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Episode 99: 6 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself (and Answer) to Uplevel Your Business

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We’re back from maternity/paternity leave, and we’ve got a very special episode for you. Today’s show is about questions, and we’re giving you 6 powerful questions to ask yourself that can totally change your life and business!

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Episode 99: 6 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself (and Answer) to Uplevel Your Business

In This Episode

  • What Kate wants to do now that she’s back [1:33]
  • If you want a better life, do this [9:47]
  • Question #1: What do you stand for? [12:01]
  • What Kate stands for, and her recommendations for you [15:52]
  • Question #2: Where is your energy leaking? [19:05]
  • Why you absolutely need structure in your business [19:20]
  • Question #3: What is your zone of genius? [22:04]
  • How to tell you are working outside of it [23:22]
  • Question #4: How do you want people to feel when they interact with your brand?
  • The way we want our customers to feel [27:05]
  • Question #5: What do your customers want? [31:52]
  • How we determine the wants of our community and an example of how a company in Corporate America does this [33:07]
  • Question #6: Where do your customers come from? [35:30]
  • Why you need more than just social media to grow a business [40:50]
  • A rundown of The Ultimate Online Business Playbook! [45:37]

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The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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