Episode 97: Patricia Moreno: Fatphobia & The Lies We’re Told About Being Thin

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Today’s episode is one of the most important we’ve ever recorded, and you’re going to hear about the email from our guest that got it all started (and led to some tears). Patricia Moreno joins us today, and in this episode she peels back the curtain on the illusion our culture sells us about being thin and how “fatphobic” we truly are. This conversation created so much awareness for both of us, and it will really change the way we look at ourselves and the world around us.

Patricia Moreno has been training, mentoring, and educating people all over the world for over 30 years. In an effort to end her own struggles with her weight, eating disorders, and body image issues, she created the intenSati Method, which combines her expertise in fitness, dance, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, meditation, and spiritual practices. Encouraged by her own transformation and the life-changing stories of her students, she has gone on to create several other workouts, courses, and workshops.

Patricia is committed to being a powerful force of change in the world, and she continues to find revolutionary ways to uplift her students and help them change – both inside and out.

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Episode 97: Patricia Moreno: Fatphobia & The Lies We're Told About Being Thin

In This Episode

  • What Patricia’s powerful email to Kate said [5:05]
  • Her mission at this time [6:55]
  • The “spell of unworthiness” [9:50]
  • What spiritual fitness is all about [13:25]
  • How shame affected Patricia’s life [16:45]
  • Kate’s journey with her own body image [25:45]
  • The ways men are impacted and Mike’s experiences [28:56]
  • Patricia’s earliest memories with body image [36:25]
  • Our culture and the feeling of worthiness [45:25]
  • The lies we’re being told about health [47:21]
  • Why Patricia will never diet again [53:30]
  • How she is helping people now [56:15]
  • Ways you can be an activist around these issues [65:29]

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  • Hi Kate this is some serious stuff uncovered here. But I think some coming to terms might need to happen first in one’s own personal journey first before rolling it out to the public. This topic is so loaded that hearing that the whole diet/fitness industry is just one big sham could be a big blow and one that women with life threatening eating disorders are not equipped to handle without prepping and emotional cushioning. Compulsive overeating, body shame and unbridled self-loathing were my world for several years. I looked up to people like Patricia and exercised compulsively with her washboard abs as motivation. I get that the media and diet industries have sold us a lie in exchange for money and maintaining the “not ok-ness” in people…But as leaders in the fitness and health world we have to be careful in how we engage with vulnerable people. People who are let down rather abruptly by these admissions with no place to go with their confusion or sense of betrayal. If we’re going to do this type of revelation, it had to be done responsibly…and carefully to protect those who are already in very, very fragile places with their self-worth and body image. I listened and was really pulled in to teaching our kids to love and delight in their bodies. I loved hearing how much of a sham the industry is and what a head job they are doing on us…But I was not prepared to hear that Patricia, a leader in spiritual exercise had done crystal meth to erase her body’s appetite. She was/is one of my idols and even after years of self-development, this was an unwelcome blow. I think we just all need to take a breath before doing these tell-all type of shows to assess the impact from all angles with a protective eye on vulnerable populations. I chronicled my own nightmare with binge eating in my own tell all book on Amazon Kindle, Coming Out Of The Cave. I understand the need to tell and come clean and make a difference by being authentic. Conversations like these are so very necessary, and with the right setup, maybe a therapist on hand and some resources for listeners to turn to, they could be life-changing.

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