughter is now 24. I am a single mom, entrepreneur, and tended to struggle with a loss of Self more often than not.
    Thank you for helping women, mothers of the planet, make their lives better with insightful inspiration!

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